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  1. Yeah it’s a funny one, but it’s always worked that way. Just come along and puncture the hull of the spacecraft you’re connecting with to feast on the goo inside.
  2. Thanks @Epicdreamer - didn’t think of that, clever idea ....and offsetting never occurred to me either - cheers @pincushionman ... another clever idea! Gonna try both these next time I’m playing, and will report back. Cheers Snark and Majorjim for your contributions too - such great help available on this forum!
  3. Does anyone know if the new robotic parts have some restriction with auto-strutting? I’m trying to make a VTOL craft, with the layout shown below. Imagine you’re positioned above the plane, and looking from left to right: w—fs—e—s—FUS—s—e—fs—w key: w = wing fs = freewheeling servo e = engine s = powered servo FUS = main fuselage/cockpit/tail The idea is that the powered servo (s) is attached to the main fuselage (FUS) and can rotate the engine (e) around. The freewheeling servo (fs) allows the wing (w) to stay stationary while the engine rotates. Without strutting the wing it will just be spinning randomly around on the freewheeling servo (moving with aero forces etc), so I want to autostrut the wing to the cockpit (root part). However, it doesn’t seem autostrut is “allowed” past the freewheeling servo. Setting the wing to autostrut to the root part shows the orange line terminating at the freewheeling servo. And the same thing happens with ‘heaviest’ or ‘grandparent’ - it always just autostruts to the freewheeling servo, and can’t seem to go beyond it. This design works really nicely if I use a regular strut from the wing to the cockpit, but that doesn’t look very good haha. Any light that can be shed here would be greatly appreciated
  4. I’m sure you’re right with regard to it being just an animation and there is no mass moving, but (and I might be wrong here) the centre of mass doesn’t have to move right? You would still get the effect if symmetrical panels mounted exactly in line with the centre of mass were unfolded?
  5. Ah ok, gotcha (sort of) ... Another way would be launch your rocket using infinite fuel, wait til just before you reach your desired altitude, cut engine, turn off infinite fuel, coast to a stop hopefully around your desired altitude, then throttle up as you hit max height
  6. Do you have the Making History DLC? There is an option there to enable additional launch sites, rockets can be launched from “Woomerang” or from the “Dessert Airfield”. Planes can be launched from the Dessert Airfield. According to the wiki, Woomerang is 739 m above sea level, and Dessert Airfield is 824 m above sea level. So while they are higher, it’s not a huge difference. Not going to be much of a launch then Confused as to what you mean here sorry
  7. Not sure what the split would be, but some combo of great people and excellent moderation. Completely agree with this - a fantastic forum, easily the best I know of.
  8. I remember being somewhat disappointed years ago when I saw that unfolding solar panels did not slow a spinning craft due to conservation of angular momentum (the old spinning ice skater moving the arms etc etc). So I am super impressed that with the new robotics parts it works beautifully. I just built a rotor with some pistons attached, with small fuel tanks on the edge of the pistons. Extended the pistons, spun up the rotor, disengaged the motor of the rotor so it was freewheeling (not sure if this was necessary) then retracted the pistons for a large increase in RPM. Very cool. This is probably obvious to many, since KSP is a physics simulator, but it’s still cool to see it model something not because it’s been specifically programmed to in that one instance, but because it’s just programmed to obey the laws of physics. Made my day
  9. I don’t know the answer to your question sorry, since I always play with commnet, but to check the obvious, you haven’t run out of electric power by any chance? Apologies if you’ve already checked that
  10. Yes that’s the one! I’ll edit my post (I think I subconsciously knew this which is why I wrote TAB in all caps haha... thanks mate)
  11. You have made a far more successful helicopter than I.... but I might be able to help with this! Haha... I believe hitting Caps lock (not TAB as I originally said, thanks @Brikoleur ) turns on fine control for the WASDQE pitch/yaw/roll
  12. I had this issue after the update as well. I cancelled the trim but it did nothing - I would still keep rolling (there was no trim set anyway). I verified my install (through GOG) and I also increased the deadzones of my joystick, and recalibrated it. That's a terrible science experiment cos I changed three things before checking - but one of them worked! Hope that is somewhat helpful
  13. Thanks again - I tried what you suggested (got rid of Avast, just using Windows Defender) and played last night for two hours no crashes. Seems to have sorted it!
  14. I've often found my fairing hitting parts of my payload if the ejection force is not high enough. I usually set the ejection force slider bar about a third to halfway along and this helps the fairing clear the payload. Also make sure there is enough clearance inside the fairing between the payload and the fairing base (use something as a fairing adapter). I also use clamshell deploy, but I think that makes the fairings more solid rather than less solid, so that might not have the desired effect for you. Hope that helps!