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  1. 呵呵,贴吧不能二次编辑 这个其实相对方便些,即便有变动也可以自己编辑 我半年没怎么上了。。还没来得及更新游戏测试 最近我会测试下。
  2. I'm going to change TianGong Of course,This time ShenZhou is also in the plan The whole model will be rebuilt,Have a pleasant surprise! This IMG is Orbiter Module by ShenZhou Style inheritance by Tian Gong . But this time is more practical. Concrete content,Temporary secrecy,Surprises in the future
  3. 这里是非英语区,也就是外文区。。 所以,,,可以畅快的中文。。
  4. My second MOD Release Chang'e 3 Lunar Lander & Yutu Lunar Rover Chinese version Release (中文版)
  5. My second MOD Chinese Chang'e 3 Lunar Lander & Yutu Lunar Rover Beta release of this mod, including parts of the China's lunar lander Chang'e 3(嫦娥三号) and its exploring rover Yutu(玉兔). First to apologize,my English is not good ! Another,I am a novice Part List: Yutu Rover Body (Command pod) Yutu Solar Panel Yutu Rover Wheel Chang'e 3 Lander Chang'e 3 Solar Panel Chang'e 3 RCS Block Chang'e 3 Main Engine Known issues: The shape of landers, It's Difference with the reality yutu placement and storage mod
  6. 然而咱们想一起了。 我嫦娥测试版,直接发帖这里了。 后面随便丢个去英文区吧
  7. 【1.0.5】中国嫦娥三号MOD 发布帖 登陆器及月球车 拖到现在,先放个测试版吧。 内容稍后编辑 另编辑好 后,求英语好的 同学给翻译,,,愿意帮忙的,可以再次回帖报名,或者贴吧回帖报名。。。 这个是非英语板块,,所以发汉语应该没关系。 另外,因一些原因,贴吧我已删帖,具体更新还是这里发布。 部件: 1.玉兔车身(控制) 2.玉兔电池板 3.玉兔轮胎 4.嫦娥降落舱 5.嫦娥电池板 6.嫦娥rcs 7.嫦娥发动机 一些问题: 首先,玉兔着陆器设计问题。 因为开始做的准备工作不够,凭着印象里的看过的一个动画模拟做的。所以呢,最后登陆器制作的是有些问题的。 1.登陆器的高度和形状。虽然我做的也是八边形,但是其中四个斜面明显小了。另外,登陆器实际是做的高了些。所以看起来和原版有些差别。 2.玉兔的安放。 受曾经看过那个模拟动画影响,我把玉兔安排在了登陆器肚子里。转移时,玉兔是从内部升起。。而实际,玉兔是架在登录器上方其中一边。当然因为掏空了登陆器,电池板只能做了重新设计安排,也就是现在的样子。 3.转移机构 , 目前的转移设置,和原版还是有很大区别的。当然这个开始设计的
  8. Show some images for 'change-3, this IMG is YU TU'
  9. Next update plan: I'm going to have a plan to increase a rcs! At the same time, Another MOD 'change--3Lunar Lander' was in Develop 3-7 days later ,And you will meet. It's a little late today, I will be Release a few pictures
  10. Of course, This MOD Adding CPC ,An escape had been planned In the past time Still valid now
  11. [quote name='MKellerBR']I also have a terrible english ... so even if I use google translator (translate.google.com), to make my posts, like this! PS: I am Brazilian and I speak Portuguese. PS2: Congratulations on the release! :D[/QUOTE] I use baidu translator (fanyi.baidu.com).Because Google is a firewall in China. SO,Other people read some difficulties but anytwhy ,If I write in Chinese,A lot of people can't understand at all.
  12. [quote name='acea']nice vid:) btw the real thrust of tiangong main engines should be 0.49kn * 2 according to [url="http://sinodefence.com/manned-space/tiangong-1/"]this source[/url][/quote] 作者无敌aa,咱们可以直接中文么,哈哈哈。。。。 听你的建议,在0.2.1这个版本中将推力改为 0.98kn。
  13. [quote name='Sampa']This looks very good! Might send it up on a mission to see it for myself! ;)[/QUOTE] Thanks! I'll do some more.
  14. [quote name='CelticCossack51']It is very interesting that people are now doing models of Chinese spacecraft. Are you planning on making models on the rest of the Tiangong space stations?[/QUOTE] This is an independent package. , may be included in CPC In the future
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