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  1. Guys, it's SQUAD time to do something definite, sign this petition and let's try something happen
  2. We just want a word of our developers
  3. Did @nestor is dead?
  4. I think we need to shout in the ears of Fliying Tiger too, they don't speak about kerbal, just like SQUAD...
  5. It was not, no patchs, nothing... At least, we have some tips to avoid this problems, but they're still there
  6. You don't want the PS4 version, it doesn't work..
  7. I've tried the first option and i have no answer from Squad or PSN. The second option i'm doing now, but is really sad :'( The third option i've did for loooong months, nothing. The fourth option is what are we doing now, but they just don't respond! I'm not a hater, i'm just a sad player who loves kerbal and whants to play, more than that, i'm a person who bought a game which doesn't work :/
  8. Obs: This text was written by a Brazilian through google translator, so please be patient with any misspellings. ENOUGHT OF SILENCE, SQUAD (OR ANY COMPANY THAT IS AT THE CONTROL OF THAT GAME NOW)! Since its launch the game has been presenting problems on all sides, from crashes to continuous crashes that have been deleting our save games because they are corrupted (among many other problems). The squad left us warned for a while about everything that happened behind the spotlight on producing a kerbal patch on consoles, presenting responses on the forum soothing everyone who questioned improvements and providing feedback of their progress. However, it's been a month since the PS4 is quoted in a development note on its official website, they are focused on improving the game on PCs while the consoles are unplayable. How can this be fair to your consumers and fans? Do you know what else is not fair? The fact that the game is still on the Playstation Store page for sale as if everything is normal when it is not in fact, people are buying a game that does not work, that does not deliver the expected result for a product of the standard to be sold by one of the Largest companies in video games. Recall from earlier times, Batman Arkham Knight was a highly anticipated game by all, his company responsible (Rocksteady) received harsh criticism about the performance on the PCs by the game being dead, what did the company do? They took their product out of the stores and returned the money from all those who ordered and focused on fixing the problem, contacting other companies for support, and in the end, the game is in perfect shape. But back to Kerbal, why is the game being sold if it does not work as it should? They may think, "We need funds to pay for the repair costs," okay, but then you mean you know you're kidding people to get these funds? The answer to this question is seen in the acts of the company. When I check company Twitter, I come across several wonderful posts about content on the PC, including a photo of one of the employees proudly showing their beautiful team playing Kerbal, should not they be working on a fix instead of playing? Should not they warn you about the state of the game on consoles instead of showing how wonderful it is? Where are the producers often warning us about the current state of the game? I bought Kerbal on the Playstation Store next to its launch, until today I could not play it properly because my game always crashes and always hangs, I can not ask for a refund because the law in my country where it allows this gives me the right to ask in up to 7 Days only, and such problems happened later. I emailed the game support for a refund, and guess what? No answers! We need to mobilize, because this company is behaving like Hello Games (producer of No Man's Sky), hiding behind the curtains. Post everything they find, claim, process, do everything that you deem necessary, we are not being bad with the company, the company is being the villain for launching a defective product letting it be Marketed until today People Just Having Fun!
  9. Eai pessoal, sou novo em kerbal (nesse fórum também kkkk) e ainda to aprendendo as coisas. Estou na carreira científica tentando avançar e me veio àcabeça de ir a lua, depois de cair mil vezes após tentar entrar em órbita já tenho um satélite e agr quero desafio xD Meu maior problema mesmo é que não consigo me controlar quanto a manobras espaciais, nunca sei quando acelerar, podem me ajudar quanto a isso?