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  1. I believe you can assign another mouse button for it...
  2. Heat distortion effects for jets are the thing now. But it is done by So I beleive there's no much point in implementing it in scatterer.
  3. Highfleet command. Frank Herbert's Dune mixed with post apocalyptic world with some slavic flavour. Dieselpunk or should I say , liquid methane punk You command naval aerial group with carriers and tactical nukes. It has ship editor Oops, just 2 posts above
  4. I just remove RW module from all non-dedicated parts and make all reaction wheels weaker (1%), far more expensive (5x) and evergy consuming (10x). The only exception - parts that have intake air like Airplane Plus helicopter rotors - to emulate cyclic control on those. I use Engine Ignitor and Persistant Rotation as well. Because otherwise you just warp and it kills your angle momentum completely. May Principia fixes that, I don't know.
  5. Great news! You can never have enough failure mods, I think. Another things to consider - have you looked at another failure mods like: 1) Kerbalism - I guess it is possible to disable Kerbalism's failures in config, however it would be extremly cool if mods interation will be possible (especially repair with repair kits) 2)Kerbal Krash System - this one is unique because part failures (like engine overheat, fuel tank leaks) are based on physical damage inflicted to parts - and even parts deformation implenemnted!...
  6. Just a heads up. I tried this wonderful with KSP 1.12.2 and it does work. Combined with MM patch @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]]:FINAL { @crashTolerance *= 0.1 } It adds very funny situation when your side booster slightly scratches your core stage engine and suddenly you get overheat and explosion unless you severly drop thrust. Very nice touch of kinda realism. Highly recommended !
  7. I suspect it doesn't work properly with latest Kronometer (and it is needed to update - to make Kronometer work in 1.12.x KSP) Date is indicated as 362 December, for example... Does anyone know how to fix it?..
  8. It is really nice to see you are looking at KCT again! A suggestion, if I may... How about better handling for Kerbal Konstructs locations? I mean we have nice detailed facilities in JNSQ (and Kerbin Side for stock). But KCT doesn't really interact with them well. It does not respect opened/closed status for bases, etc. Would be so cool to have different building queues attached to different VABs (that may rollout only to their respective launchpads) and SPHs, as well as recoveries handled by different location (with optional hard recovery radius restrictions may be?...)
  9. Does anybody know how to change or disable "show radiation belts" hotkeys in Kerbalism? I cannot use stock maneuver editor because it's so less convenient than precise maneuver mod, where you use numpad hotkeys to change node quickly and, you know, precisely.
  10. I think it does not have gimbal?.... If someone (like me) plays with semi-realistic reaction wheels and persistent rotation, it matters a lot.
  11. AFAIR, Kerbalism have active magnetic shield part as well as directional radiation simulation. And there's integration with Kerbal Health?.. However I have not tried myself how it works.
  12. I'm really sorry for offtop, but... First of all, there's HGR mod if you want just minimum. It's quite dated, but still supported and nice looking (if not to zoom super close...) And it's very strange reasoning not to use Tantares, because adding is hard, removing is easy
  13. First of all, this thread is pure heresy. Especially after stock KIS upgrade. Can you look in this brave little fella's eyes and say to him that he's overrated? Also, Kerbals on EVA give good sense of scale. Also, life support and career mods. With some mods, successful manned missions feel like achievements to be proud of. Also KIS/KAS mods. The thread is heresy, I tell you that much
  14. Had a huge amount of fun, testing my rough air-propeller drive catamaran with new Scatterer by @blackrack. Just look at those water and waves and light effects. Feels like Subnautica, maybe even better ! By the way, the black engine you can see on the boat is not for propulson, but to feed energy to Bathymetry experiment, which requires 6EC/s for a quite long time. It drains fuel much faster than prop motors - if not careful, you can end up drifting helplessly. Top speed depending on heading, because waves matter now is up to 15 m/s. The boat is quite nose heavy and sometime just plummets into the incoming wave. Fun. Need to develop faster boat - to shift center of mass and use "water" jets below float to pitch nose up a little bit.
  15. Hello everyone! Basically the topic. If I delete cfg for a part and no other config references model and|or texture, will KSP load it? I miserably failed to find a clear answer to this question on forum. I want to know, does 1) Module Manager -Part[notneededpart] improves load time / memory usage? 2) Changing notneededpart.cfg to notneededpart.cfg.disabled improves load time / memory usage? My gut feeling for now - "no" and "no" Will appreciate your answers, thank you in advance.
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