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  1. Version 1.1.3 Fixes When creating/editing craft, the "advanced placement" section had a limit on the maximum altitude that could be entered/selected. This altitude limit now updates to match the SOI size of the selected "orbit parent" The limit is determined as altitude, not distance from the center of the planet Kerbol defines a limit of approximately twice the radius of Eeloo's orbit If you run into any issues, please post feedback about it.
  2. This is amazing! I knew about the fuel panel showing all parts on the craft with that fuel, but never thought of using it to select them...i have always been doing ALT+Click on every tank
  3. Having a low TWR 2nd stage (0.5-0.8 TWR) can do surprisingly well if you point it 10-20° above prograde (when 50km+ altitude). The steering/cosine losses on a small angle is tiny, and is outweighed by less dry mass (from having less engines). This is really easy to do if your 1st stage yeets it into a fast horizontal trajectory like you do, it gives the 2nd stage a lot of time to build up the last bit of speed to orbit.
  4. The HG-5 works perfectly well out to Minmus even at Hard difficulty with a Tracking Station level 1. It really made the Caveman Challenge so much easier by just sticking to the HG-5. It has a strong direct connection at that distance (in orbit around Minmus), and can relay to other HG-5s beyond Minmus' sphere of influence. It is by no means a permanent "long term" solution to having a CommNet in Kerbin's SOI, since it can't relay much farther than either of the moons' SOIs (say from Minmus to Mun, if the other spacecraft is in Kerbin's commnet shadow).
  5. You will need to go to your game directory (if you got it on Steam, check the steam folder. If you got it from other platforms, check their folders, or where you installed it at a custom location). From there, try to go to "..\Kerbal Space Program\saves\MyCareerGame\Ships\VAB\". There you will find all craft saved in the VAB specifically. Editing is simple, just open the .craft files with Notepad or any text editor of your liking (Notepad++ has a plugin that highlights sections in different colors to make more sense of it). Editing craft files is not a good idea, it takes lots of time and prone to errors until you get good at it. There isn't many tools available to edit every aspect of them, generally users rather edit the persistant.sfs file, since that contains the actual craft that have been launched (great for fixing the docking port bugs)
  6. Someone made a visual tool for figuring out CommNet satellite constellations, maybe this helps https://ksp-visual-calculator.blaarkies.com/
  7. To get around the "controlling 2 craft" problem, i have been doing such launches from the desert runway launch site. - Start there with a falcon 9 type of rocket, launch east (maybe slightly to the north, heading 85 degrees about) - Thrust until the trajectory is a little past the KSC, with an AP around 100km - By the time you exit the atmosphere, you can decouple the payload an get that into orbit for about +400m/s dv. - At this point you have lots of time before having to worry about the booster (but an Ion engine will obviously make this difficult) - The booster can make a few course corrections before/after the payload is already in orbit - The booster will get hot during reentry, but it's not going at orbital speeds yet - Im using 120% reentry heating, so on normal it shouldn't be a worry - As long as the booster lands on the KSC continent, you get like 90% or more recovery funds
  8. Completely normal in career mode. upgrade your tracking station building to see it and remember to upvote the answers on forum post
  9. Try lower the throttle setting on the Kerbal's RCS. Right-click on the Kerbal, and it should should a green bar that limits the throttle. With that at 25%, it will become much easier to handle EVAs since they no longer overshoot in either direction. Remember to turn it back on for Mun landings, will need full strength there
  10. Version 1.1.2 Fixes Exporting a savegame with some craft removed, would break imports with that json file Input number sliders would set different values depending if a number was typed in, or selected with the slider Input number sliders now follow an exponential curve, making it easy to select specific numbers (e.g. 6 antennae on a craft) at the cost of having less granularity at large numbers (e.g. 96 antennae on a craft) Tests Added some 380+ unit tests to ensure stable feature functionality during future releases If you run into any issues, please post feedback about it.
  11. Sounds like it would give an entire new meaning to The Caveman Challenge
  12. This works, but is a little bit tricky because of the site's latitude (launching east gets you into an inclined orbit). The booster needs some 2000 m/s dv (or even more) to get its trajectory out over the KSC (when launching from the desert launch site). Luckily the inclination issue is so that, launching directly eastward will let the trajectory come down over KSC. This might leave the booster with an Ap of 100km, which is fine since it gives the payload lots of time to circularize. The booster can then quite easily re-enter (even at 120% reentry heating), and land close to the KSC. Since fuel is the only cost at that point, the booster can be much bigger that what is "optimal", since it gets recovered for +95% cost. Will take some pics next time, it was just a simple 1.25m booster stack putting Kerbal rescue craft in orbit, which is the hard part because of this inclination
  13. Can also empty the fuel contents of the booster in the VAB by right-click menus (but then again using the extra thrust if possible is certainly useful)
  14. The Rep rewards have diminishing returns near +1000 rep, so they might have a "boost" at negative values where we cavepeople start
  15. Thats sounds really dangerous, but if it works it works I'm continuing on the savegame where I completed my NCD run, and it's quite funny how ludicrous the building upgrade prices are...it's barely even an option at these difficulty settings, nevermind the Caveman rules prohibiting it Think i'll focus on the contracts building first to get better profit margins, then the expensive R&D building upgrade, and personally visit the MH launch sites before enabling them in the difficulty settings
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