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  1. EVE + Scatterer =Ulta Realstic Stock KSP
  2. So i think about making a challenge or maybe a mission like ares without Ares 3 failure so you can use any mod you can. I have created the mav useing phoneix industry mav like acent vehicle, Phoneix industry small sat (for satelite and surveyor), hullcam vds (for imaging mission site) hermes mod (i forget what it's called), phoneix industry rover or another ares like rover, habitat mod, mechjeb, hyperedit, tac life support, kas, kis, shadow works orion, and laztek spacex launch vehicle for the mission. i will post it when my mission is done. I will put hermes in leo, mav in duna, rover near the hab, hab on duna near the mav. This is not creating the martian but make a ares mission like launch, dock with hermes, hermes go to duna, mdv land on duna, crew do some experiment, crew launch from the mav, crew dock with hemes, hermes get back to earth, return vehicle dock with hermes, and crew get back to earth (the launch and return vehicle are MPCV Orion from shadow works orion mod. That is my my mission plan. So i challenge you to make ares lkke mission using any mod you like.
  3. @NathanKell o i think that i can download ksc switcher from CKAN (YAY) (goodbye cape carnival i think i will launch from kurou now).
  4. @NathanKell because of that i just can launch from cape carnaval (yay?)
  5. And also @NathanKell ksc switcher download site is down so i can't download it. *because kerbal stuff is down
  6. @NathanKell why is the pluto texture different from the real one and can you add more dwarf planet like ceres, makemake, eris, and haumea please * i am a noob
  7. Thanks, i love the mod. I help me for atmospheric reentry or aerocapcure manuver at duna orbit.