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  1. That's.... a lot of white 1xN bricks. Nicely done! Is that a 3368 inside the VAB? Sometimes I get the feeling LEGO should check their staging.
  2. At least in my KSP 1.9.1 install, that option currently does nothing except drops FPS to single digits, at least when trying to drag a maneuver node handle. Could be exception spam, but I haven't looked at the logs yet. If you have time and interest to look at the issue, I could help by making a clean install with only Precise Node Continued, test it again, and post more detailed findings, with logs. What the option should do, and indeed used to do, is to use post-maneuver coordinates for adjusting the burn. This means that, in particular, when you drag the normal handle, the orbit keeps
  3. Thank you! Installed AFBW Revived in KSP 1.9.1 on Linux (Mint 19.1), and my HOTAS setup Just WorksTM beautifully. (Thrustmaster 16000.M and TWCS Throttle.) Flying spaceplanes with this mod is a wonderful experience. I especially like the mod's ability to map SAS modes (prograde etc.) to joystick buttons. QuickSAS does that for the keyboard, but doesn't feature joystick support. The buttons on the base of the 16000.M are pretty much made for that. With a full complement of SAS modes and a plane/rocket preset toggle (swapping the yaw/roll axes), exactly one button was left over. (Well
  4. Updating suit packs has the technical issue that the suit mesh was changed in KSP 1.7, so suit textures for made any version older than 1.7 are not compatible. The texture itself must be redrawn to fit the new geometry. (But I haven't looked at how major the changes are. Texture creators may know more.) The suit color pack by Xeraster is the only suit texture pack I'm aware of that works in KSP 1.7 or later... but then, I mainly use TR to get some variety for the heads, so I don't know much about suits. Head textures are easier. Heads made for any KSP 1.x are still compatible with 1.
  5. The 1.2.11 on Spacedock works fine with KSP 1.9, except the "intuitive maneuvers" option, which (at least for me) isn't currently working.
  6. Hi @shaw , I posted an updated package of GreeningGalaxy's Diverse Kerbal Lasses a couple of days ago, for TR 4.1.3 (tested in KSP 1.9.1). The original creator hasn't been seen for a long while, the download links have been dead for a while already, and the internet didn't have these textures anywhere. But the license allows re-posting them, and I happened to have a copy from back when the downloads were available. Care to link the updated package from the first post? Or is it better if I make a dedicated thread in the add-on forum? Everyone: Is there an interest in other repackages
  7. I tried again last night, and... lo and behold, Impact marker was there, in the Surface category, where it belongs. Got it, now I have it in HUD2. Problem solved. (Having it in the HUD allows easily disabling the bullseye marker during EVA. Having the marker is useful when flying long distances with the jetpack, but it's mostly a distraction when you're just trying to jump into your lander's cargo hold to retrieve some equipment.) So it may have been just me. Thanks for the reply. Another readout I couldn't find in any of the categories of the editor the other night is the compact co
  8. Sorry, I don't know, I'm just coming back to KSP after a pause of a couple of years (1.3.0 -> 1.9.1).
  9. Is it just me, or do the KER presets have some readouts that are not listed in the KER view editor? For example, the default LAND view has the Impact marker readout enabled, but the impact marker readout doesn't seem to be listed under any of the categories in the KER view editor. There are other similarly missing readouts too, but I haven't compiled a list yet. This currently makes it impossible to add those readouts to custom views, or to get them back if (accidentally) removed, short of resetting to a default configuration. I tried searching this forum thread, but couldn't fi
  10. Intuitiveness or lack of thereof aside, I find this particular feature essential for inclination changes. As long as the initial orientation of the GUI handles is sensible, I don't care whether they rotate or not when I drag the normal. But at least in my opinion, the whole concept of "burning normal" means to continually adjust the orientation of the spacecraft so that at each point in time, the burn always takes place in the current normal direction. The resulting behavior is easy to reason about. This feature currently doesn't work in the latest Precise Node Continued with KSP 1.9.1. W
  11. Thank you for the mods, and especially this! IMO this feature is a must-have for making inclination changes. I also like the GUIs, they have a very polished stockalike look and feel.
  12. Introducing: Diverse Kerbal Lasses continued! This set of Kerbal head textures by @GreeningGalaxy is very nice, and deserves better than to be lost to the mists of time. The original download links have been dead for a long while, and the internet did not have these textures available anywhere else. The original creator was last seen in 2018. So, following the CC BY license specified by the original creator, I'm taking the liberty of providing this updated package to keep this set of textures working and available. The texture files come as-is from the original Diverse Kerbal La
  13. Making the FAR patch run last, by adding :FINAL, may help: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleKrEjectPilot]]:NEEDS[FerramAerospaceResearch]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleKrEjectPilot] { %deployHeight = 700 %deployedDrag = 1000 } } As @ss8913 suspected, addEjectionToAll.cfg (or some other patch) is probably overriding the setting from FAR_patch.cfg, since they both specify deployHeight. As @linuxgurugamer suggested, the end result of the MM patching can be verified from the MM cache file. Or in detail: there should be a text file called ModuleManager.ConfigCache in your GameData directory. O
  14. Kerbonov adds the Heavy Duty Command Seat (although not updated for KSP 1.3, latest available is for 1.2.x). Yes, with parachutes. Ah, also more easily. Never mind then. My hat's off to you both @Vorg and @HaArLiNsH for this exchange
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