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  1. Blaarkies

    LKO rescue plan

    1) Minimum 3500m/s dv to get to orbit, +200 m/s dv for orbital maneuvering Adding 20% extra on top of this should be enough 2) Just match orbits with them first - Burn prograde or retrograde at AP/PE to change the size of your orbit - Burn "North"/"South" at the Descending/Ascending nodes to tilt your orbit (Remember to click the stranded ship and "Set as Target") By only doing these, you can cheaply match orbit with the target. Once matched, determine if you are leading the target. - If you are leading, then wait until you see a new sunrise - Burn prograde at this moment - This will increase the size of your orbit (target will now catch up to you) AND your intercept will happen on the sunny side Don't overdo any of these, just increase your orbit size by 20km max, and wait a few orbits to see the effects With experience you will figure out how to do it quicker 3) Using the stranded kerbal, before exiting their wreck, try to Rename the vessel (Right-click on the capsule). Just choose the "Debris" icon. - This is not possible with all wreckages though, but you can rename them in the Tracking Station. Select the vessel, change the name in the right-hand bottom corner of the screen...i think you have to double click on the vessel name
  2. Blaarkies

    Stock artillery

  3. Blaarkies

    Logical tech tree

    Fairings are in nodes like " Specialized Construction" , " Advanced Construction" . I don't think they are hidden in the middle of the tech tree with the plane parts
  4. Blaarkies

    Nomographs - Rocket science made easy

    Because TWR changes as you burn fuel, causing the ship to expend more dv in the second half of the burn (if split 50/50). The degree of dis-proportionality depends on the changes in TWR of course, so most burns won't benefit from it...only those really kebal missions do
  5. I never knew this That means all those analogies about a Boeing flying around the sun will take hundreds of days...that can be tried and tested in KSP
  6. Do those arrows mean that aerobraking is possible at Kerbol?
  7. Blaarkies

    Nomographs - Rocket science made easy

    First! Shouldn't "600:'600, Nerv'," be 800s instead?"Nerv"_Atomic_Rocket_Motor Other than that, this is really pretty cool! Maybe we need another graph to convert Liquid fuel number, and vehicle mass, into the mass ratio required by Tsiolkovsky equation. Can it have multiple measure on the right side, for each fuel type (since they have different densities) like balanced LF+O, MonoProp, Xenon, LiquidFuel only
  8. Blaarkies

    Strut has no attachment points?

    Try the Hardpoint pylon. It works just like a redial decoupler, but it does leave any marks behind (The radial decoupler leaves those three metal points on the parent part)
  9. Blaarkies

    Looking for Mod: Tone down reentry effects

    That advice is incorrect for KSP versions after 1.0 Since the aerodynamics have been remodeled after that, terminal velocity easily exceeds 1400m/s once your altitude is above 10km. The most efficient launching profiles in KSP actually involve a lot of plasma effects.
  10. Blaarkies

    Science Checklist Kerbin

    What about the M700 Survey Scanner? I believe it provides a little bit of science, but without binomes, only once per planet/moon
  11. This is awesome! OP just wanted to save their sat contract, and then you guys go find the best solution literally behind the Mun This ^ is why ksp is so great
  12. A - Burn into an elliptical orbit. B - Burn retrograde at Ap, for 2x orbital speed Mission plan: A + B + A = total dv required ...but the larger A becomes, the smaller B becomes, so the question is "How much should A be (for the elliptical orbit) to minimize the total required dv?" so, rather Vis-viva equation maybe?
  13. Something like 2 x orbital speed, (i believe 4400m/s ?), not even counting gravity drag. @claudemeister But you could always do it for much cheaper, by first thrusting into an elliptical orbit, then at Ap thrusting Retrograde to change the orbital direction, and at Pe again thrust to slow down into the intended circular orbit. This at least costs less than 2000m/s dv without any aero-braking. Im not sure what the optimum solution would be though, has anyone seen the math for this somewhere?
  14. Blaarkies

    Logical tech tree

    When I got the game years ago, I just wanted to quickly see what it was about, if it was worth my time. I jumped into Sandbox and I was blown away by the massive part selections. When I started Career mode the same day, it immediately made so much more sense what each part is. New players don't notice it weird that airplanes are not a starting tech, but they do notice and appreciate that there are only 5 new parts to worry about for every hour of gameplay
  15. Is the Wiki wrong? Celestial body multipliers Each celestial body has different multipliers applied to the collected scientific data, based upon where it is taken in relation to that body. Biomes do not affect these multipliers. The altitudes given in this table determine the altitude above mean sea level of the boundary between lower and upper atmosphere and between near and outer space. The upper atmosphere extends to the atmospheric height and the outer space extends up to the end of the sphere of influence. Surface Atmosphere Space Total Celestial body Landed Splashed Low High Border Limit Low High Border Recovery Total Science Total Data Kerbol N/A N/A 1× 1× 18 km 600 km 11× 2× 1000 Mm 4× Moho 10× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8× 7× 80 km 7× Eve 8× 8× 6× 6× 22 km 90 km 7× 5× 400 km 5× Gilly 9× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8× 6× 6 km 6× Kerbin 0.3× 0.4× 0.7× 0.9× 18 km 70 km 1× 1.5× 250 km 1× Mun 4× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3× 2× 60 km 2× Minmus 5× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4× 2.5× 30 km 2.5× Duna 8× N/A 5× 5× 12 km 50 km 7× 5× 140 km 5× Ike 8× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7× 5× 50 km 5× Dres 8× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 7× 6× 25 km 6× Jool N/A N/A 12× 9× 120 km 200 km 7× 6× 4 Mm 6× Laythe 14× 12× 11× 10× 10 km 50 km 9× 8× 200 km 8× Vall 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9× 8× 90 km 8× Tylo 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10× 8× 250 km 8× Bop 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9× 8× 25 km 8× Pol 12× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9× 8× 22 km 8× Eeloo 15× N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12× 10× 60 km 10×