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  1. Another He is really going for new records with this one, i feel bad for someone who believes these videos are fake just because they can't get to orbit...jealousy is a bad thing
  2. Great for you, now try to split the payload and dock it in orbit, that way you'll have something that looks like a rocket. Monstrosities tend to break the launch pad if they are sitting directly on it. Launch clamps can fix this.
  3. Try adding struts to strengthen the build (there is an auto strut feature that helps with this. In the main menu options menu, look out for "Advanced Tweakables", after this is active, you have some more right-click options on your rocket while constructing it) Keep a close eye on anything dropped as you stage, if the boosters drop at a bad angle they will hit the main rocket. Or try launching the payload in smaller pieces, and then dock it together in orbit after 2 launches (This is the more difficult method, but once you get the hang of it, its an invaluable skill that sets you apart t
  4. It seems like 1.11 will solve your problems with 1/10th size RCS blocks
  5. - Use adjusted throttle settings - Point the craft half way into any of these directions () to get smaller changes in orbital period. It will affect your inclination/eccentricity of course, but only by a small amount. So point forward() and then point some 60° away, and make a tiny burn
  6. Same here, had to de-orbit the capsule using RCS thrusters. They have a setting for thrusting with the main throttle, but it would be so much simpler with the engine provided.
  7. I think the keyword at play is "not possible" Just because you can't get to orbit from Eve's surface doesn't make it impossible for the rest of us, and getting technical about the version number just puts you in an argument with all speed runners and vets playing the 1.2 version of the game.
  8. Bradley Whistance has entered the chat...
  9. I have seen stock landing legs making the craft do Yoga poses, like a phantom force the pushes the craft to tilt over to only one side (and only while the legs touch the ground). But i haven't seen the hover issue you are describing, and being on Gilly, its difficult getting people to believe you Try it using non leg/wheel parts, maybe you can pin down what combination of factors causes this?
  10. For the fuel transfer bug, some thread on the forum had a great work around to fix it: Hover your mouse over the fuel details at the top right of the screen Just a quick mouse-over them should be enough
  11. You can do this already, but it needs a hack unfortunately Build a craft such that ^ top fairing(upside down) reliant engine nosecone(upside down) Now click-build the fairing so that it ends onto the nosecone on the engine bottom. The fairing will be closed and done, now use the move gizmo on the nosecone to clip it deep into the engine. The aerodynamics will function based on the pre-gizmo shape? But the engine exhaust will be able to exit correctly. Just use a different nosecone object to modify the fairing hole size, and move the nosecone a bit before building the fair
  12. Something interesting I found is that when a cargo bay is set as open, but with a deploy limit of 0 it looks closed, but aerodynamics will calculate it as being open and apply drag force on all the hardware inside the cargo bay and connecting sections. This happens when you fiddle with KAL-9000 controllers to handle the bay doors. If it is unintended drag like this, you can easily find the culprit. Press Alt+F12 for the debug menu, go to aero, tick the checkbox for display drag values in GUI. Now when you right click any part of your craft, you can see the drag force applied (and other valu
  13. Profile Contact Methods only show "Array" on mine, instead of these:

    Is it the same for everyone else?

    1. James Kerman

      James Kerman

      Yes, I believe so. This is a bug caused by a recent forum update. The people who maintain our forum are aware and are working to resolve this issue.

  14. Try holding down Alt to make it only attach to nodes and not surfaces
  15. The vessel will disappear from that universe. So rescue any kerbals/science from that vessel before uninstalling mods. Also, if you load up that saved vessel in the VAB, I believe it doesn't load either.
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