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  1. Noticed that, some idea what needs to be done with the RO Patches? With some pointing i could try fixing it.
  2. Do someone here knows whats going on with Real Exoplanets? AndrewDraws closed the thread and the download link isnt available anymore. I read he wanted to do something new in that direction (" I'm thinking about creating a new mod that is like RSS Expanded but a million times better. "). I am starting to get out of destinations in my RO game and wanted to add the exoplanets mod.... nooooo
  3. Thank You! Great Work again, there is no better way teaching your daughter about rockets, than with Kerbals and RealismOverhaul
  4. Thanks for the reply. I checked, i used CC 1.27.2 for 1.3.1 and 1.27.1 for 1.6.1. I am not sure why this is... if its not a common problem i am glad. I dont use Scansat, so i dont care if i dont have the scansat option on the us probes. If there is something more that i can figure out i let you know...
  5. You can hover over them on ckan an get the info: stars are dependencies, thumps up are recommendations and i symbols are suggestions. Backports are mostly for 1.3.1 because some mods are only getting further developed on the newer versions of the game, like 1.6 and 1.7. And the team wanted some of there functionality so they backported them to work with 1.3.1.
  6. I installed Rp-1 in 1.6.1, no problems so far. RP-1 Contracts show in new game settings, but if i add Raidernicks US Probes pack, the contracts disappear. With probe pack dependencies and without US Probe pack contracts are there... will test if thats the same in 1.3.1 Edit: with RP-1 V1.0 the problem wasnt there i could play with the US probes pack and had Contracts available. With V1.1.1 the problem appeared. Can someone confirm that or do i have the problem alone? LOG: SOLVED: deleted the RN_US_Probes->Rn_Scansat.cfg and it works again.
  7. There are some part changes that caused some of my craftfiles to not work anymore. Did not check if RO or RP-1 related. But there seems to be a problem with the RP-1 contracts not showing up. Did two installs, both via and both times there were no contracts at all. In the Settings also was no option to select the RP contracts. ContractConfigurator is version 1.27.2 RP-1 from the version file says 1.27.1. And i did delete the old version, no overwriting Someone with the same experience? EDIT: On the third try, it seems to have worked... EDIT2: There is a mod i installed not compatible with ContractConfigurator, after installing part packs, no contracts again. i will find out and post it here
  8. Now I installed it manually like i always do, but just the thought of doing it with ckan gave me some hope not to sit an hour on installing all the mods. On my old 1.3.1 RP-0 install, i can find RP-1 on ckan, seems something with my install is messy. nobody needs to worry about that.... Thanks for the reply anyway!!
  9. The wiki says try ckan for installing rp-1 but i cant find it there.... is it not there anymore?
  10. Sounds like you are missing parts. I the parts where locked in the techtree, you would get an locked parts message.
  11. Can someone with game experience in this mod tell me about the perfomance you get with Real Exoplanets installed. If i remember correctly in earlier installs i had a little less frames with the mod than without?!
  12. make a qucik config yourself, MM-Patch for the parts: @PART[partname]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = True @rescaleFactor = 1.625 } that would be a base, i dont know the mod, but i guess most of the parts than will be fine. LifeSupport is added by TAC. If parts have stock resources, that also has to be changed to realfuels and resources.
  13. Allready tested them i will wait for the weekend to pass and take a look at the instructions than. '80s and later tech, i did cost research on: SSTU StationCore Parts CX Aerospace parts SpaceShuttle Mod and startet to research: RN US Probes RN Soviet Rockets RealScaleBoosters
  14. Other question regarding adding RP0 part support: If i want to submit my researched and documented RP0 NoCost additions, i would need it to add it per pull request to : dev->source->TechTreeParts.csv, right? Dont wanna do a PR to the wrong file.