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  1. You can also use lots of batteries instead. Look at the total EC drain on all the engines combined, use that to determine what the longest possible burn time is. How big are the burns you are planning compared to that? A single tiny solar panel can mostly charge up huge batterbanks on a probe since you generally timewarp days/months with it until the next burn. It is best to compare those by mass, because many solar panels will be able to extend your charge during the burn. Find the sweet spot between amount of batteries vs solar panels to get the job done
  2. Moar boosters is not always the right way to go ... * blocks flying debris with arms * ...nothing? phew, I thought that was taking this too far More often than not, it helps to simply delete the lower section that "needs boosters", and rebuilding that with bigger/wider LOX tanks. Big enough so that this section alone is heavier than the entire rocket above it
  3. There is a mod on the forums that fixes the tutorial. You can also complete these without installing mods In the top left of the screen is a filters button that shows more parts. In there, you should be able to find the "old" Swivel engine (which is the engine part that the tutorial refers to). When the engines got updated, the tutorials might have been forgotten, so they still reference the old engine parts (which remain in game for compatibility reasons) To be honest, you could skip the tutorials if you wanted to, it will only be slightly harder gameplay. Start an easy science game and muck around a bit to get the hang of things, use that as your "tutorial" playground
  4. That would be so cool, i didn't even think of on-hover mouse buttons. Currently in the video you might see a DHD button on the PAW menu, which dials the gate using a much faster method (without gate spinning)...it works great for quick debugging The idea i had in mind was that, if a DHD part is found on the same vessel, the stargate part's PAW menu will have the DHD option available, which when called, will trigger the lights on the DHD part. I had lots of trouble getting the actual teleportation to work though. It is easy over short distances, just set the the new location. Even teleporting to a gate in orbit right above the KSC worked, but when I teleport long distances the vessels starts to jitter (looks like the floating point precision issues that Squad faced in the early versions of KSP). The other issue is teleporting to a gate behind the planet (or mountain), it is like Unity still tries to do collision detection and "moves" the vessel to the new location really quickly. Have you ran into any of these?
  5. This could be the solution, thanks! Currently they all use the same material (the chevron light emissive) and i didn't think it was possible to "customize" the lighting color on each one (they are all separate objects, for the animation of course) I have been distracted with a separate project in the meanwhile, and last I was busy fixing the subject rotation/velocity as it passes the gate. I've been meaning to come back to this soon to make a beta release version Btw great job on the Blueshift: Kerbal FTL mod extension, that model looks excellent!
  6. Blender plugin for importing/exporting .mu files When adding it as a plugin, there is a tiny KSP reference you need to setup in blender to get access to the KSP/Unity concepts like colliders, shaders, ... You can learn a lot from youtube tutorials on how to use Blender, it just takes time and practice
  7. That would be awesome, more than welcome to contribute! You can have a look at the repo here, I have some readmes setup there to explain the plan. If you are not familiar with Git, I would be super happy to give you a walkthrough, just message me and we can setup something. Else you can always use the download as zip to get the project files
  8. @ColdJ Fixed the video. Sorry I know random links look sketchy Im not using the CFG modules to make this work, but i might try it as an alternative, maybe it's a workaround. How would I trigger any of the ModuleAnimateGeneric from c# code using this method? The animations in my model are part of a long running sequence where the user only clicks once to start it. (it does ring a bell for me as a property on Part Class Reference) But yes I do use a unique layer id (in c# code) for each animation on the model, it is the same system used for the other animations that function properly. In Blender all the animations work fine. I export using the .mu plugin, but I see some devs use Unity as the final export step. If i could find a way to make such lights turn on/off using only the ModuleColorChanger you mentioned, i wouldn't even need the movement animation, this would be great! I'll give that a shot soon and see if i can get it going.
  9. TL;DR The orange light on the far right should light up, but it does not. (in the video) In order to make independent lights, I used thin layers of orange emissive material hidden under those chevrons (the v-shape objects around the ring). To turn on the light, I simply animate that orange-light-object upwards out of the body to become visible. It works for the top(12 o'clock) chevron light, and also the first chevron on the right(2 o'clock), but not any others. The 2nd chevron on the right (3 o'clock) is supposed to light up after the 1st but just doesn't. They would all stay on as new lights turn on in sequence, going clockwise until everything is lit up. I had no issues with the previous animations (spinning ring; top moving chevron; event horizon; unstable vortex;), but these extra lights just don't function. The 2nd-6th lights are all the same as the 1st light(2 o'clock), and each one's animation has a unique name to reference it. Counting the amount of animations in Blender shows that the first 8 animations are fine...the 9th and onwards are not responding (unity does not limit the count of animators, does it? ) Github repo: https://github.com/Blaarkies/ksp-mod-stargate/blob/8866e6c052c9b13c936ad8ad95773ebe7c9657e8/Src/Utilities/StargateDialer.cs#L94 Please pay no attention to the horrendous textures...I learned blender through 3d printing, I never had to work with textures for that
  10. Even if agencies just use KSP2 for rendering their video feed, it would already be a huge step up from the low quality renders typically seen after the rocket leaves the camera's view. Such API idea would greatly simplify the process for them
  11. The harder the difficulty, the more important reusability becomes to save fund (or profit more from contracts). For each mission, funds are used/gained to accomplish a few contracts. In harder difficulties, the Funds Rewards multiplier is lowered. This makes the rocket launch cost become a significant part of the total cost. Recovering most of this cost via reusability makes a huge difference in harder difficulties, but less in easy difficulties. On max difficulty, you only receive 10% funds rewarded by contracts. This means that some contracts are needed just to break even on launch cost, paying to get a craft into orbit. This craft can then complete some more contracts for actual profit. Doing this is quite easy after the first few tries from the Desert Launchpad
  12. I completed my NCD run without external savegames, you can do it too! Trust me it really adds a lot to the gameplay when every launch starts with you nervously tapping spacebar, not knowing if the launch will go according to plan. Sure I tried testing what I can, making a capsule do an unmanned launch here and there before putting kerbals in it. I actually preferred sticking with the older less efficient designs, just because they were well tested by then. I had a magazine-type fuel tank system on my Mun lander. Only when i got to refueling reloading the fuel tank, I realized it is really difficult to do docking with the setup i designed...so i learned how to do it by kerbal-hand in EVA to make it work, something I would have never spent time learning. The same goes for many other situations, things you only discover when there are no shortcuts.
  13. "Remember to like and subscribe"
  14. Yeah completely agree. All time-based mechanics have this problem, but in normal difficulty you can already make 5 million funds every 20 minutes by just doing the rally contracts. If players want near-infinite money, they can certainly get it without this. If there was a way to sell a service by having a specific craft, it could motivate players more to build proper surface bases instead of the bare minimum to fulfil the contract.
  15. Making funds in KSP would be nice if it followed a frontier model, where you do the first few boundary-pushing launches of a complicated mission, and then get the opportunity to "automate" it, letting it run in the background. Much like how SpaceX is using starlink to get funds. It gets boring by the 5th launch of the same vehicle just to make some funds, and by that time the player has proven that they could get infinite funds from just repeating that. As long as it requires some setup and effort on the player's part to get the system going at first, it would be great to just automate that later.
  16. I completely agree with this, i would be happy with chop-chop helicopter sounds on the electric motors, even in space, with broken-off propellers...anything is better than the deafening silence they produce now good idea with the Juno...that hum sound might fit really well into the liquid fuel motor. I haven't looked at sounds in mods yet, i'm still figuring out textures and animations now, i'm working on something that I should probably expose on the forum as a pre-alpha version for some help
  17. Been looking for this as well. Im guessing a part module on the motor part can detect if propellers(or any lift-generating parts) are connected, and then play a propeller-engine sound. It might get bad if many motors are on the same vessel. Is there something like VesselModule instead? Something like PartModule, but one level higher? It can quickly get quite complicated considering atmospheric pressure (in orbit, or flying at duna vs taking off at KSC runway) motor used as a wheel, or with propellers, or underwater count and size of propellers added (does it sound like a quad-copter, a bi-plane, or a helicopter) airspeed and airflow direction (maybe, i don't know enough about that though)
  18. Maybe this can help? It doesn't handle RemoteTech parts yet, but it has everything sorted for stock KSP
  19. Almost always happens in the "SpaceX Discussion Thread" when there are tons of new posts, and I move over to the newest page (using the paginator). Then "https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/" shows this error for the next few hours
  20. Hi @Ande, sorry about that issue. The website is definitely made to support tablets and phones as well. I did most of my hands-on testing with a Pixel 2, and that tiny screen made the calculator quite constrained but still manageable. The off-screen issue is something I have only seen on a friend's phone, I couldn't replicate it on my local development environment, so it was hard to track down the root cause of the issue. I'm speculating that it might be some scaling feature, but haven't been able to test it out. For now, a workaround might be to try landscape mode. The website is designed to work on a "sideways" phone screen as well. Now, if you are up for it, I would greatly appreciate it if you can put some screenshots and details in the github issue tracker (https://github.com/Blaarkies/ksp-visual-calculator/issues/new). Thanks for the feedback
  21. You can open up and edit the .dds textures of any part in `...\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\` with GIMP, but the model/mesh files are .mu which needs some sort of decoder to read (or convert into .obj files). You might need more than Paint 3d to create good collision meshes, since those need to be low poly-count for better performance, but still follow the object mesh closely to be believable.
  22. The problem with the typical subway dv map is that it does not show the dv values going from Duna->Dres, or Tylo->Laythe, or any other combination that does not contain Kerbin. Not attacking your reply, I quite agree with the reversible property of any vacuum dv trip, i mean my whole website planner tool is built on that premise OP might be struggling with the fact that subway maps don't show the costs between elliptical orbits and low orbits for all planets/moons, it just sums them up into "capture"? (i don't know, this is just speculating at this point)
  23. If you are looking for a delta-v planner, here is one that provides all the details: https://ksp-visual-calculator.blaarkies.com/calculators/dv-planner
  24. Version 1.2.4 Theme Dark-mode; on which side of the fence for dark/light theme are you? doesn't matter, you can now select the one you prefer It will automatically detect your browser preference, but you can tap the sun/moon icon in the top left to switch it per device Improved some theme aspects and layout across the whole site Moved the Tutorial button to the lower-left orange panel; that panel is contextual to whichever page is active, just like the tutorial is Introduction Page This is some article content to provide background about how Delta-v and CommNets work; it will be useful for new players It helps the website with Search Engine Optimization; it should help to increase the number of users Fixes Split the website's internal structure to allow faster loading Removed dodgy ad network; the types of things showing up there was never what I signed up for URL Routes You might notice they now add '/calculators' as part of the route to the dv-planner or signal-check Don't worry about the old routes/links you bookmarked, they will still function as if nothing changed This proper route structure allows for faster site loading, and prepares a foundation for more future improvements If you run into any issues, or have great ideas, please let me know
  25. That's insane, what is the equivalent 35 km pressure-altitude for Kerbin? (Trying to figure out how thin of an atmosphere these fins can use) How do you handle the pitch angle on those, do you just place a static angle on the fins and then vary the RPM limiter?
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