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  1. Try reducing the value on the sensitivity- the smaller that number, the lower the mod can take the throttle without just turning the engine off.
  2. That's not Gravity Turn- that'll be MechJeb. Gravity Turn is programmed to turn over control to MechJeb once it's done. Not sure how the fairing trigger works- I've never touched that, and it works for me.
  3. Man, Ike is going to be a lot brighter on the surface by the looks of it.
  4. Will the star that Kerbin orbits remain "The Sun" or are we going to make the "Kerbol" moniker canon? They can't just call all the stars the same thing...
  5. No, looks like the propeller blades have a twist built in at the base, while the helicopter blades are flat. Doesn't completely rule out the possibility of variable pitch though.
  6. KSP doesn't even have Anti-lock Brake Systems... So I 'm not sure what you mean by ABS in the title.
  7. Wait, "even larger rover arm"? But you've only shown us the one!
  8. "Now cooled" Yeah, sure. With all that red and orange still there?
  9. At least until you make your own Kerbal in the F12 menu. Pretty sure you can put in a custom name there. Plus there's save file editing...
  10. And the placement of the icon on the side bar totally rules out a mod - icons for mods have a black-and-yellow striped separator bar between them and the stock options, and this is firmly between the resource readouts and the KSPedia button. Edit: Also, I just realized that this ^ Is an old style decoupler. Why would that be?