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  1. Well make sure your launch clamps actually decouple for one...
  2. Check your mod settings. There should be one to "Hide Difficult Science" or something similar.
  3. Oh, it is totally possible to get that data. Easy even in most cases. Splashed at Kerbin's Oceans? Just go for a swim. It's the landed data that's difficult from that biome... This thread should help with the more obscure ones. You're still never going to get flying low over the Sun though.
  4. Good to know. Haven't updated just yet- waiting for a couple mods to update, mostly KER. The new crew weight mechanics are messing with the Delta-V calcs.
  5. As far as I know, you have to be EVA on a surface to use that, so it's the records window that's in the wrong.
  6. Can't really say, and I'm not sure if anyone else is entirely sure either. That might have something to do with the surface science parts though- perhaps if you're touching one?
  7. I do it every time I update- just copy and paste in bulk and I can start them right up no problem without any manual editing at all - I do need to redo the flag every time though.
  8. Hmm. If it was over the time you set I'd blame the SRBs for pushing you past it, but this is under. Try setting the variables you want locked and then hitting the save button in the bottom left? That will make the values you entered the default when you go to launch a new craft... Might help.
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