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  1. And this is my Mun heavy harvester I have mentioned in my previous post
  2. So today I was boring after completing some missions around a Jool and building heavy harvester for a Mun mission. As we are still missing robotic manipulators I tried to build one from stock parts: I tested this in space and on Kerbin as well. It is almost useless in space as when I want to move with particular part and SAS is active it is moving with whole ship. On Kerbin it works quiet well but I didn't try to grab some heavy load yet. I have had a plan to mount it to my new truck I have built afterwards, but I didn't find a way how to mount all grabbing parts together yet. Instea
  3. Guys, both of you, I never said they should stop adding and modyfying stuff. And I wouldnt be satisfied with .592763 version numbers. I said they should 1) fix bugs of current release (and previous releases starting by 1.00), at least those which are making the game unplayable . But WITHOUT modyfying anything else, especially game mechanics and mod API. Additions are possible, but again, without changing anything what can affect previously started career. This should be done using releasing patches. 2) follow common practices in versioning 3) stop making players disapointed 4) sto
  4. I still don't agree with you. You are mixing multiple things together. If you are talking about linux kernel, take a look on it deeper. In stable version (and I consider KSP 1.y.z as stable as it is not noted in a different way) you can be always sure that: - What is in major version will stay there with unchanged API until next major version - Features added within minor versions will be unchanged in next minor versions (from the API and functionality perspective) - Patches for worst bugs are released as they need to be released anyway, does not matter if as a patch or in next mino
  5. [quote name='Arugela']...[/QUOTE] Agree, but this sound like a lot of work and redesign of many things. I rather would stay on the ground and ask just for possibility to modify actions during the flight. Everything is developed already and we are just missing in-game GUI which is usually the simplest part of the development phase. So I will be glad if there is additional in-game gui allowing modification of custom actions. Additional to this, more keys / buttons can be added, but it would probably require more code modifications than the previous case.
  6. [quote name='Octa']You know what Scott Manley did with his "Interstellar Quest" -Series? He set it up with a recent KSP-Version and a more or less staple set of mods and did not upgrade. Fully aware that an upgrade of KSP might break mods and change gameplay mechanics.[/QUOTE] This is his decision. I would expect bit different approach from Squad, especially in versioning, patching, releasing new versions and compatibili [quote name='Octa']If your current mission works in 1.0.4, there's no garantuee that it'll work in 1.0.5.[/QUOTE] Where is this written? I haven't seen it
  7. [quote name='Arugela']They should also add extra banks of action groups to go with it. ... Alt/RightShift category to not mesh them. ...[/QUOTE] Great idea, we well see if our suggstions will be impleented.
  8. Thanks for recommendation Diazo. But, to be honest, instead of adding new parts and changing of the game mechanics developers should focus on making the game as much user friendly as possible. As they claimed they will not develop any autopilots and whatever else, they should focus on tuning of existing stuff to make possible to be playing the game very easily (even when the difficulty is set to hard). To be honest, I hate mods from many perspectives. It can be discontinued, new versions of the game are not usually compatible with current mod version, in some cases it takes ages to relea
  9. [quote name='Robet.G']I don't know what's wrong with you people, I have no problems with. Any of these because I save zero space crafts. If I need a new craft I just build one, period.[/QUOTE] How do you rebuild a craft which is already in opposite side of space? I think you people are not playing career at all. And if so you are cheating... Where is the fun then? [COLOR=silver][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] Ok, I agree with that. I agree with changing everything in major releases. But why the hell they just don't fix the biggest bugs in the game (which usually
  10. I think it does not matter who flies. Until there will be complete ship control in map view it is necessary to have this in normal window. Even when sond is launched.
  11. [quote name='Yakuzi']The fact is, Squad has stated KSP is out of beta, however, some core systems (like aero) are still under development which causes some people to be upset (rightfully so IMO). I don't care about non-core systems, but all physics related mechanics should've been properly designed before going out of beta, and committed to and rigorously tested so it won't require multiple game updates to iron out (5 since "1.0" and aero still seems to be under development).[/QUOTE] Unfortunately, the fact also is there was a lot of stuff missing in 1.0 (such as heat shields an
  12. [quote name='Gaarst']it's their games, they do what they want.[/QUOTE] Agree. Till the point we are supporting them :) [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [quote name='T-Bouw']... people can already modify the staging-order, so why not this in the same vein right?[/QUOTE] Exactly :) And from my perspective, in real ship it would be much easier to reprogram actions than staging :)
  13. [quote name='T-Bouw']fisfis, I think you should elaborate on your suggestion if you want a higher succes of it becomming something. I, for one, can't make anything of it. Details details fellow forum-goer![/QUOTE] You see :) And I thought I was clear in my suggestion. Ok. So let me describe it more closely: Sometimes it would be handy to be possible to modify custom actions defined in VAB. Especially in cases when two different ships are docked together and custom actions overlaps (i.e. I want to retract panels on first but I don't want to toggle engine on a second). You usua
  14. [quote name='jf0']... did I assign engine shut down to 2, and abort auto destruct and explode seuqence to 3? or was it engine shut downt to 3 and explode to 2? It can make a big difference and this has happened before.[/QUOTE] :D Exactly. And when you dock / undock something with same custom buttons mapped...
  15. S1gmoid: Look at Linux Kernel developmnet lifecyce, the same for i.e. Netbeans... This is stadnard approach and nobody pays anything for that. Or do you think they can make drastical changes in minor releases so API and basiclly all software relaying on it will stop working? No, there are just slight improvements and bugfixes. And they work in paralel on next major version. Take a look on unity engine itself. There are additions in every new version which affects existing functions as less as possible or dont affect them at all. What means that bugs are fixed and you can use new minor version
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