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  1. Blaarkies

    Logical tech tree

    When I got the game years ago, I just wanted to quickly see what it was about, if it was worth my time. I jumped into Sandbox and I was blown away by the massive part selections. When I started Career mode the same day, it immediately made so much more sense what each part is. New players don't notice it weird that airplanes are not a starting tech, but they do notice and appreciate that there are only 5 new parts to worry about for every hour of gameplay
  2. Is the Wiki wrong? Celestial body multipliers Each celestial body has different multipliers applied to the collected scientific data, based upon where it is taken in relation to that body. Biomes do not affect these multipliers. The altitudes given in this table determine the altitude above mean sea level of the boundary between lower and upper atmosphere and between near and outer space. The upper atmosphere extends to the atmospheric height and the outer space extends up to the end of the sphere of influence. Surface Atmosphere Space Total Celestial body Landed Splashed Low High Border Limit Low High Border Recovery Total Science Total Data Kerbol N/A N/A 1× 1× 18 km 600 km 11× 2× 1000 Mm 4× Moho 10× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8× 7× 80 km 7× Eve 8× 8× 6× 6× 22 km 90 km 7× 5× 400 km 5× Gilly 9× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8× 6× 6 km 6× Kerbin 0.3× 0.4× 0.7× 0.9× 18 km 70 km 1× 1.5× 250 km 1× Mun 4× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3× 2× 60 km 2× Minmus 5× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4× 2.5× 30 km 2.5× Duna 8× N/A 5× 5× 12 km 50 km 7× 5× 140 km 5× Ike 8× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7× 5× 50 km 5× Dres 8× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7× 6× 25 km 6× Jool N/A N/A 12× 9× 120 km 200 km 7× 6× 4 Mm 6× Laythe 14× 12× 11× 10× 10 km 50 km 9× 8× 200 km 8× Vall 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9× 8× 90 km 8× Tylo 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10× 8× 250 km 8× Bop 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9× 8× 25 km 8× Pol 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9× 8× 22 km 8× Eeloo 15× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12× 10× 60 km 10×
  3. Blaarkies

    Add hinges please

    It would be cool in stock, but while we wait there is this one: Very stable, minimalistic and allows docking ports to rotate can create massive cargo bays, VTOLs, folding rovers, wing retracting planes...
  4. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    The simple mechanism doesn't account for edge cases, that is the point i am trying to get across to you. Software development takes a lot more effort than it seems, but constructive criticism like me and @Snark [snipped] are giving makes that much easier. This thread alone is already worth a few days of planning that any dev would go through to catch these issues before the code is even implemented, that is really helpful. Trying to silence any "opposition" does not help the cause at all, neither does incomplete "simple mechanisms". I want the game to be all that it could ever be, but balloons in stock won't be a great feature if it is rushed and "simply" implemented. It must be thought through and put up to the test like everything else in the current game to match the quality of the rest of the game, and the community threads help more than you might think. I know the rigors that SQUAD go through every time some bugs show up after release, and I applaud them for always fixing those and appreciate the 4 major updates I have gotten even after my paid for v1 was announced. So please, help answer the edge cases I posted to help in the possible development for this instead of doing what I already mentioned:
  5. Blaarkies

    excrements got real!

    What is the health bar?
  6. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    This is not my opinion, this is objective stats from any mod hosting service, like CKAN. Look at the downloads for balloon mods, now compare that to the amount of downloads to mods that add new seems more players like new rocket parts than they like balloons. The balloon mod posted here is not a bad mod at all, it is quite good and deserve more downloads...but players seem to prefer rockets instead. Opinion would be saying that people don't like balloons because this thread about balloons has a bad rating. I don't know for sure if they are downvoting this thread because they want to show their dislike for balloons, or they dislike the contents of this thread, therefor I will not state that as fact because it would be merely speculation. I have never stated how it should be coded. Instead I posed questions we need answers for before this concept will ever be a stable feature in any game, questions that still don't have answers for on this thread. I showed that the problem is much more difficult than anticipated, and would like constructive criticism. [snipped] Before claiming balloons are simple, provide an equation to describe where a balloon should be at any point in time (like what KSP uses to describe a rockets position at any point in time). Without this, you cannot magically timewarp without major issues in gameplay. [snipped]. They are actual people you know
  7. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    Expecting balloons to be able to lift a Saturn V is not something anyone just overlooks (because of the square cube law), but yet thats what they posted
  8. Blaarkies

    0 Isp No thrust Engine?

    If you just need data points for 0thrust/0isp, just use the vis-viva equation to find your velocity at different altitudes. This will yield the correct results, since burning with a 0isp engine, or not burning, or not having the engine at all will give these results. If you need the change in mass from burning the 0isp engine, it is better to factor that alongside the equation to find your [velocity, mass] at any point in your orbit. You can make your graph as fine grained and accurate as you want with this
  9. Blaarkies

    Ablative kerbals.

    Is it ok to just set the kerbal's max temperature to 2700k ? Its not real ablative, but the effect should be the similar. It can be done with a simple MM cfg file
  10. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    Thats why we are posing these massive lists of questions. At first it does seem that easy, but the more you think about edge case situations, the more you realise there are a lot of new things to implement before balloons are a stable feature....get it, stable?
  11. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    That might be a good idea to not dismiss arguments from others that know how to code, that know how much effort it takes to add something this simple. Its all good to have cool stuff in the game, but the majority of the players want other stuff before they want balloons
  12. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    You haven't answered half the questions yet, and these things need to be defined in code as exact values before it ever gets into stock. Will the balloon be bouncy or hard like a steel shell? Are players really going to enjoy sitting at 4x physical warp, waiting at least 20min for this balloon to reach it's max altitude of 10km (or 30 000 feet)? How does it act when on-rails warp like @FireKerb pointed out?
  13. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    That will completely break KSP realism without considering at least these: Does that rate change with atmospheric pressure? Does it change with the make up of the atmosphere, Jool giving less buoyant force to balloons than Kerbin? How does it affect aerodynamics, can it be used for extremely gentle aero breaking? How much mass do they have, do they need a new fuel type to fill up like helium?
  14. Blaarkies

    Balloon into orbit

    Yes of course they are great for science, and so are submarines in the oceans of titan. No rover or probe on a rocket will ever compare to them being in the element, or the balloons only costing a fraction of the price. My point is that launching a balloon is far less appealing to players willing to spend money on this game, so why would squad implement balloons while there are still so many more attractive features not yet developed?
  15. Blaarkies

    To Duna with Chem rocket only

    It is clear they are trying a 2-stage vehicle.