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  1. Stupid question, but is this KSP development finish? Thanks for the awesome game!
  2. I accidently deleted my main game. Does anyone have a sandbox save file that thye can share with me, with ships at Duna, the Mun and Minmus? I lost aorund 30 ships... Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all your help! I'm trading efficency for convinience; I'm try to get their in as little time as possible. I'll try out what some of you suggested.
  4. Okay, I will try it. Do you know a way of getting there without having to wait? Thanks!
  5. All the tutorials I have seen have Kerbin around 43 degrees away from Duna. Is there a way I can get to Duna without the planets being like this, or a way where I can easily get the planets into the needed position?
  6. I managed to figure it out. I removed all the mods.
  7. Hi there! I'm having problems whilst in the sph and vab with items snapping together. The item won't snap on normally, and sometimes snaps on inside of another object. Separators and docking ports don't work either. I can't build rockets! Is this a bug and what should I do to fix it? Here's the link to the log: Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Thanks! I will try adjusting my orbit like 5thHorseman said. If that doesn't work, and for future missions, I will try what Reactordrone said. Thanks for your help!
  9. I got this orbit: How do I improve it to get an intercept with Duna?
  10. The images and videos bit sounds easier to insert then it did before.
  11. I find that all the old topics images and quotes do not work. They just show as they do in the editor. Other than that, I do like the new changes to the forum!
  12. Hi there! Just thought that I would post a picture of my first Minmus landing! Used the same rocket as the Mun landing! Thanks for all the help!
  13. With the intercept. Whatever I try, it will never get an intercept onto Duna.