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  1. just uploaded a new vtol its less mods but it sould be much flyable than the predecessors however it still needs cheats for inf fuel

    1. XLjedi


      Cool!  ...it looks good.  I might start tinkering with a few mods.  Possibly: Airplane Parts, Spaceplane, and maybe something like Infernal Robotics for some hydraulic lift stuff. 

  2. will be attempting to post new craft on this site aswell as kerbalx

    1. XLjedi


      Cool...  I think you will find there are a lot more people here who might already have your mods installed that can help with your plane design.  In particular, I would recommend taking a look at the "Works in Progress" thread.  This would be the perfect place for you to post a link to your KerbalX VTOL craft and ask people to help with trying to get it stabilized.

      I'm going to post a pic of a craft that I'm currently working on in the thread so you should be able to find it easily.  Unfortunately, I may not be able to assist too quickly with your craft as there are a lot of mods involved and I may not be able to get them all installed.

    2. Sudsierharp0700


      aight then dude thx

  3. ok i made it on but i need to have a content cout of 5 to pm u and i only have 3 includinng this one

    1. Dman979


      It's a measure to prevent spambots from overrunning the forums.

      You need to have 5 posts outside of The Lounge to send PMs, and to have your posts be publicly visible immediately.

      Right now, you have two posts, both from 2015. You'll need to make 3 more that get approved to send PMs.

      Don't worry if they're not approved immediately. We're human, too, and sometimes there's a delay in approving posts. :)

    2. Sudsierharp0700


      ok then thanks hopefully this and the prev post count and i only need 1 more

    3. XLjedi


      OK, post a note or two in the personal intro/hello section and you should be good to go...  It's a little late so probably won't have a chance to install all those mods tonight.  Might have to try tomorrow evening.

  4. plz reupload them cause this pisses me off when i find a good enough ship its no longer available or the mods are not available aswell
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