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  1. Went to Pima recently, got a few pics for the collection. (Sorry for the blurriness, low lighting and was a little rushed)
  2. I just gotta say I disagree with this whole idea on a number of levels. [snip] I've always seen the adding of Valentina as a sorta tokenizing measure. An unnecessary one at that, seeing as Kerbals were mainly meant to be asexual. Also, I fail to see the equality in naming female perhaps after famous historical femaled in the field while the male kerbals have no such thing with their names. I didn't see the point of adding a 4th kerbal when Valentina was added (regardless of sex) and I see no point in adding 2 more. We might as well just remove hiring Kerbals at all if you are gonna stack the initial crew so much. As for rhyming, Val Sal and Hel don't rhyme. Also with your weird post about the SWA 1380 pilots that's completely off topic, I'd say that comparing her to sully is hardly a fair comparison. She followed a pretty basic training procedure that pilots perform many times a year. Sully had to basically write the training procedure in his head in a few minutes. Kinda a big disconnect. But as I said, that's off topic and I'm not quite sure why it's in this post.
  3. I decided to upload some of the MOL program photos I got at the KH-10 Dorian declassification ceremony a couple years back.
  4. More pictures. Inertial Upper Stage stages and an Atlas Skirt and supposedly a Minuteman III 2nd stage nozzle, but it looks kinda off.
  5. I dunno about you but I never had the game "for free". I paid for it with money.
  6. Assuming they hold to it, which they still havent responded on and conveniently left completely out of the announcement.
  7. And us early adopters of the game get the DLC for free, as promised, correct? http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/post/47730955705/expansions-dlc-and-the-future-of-ksp
  8. The new hangar of the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton Ohio.
  9. OMG this would be amazing. It would definitely make things better for things,like RO which I wish had more missions with more variety. Plz based squad.
  10. I run into this issue where if i accidentally type something like a ; instead of a : when typing in the simulation length, this happens and i cant find a way to fix it other than quitting out and restarting. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/E58bXvFB/
  11. Here are some reference pics if you need em. This looks amazing though.
  12. Come give the IRC a try. It really is nice, despite what this thread says.
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