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  1. Neat Mod JoePatrick1! If the Balloons can be made to work on the surface of Eve, Could they work on the Surface of Venus? What Changes to my .cfg would i need to do to make them work? That is, if its even possible. Eve is Difficult, but Venus is something else entirely!
  2. I had this issue before on Eeloo though. I needed to place my orbital satellite above Jool and when I came back for my 5 kerbals (jeb, bill, bob, vale and thom) on Eeloo, everything was normal, there was a few pieces of debris however and all of my Kerbals were killed inside the comand pods and were listed as M.I.A. I had to resurrect them from the dead afterward... (I've done this 9 times already from these glitches!) The undead army!
  3. Hello again, I'm having issues where I can't load saves since every time I click resume saved, It doesn't open up the Saved game list. Please Help! I can't even make new saved games.
  4. Well I knew 4 of the questions. The last question I gave the best guess I could. But at least I got all the questions right! And congratulations to those who won!
  5. I have had this issue before but just in case, try the settings in the main menu. There might be something there. Hope it helps!
  6. Is this terrain bug newly added in or was it there before? I'm not too sure it was in 1.0.4. It still behaves like a terrain bug however. After I saw it and zoomed out half of Gilly Disappeared. Coordinates: 35° 12' 10" S and 45° 5' 52" E
  7. Neat Plock system! However ,Now that this new Plock is out, Should i get rid of The PluronKhato System from Sigma88's Expansion? Would it do anything if i kept it in?
  8. Nice contest Idea! And Merry Christmas to everyone and Squad! I'll give the contest a try! (I think I will fail...)
  9. I had this creepy Jebediah bug where Jebediah seems to clip through his own body. It has happened quite often and sometimes it doesn't leave. Not much of an issue but sometimes it prevents me from using certain features.
  10. I have had this constant feeling that Eeloo has something on its surface, I doubt there really is something there but I have this feeling that something is down on the surface... D:
  11. Started to make my own Planets a while ago, they look great so far... But there are a few bugs I need to fix...

  12. Is there a complete tutorial that actually works for ksp 1.0.5? I only get issues with terrestrial planets.
  13. I have tried but I am still getting no further results than My Gas Giants finally showing up (thanks for that though!) Unfortunately Terrestrial planets don't show up no matter what config I use.
  14. Hi! I was wondering whether there is a fully updated Kopernicus tutorial out in the wide areas of the internet and the forums. I have had (again) multiple issues with many planet tuts in which the planets don't appear or they have wrong textures or atmospheres. Most often they never appear Please can someone send me a link to a tutorial or a file with updated kopernicus examples? I recently (and unknowingly updated to ksp 1.0.5 so there might not be any tutorials) p.s. I have looked everywhere but each tutorial gives me the same result of a planet not appearing.
  15. It works now thanks a lot! Still a little buggy but it now works!