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  1. For a slightly more accurate method (so that you actually arrive at the Mun at close to the correct inclination) you have to eject from Kerbin when your target orbit at the Mun is lined up along the Mun’s orbit path (can focus view on the Mun the check). If it is, eject, and when you arrive at the Mun (1/4 of the Mun’s orbit later), the target orbit will now be lined up with your incoming path (perpendicular to the Mun’s orbit path). Finetune your arrival (well before you get there) so that you either pass above the North Pole, or below the South Pole, depending on the direction of the required orbit.
  2. Thank you so much for this - my favourite mod
  3. But the new one looks great!
  4. Ah yeah cool, yeah I didn’t word that very well... I meant I’d never seen it shown in flight before... but maybe I just never noticed haha
  5. Love the update - thanks Squad! Has anyone else noticed that Kerbals now have a “history”? As in, the game keeps track of what they have done. Mine is telling me that Jeb has orbited Kerbin and planted a flag on the moon. I’m not 100% sure if this wasn’t already a feature (didn’t play much of 1.5), but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Apologies if this is old news
  6. If it’s not too late - Whack-a-Kerbal is the best way, especially for the situation you’re describing. It’s stock, no mods required. alt-F12 to open the cheat menu, turn on whack-a-Kerbal, then middle mouse button to fire. It basically fires solid objects (you pick mass, size, velocity) in the direction you’re facing, and if they hit a part of your ship it’ll blow it up. Have used it many times to “prune” mistakes haha
  7. I think you’re right actually... I think that 2868.75 Mm is a 6-hour orbit (which is preferable relative to the rest of my post), and that 2863.33 Mm which you mention is a slightly quicker orbit that matches the sidereal rotation and so is the true stationary one. thanks
  8. Goody1981

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    A man after my own heart - 4 of my core mods: clouds (through EVE or SVE or Spectra), KER, and both the “-atterers”
  9. By far the best answer haha... nice one
  10. Still struggling to understand what you’re saying, but if I’m hearing you correctly - the lander section behaves differently depending on what was previously attached to it? That is very strange! Maybe check to see if some fuel from the lander is being used by the ‘booster’ in one of the situations (to make sure this isn’t happening, disable fuel cross feed in the decoupler separating the stages). If that isn’t the issue, then the only thing that could be the problem is that the two lander stages in the two craft are NOT the same. It may be some tiny setting you’ve clicked on some part (like an autostrut as mentioned) but if the craft were the same, they would fly the same :p
  11. If you open up the settings you can temporarily disable the comm-net restrictions, so you can do that, do whatever you want with your probe, then turn it back on again (and probe will go back to being uncontrollable).
  12. Two things to start helping Are you running 1.4.3? Because exploding lander legs was an issue in 1.4.2 And...can we see some screenies of the craft? So we can get an idea of what you mean by simple/complex booster.
  13. Ha you’re def right... way more annoying than it should be. But the stock skybox just doesn’t cut it for me. (Warning/apology - instructions below for doing exactly what you said you didn’t wanna do...sort of) I used to go the “install texture replacer” route, but it does sooo much and I only wanted to change the skybox, it felt like mega-overkill. Then I found this mod... ...which is a stripped back version which only does a couple of things, one of which is the skybox. Then you need a skybox texture, there are a heap in the OP of this page... favourite is Poodmund’s Deep Star Map skybox. No distracting nebulae, no exploding supernovae. Just black and stars.
  14. What mod gives you those sounds? And ...what are they sounds of?