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  1. Can't really say, and I'm not sure if anyone else is entirely sure either. That might have something to do with the surface science parts though- perhaps if you're touching one?
  2. I do it every time I update- just copy and paste in bulk and I can start them right up no problem without any manual editing at all - I do need to redo the flag every time though.
  3. Hmm. If it was over the time you set I'd blame the SRBs for pushing you past it, but this is under. Try setting the variables you want locked and then hitting the save button in the bottom left? That will make the values you entered the default when you go to launch a new craft... Might help.
  4. No, not even as a joke. The more people hear that junk the more can fall for it. It would probably just encourage them anyway.
  5. I always just put the next engine(s) on the same stage as the decoupler. Fires them at the same time, and I don"t remember the last time the heat made something explode.
  6. Hey, just want to say that the option to drive to your current target seems to be a little too accurate. I targeted a surface science base I'd set up on Kerbin, and when I arrived, the rover appeared directly on top of the control center. I just wanted to put up a couple more solar units and a transmitter dish, but I ended up having to replace the seismometer too.
  7. Just needed probably 20 tries at the least to scan a Giant Quartz in the mountains near the Space Center. Apparently the craft slipping by like, a millimeter is enough to stop the scan...
  8. Looks like it's just a shallow spot, like a sand bar. I can see another one at the right edge of your bottom image, as well as just above your tail in the first (Pretty sure, that one is kind of small for some reason). Somebody in MI&C found one within just 4 meters of the surface.
  9. Just added the link at the bottom of my post. I couldn't find the spot looking down from the cliff, but the mountains in the background seem to match.
  10. So I believe I have located Valhalla. I was only able to match up one screenshot, but the coordinate clue sealed the deal for me. (Hope you can see these. The sharing links from Google Photos weren't working for some reason, even though I swear that's what I did last time. Just ended up right clicking and copying the image address.) I was also able to determine the altitude of the mountains highest peak - 4,673.7 meters. Try this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/trMUV4HYzkGNYnYx8
  11. No, no. I submitted Null Bay- Saddle Mountain is a sub-landmark at best.
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