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  1. Blaarkies

    Mod ideas (I need IDEAS)

    Mind having having a look at this?
  2. Cannot leave Kerbol's SOI, it is infinite (or as far as computer memory can go though) You can however reach Kerbol's escape velocity, meaning you will never drift closer to Kerbol again in the future, a hyperbolic trajectory that keeps going further out
  3. Blaarkies

    Bigger landing legs

    I have seen this topic before, maybe there is some ancient wisdom in old threads
  4. Blaarkies

    Ksp need to fix the performance

    Smooth, simple, small ships yes. Massive payloads on rockets that use Mammoth engines as side boosters? No Players want to build BFR-like rockets, but with only stock parts one needs a bit of creativity. Auto-strut was added as a quick-fix because even the devs agreed that the wobbling is just too much
  5. Blaarkies

    Ksp need to fix the performance

    main menu > settings > advanced tweakables In editor mode, right click a part, toggle auto-strut
  6. Press and hold the "F" key Press "T" to toggle SAS on and off Or do you want to switch between Prograde-ON-SAS and off-SAS ? (Without SAS reverting to default stability mode when you press these keys)
  7. Be careful with that wording. Doubling the fuel will never double the range, even if you are using ION drives. So if you meant that it will give you enough dv to land AND take off, it won't
  8. Blaarkies

    Science Lab - Make it not destroy experiments

    The science lab is way overpowered for collecting science points. Without any science lab: -If you collect everything, you will max out the tech tree before leaving Kerbin's SOI. -If you play on hard, you will do that by catching a few extra samples around Eve/Duna. -If you play it on super-duper-hard, you will max out the tree without needing Eeloo/Moho My point is there is a ridiculously large amount of science in Kerbin's universe. I know the urge of maximizing everything, therefor i decided to never use the science processing ability ever again. If using the Science Lab still tickles your fancy, look into DMagic's mods orbital-science, i hear great things about it. * i am not trying to prevent you from using the science processing...just warning you about the consequences: you will max out the tech tree before landing on the Mun if you maximize the data processing
  9. Blaarkies

    Landing gear for bouyancy control?

    That moment when you collect more science on splash down than you did on the Mun's surface...knowledge is power Reminds me of Archimedes' Eureka moment, but in a high tech craft this time
  10. Thats a very loose analogy you got there buddy Can't we explain it in a more correct way? What about a rubber band? (except that elastic rubber has a force profile that increases with distance)
  11. I think bounce/collision might be confusing for readers here, since a bounce in an orbital mechanics scenario would not be able to slow down the craft.
  12. The trajectories mod now has that. You see a line from prograde, following your trajectory down to the surface. There really isn't much to see, it's not useful at all since the perspective from the craft shows a mostly straight, short line. The landing/impact marker on the surface in flight mode is somewhat useful though
  13. Blaarkies

    700 ton landing on Eve!

    Why don't you use the 3.75m parts? It will lead to less part count/complexity, and less atmospheric drag. Anyway if this design works, it works To optimize, you can shed any unnecessary mass (like the monopropellent in the capsule...or even not use a capsule at all). Look at each stage's ratio of fuel to payload, maybe you can squeeze out a bit of extra dv that way
  14. Blaarkies


    No, you cannot have that. Not in stock KSP or in the reality of 2018. A thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.5 - 1 means a having constant acceleration of (4.91m/s^2) to (9.81m/s^2) That burn time is 3600 seconds long. By the end of that burn you would have gained (acceleration * time)m/s in speed, or 35316m/s DV. If you do not grasp how ridiculously big of a DV budget that is, I suggest to take it slow. learn orbital mechanics first by sending tiny capsule-size ships to other planets. From Kerbin orbit, you should be able to reach Duna low-orbit with less than 1700m/s DV. To get the insane DV and TWR figure you are after, you will need to use the Infinite Fuel cheat, or look for some mods that provide this functionality
  15. You could roleplay Armageddon with it...