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  1. So I decided to pop on and check out the forums to see what's new and what my old friends are up to and BLAMMO! I stumbled into this thread. Glad to see people are still interested in the mod and thanks to @TMasterson5 for taking over from SpannerMonkey and keeping this little guy alive and up to date! To address some issues: The large Red bay is scaled for AMRAAMs, and I even modelled the extension launcher from the F-22 for it (which I couldn't get it to work because of many reasons). IIRC BDA's AMRAAMs don't fit all 4 because the AIM 120s that Baha made are the A/B series, and th
  2. As a long time veteran and survivor of the two huge forum blowups and the Great Derp, I think this thread is cute. For those that are curious about KSP history, here's the response on the issue at the time: http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/post/47730955705/expansions-dlc-and-the-future-of-ksp Unfortunately the forum link to HarvesteR's original thread is dead since the moderators moved it to the archives (this was all after the Great Forum Derp of '13, so I know it's still around), and was considered by most to be Squad's first huge PR blunder, which many also thought would be th
  3. I honestly thought that people would use the regular cargo bays for bomb bays, and leave the weapons bays as missile bays, lol. If you're thinking stealth, there would be little difference between a modified weapons bay and the cargo bay, as to open it up I'd have to remove the fuel section, which would reduce its stealth mass fraction, and thus it would have a negligible effect on the LO characteristics of the aircraft when other LO parts are taken into consideration. That might change when Baha rewrites BDA for 1.1, but we'll have to wait and see. Worse case scenario is I just lengthen
  4. The AMRAAM is the older A/B models. To the best of my knowledge, no one has yet made the newer C/D models.
  5. Okay, so let's see if my reply works this time... Firstly, a heads up regarding my status: I've been prepping for the last month because in the new year I start a new gig which, for the next 90 days (with an optional +30 days extension) or so, will keep me too busy to work on RvB (as well as have a social life... sigh) Secondly, I do have plans to finish RvB as soon as this gig is over, so feel free to continue to make suggestions. I likely won't be able to reply because my secure laptop doesn't like the new forums for some reason (I can't even log in with it) - I suspect it's becaus
  6. Affirmative! It's where I get my juicy details for parts (nothing classified tho... I like my freedom!), but geopolitical events coupled with a change in gov't has gobbled up all of my time. I miss the good ole days when I was just a simple consultant. Unfortunately that is the truth. RvB is fun because I'm testing new learning techniques and expanding my skillset (I'm a polymath thanks to my addiction to learning), and I'd definitely prefer to be doing that all day, but apparently I need things like "sustenance" and "shelter" and an internet connection in order to indulge my hobbies. But do
  7. This is awesome. Just a thought: f you added a GUI so you could zoom out to map mode and drag the model across a planet (or place a marker, then select the vessel and have it automatically shift coordinates to that point), you'd be able to place anything anywhere! Total global warfare, without the fuss!
  8. Sorry, RvB is on indefinite hold thanks to change in government putting my livelihood in crisis mode. "Dance little monkey! Dance for your supper!"
  9. Niiice! My only quibble is the c pillar looks like its from a 60s Barracuda or a Ford. oh noes! IT'S AN INTERNET FLAME WAR BECAUSE I FOUND 1 TINY THING WRONG AND NOW WE MUST BE MORTAL ENEMIES FOREVER! or something like that. Good job though!
  10. But don't be surprised when the answer is 42.
  11. Which is exactly my point. Yes and no... the more accurate your gunsights, the more precise you want your weapon system; the average engagement ranges for ww2 dogfights was between 50 and 300 yards; and the results of those early dogfights revealed the lack of efficacy of machineguns and pushed aircraft armament towards cannons. The only reason the US weren't running 20mm in WW2 was because they never managed to make the Hispano reliable... even the Colt Mk 12 cannon had a shocking amount of failures, so much so that everyone but Argentina and Brazil swapped them out of their A-4s for DEFAs
  12. Erm, that sounds like a rationalization for an unnecessary change to the damage mechanics. Momentum is acceptable as any other, IMHO. Yup. In fact it does. In real life... though not at long ranges where the superior ballistics coefficient of the M8 API not only brings the .50 M2 on par with the Berezin UBZ's 12.7x108mm API BS round for hitting power, but possesses superior windage (1mrad vs 1.3mrads for the API BS), drop (704.2cm vs 861.7cm), and time to 1000m (1.358 seconds vs 1.583 seconds), meaning the .50BMG has a slightly higher Pk at typical to extended engagement ranges. At close in
  13. Except that damage isn't based on heat generated; it uses KSP heat mechanic in place of damage, because there is no % damage state for parts (yet).
  14. Yeah I'm not sure where my head was yesterday... oh wait, it was 5 drinks in to a glorious 21 year old Glenfiddich as I prepared a magnificent Michelin-starred quality roast with perfectly done gravy, potatoes and puddings. Anyways, you don't want to use energy calculations. Momentum is what is used to calculate terminal effects: RHA penetration calculations are based on mass*velocity*sectional density*one or more constants, and the spalling/fragmentation effects are derived from that. Maybe, but as I said, we don't want to use energy. There appears to be a straight conversion from momentum
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