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  1. Sounds like you are missing parts. I the parts where locked in the techtree, you would get an locked parts message.
  2. JohnMcLane

    [1.3.1] Real Exoplanets v0.2.0 [12/12/18]

    Can someone with game experience in this mod tell me about the perfomance you get with Real Exoplanets installed. If i remember correctly in earlier installs i had a little less frames with the mod than without?!
  3. make a qucik config yourself, MM-Patch for the parts: @PART[partname]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = True @rescaleFactor = 1.625 } that would be a base, i dont know the mod, but i guess most of the parts than will be fine. LifeSupport is added by TAC. If parts have stock resources, that also has to be changed to realfuels and resources.
  4. Allready tested them i will wait for the weekend to pass and take a look at the instructions than. '80s and later tech, i did cost research on: SSTU StationCore Parts CX Aerospace parts SpaceShuttle Mod and startet to research: RN US Probes RN Soviet Rockets RealScaleBoosters
  5. Other question regarding adding RP0 part support: If i want to submit my researched and documented RP0 NoCost additions, i would need it to add it per pull request to : dev->source->TechTreeParts.csv, right? Dont wanna do a PR to the wrong file.
  6. This should be the actual list of parts that are known to RP0 (that means not necessarily supported) you can filter them for supported parts/mods.
  7. They work, if there is no incompatibility between mods. But they are build against stock kerbal system and maybe underpowered or not working as intended. I used Interstellar with RO, no problem, but with configs its more immersive and realistic
  8. See first post of the thread for mods that RO is supporting, for other mods there are no RO configs yet, so there are not supported and will show in the VAB/SPH under non RO parts. And for RP0/RP1 its the same.
  9. I had the problem with the black textures, because of a other mod that wasnt working on my used version of ksp. Make a new install an check that every version is for 1.5.1 or post your ksp.log. That makes helping easier.
  10. Copy the text into a text file and name it somthing.cfg, and put it into your saves->savename->ships->vab folder
  11. Does the robotcontroller works for every canadarm i construct or just the on you use in your videos?
  12. You should ask that in the RO thread. Because there are no RO configs for all the parts of sstu. You can easily make them yourself, take a look at the Ro folder-> suggested mods->sstu for examples.
  13. Hey could use some input! I try to make a Space Shuttle RP0 NoCost config. Using this mod: There are two important numbers: Estimated cost per launch in 2011: ~ 450mio $; Estimated cost for whole Space Shuttle program (Launches included): ~196bill $; Estimated cost per launch 2011 ~ 450mio $ 2011to1965/1000 = 63.000$ in RP0 Money EntryCost for all parts combined = 63.000$ * 20 = 1.260.000$ in RP0 Money That are nice numbers, with recovery its a win after a few flights, of course not very realistic because of this number: 196bill $. The Development/ maintanace cost are not really included: - (135 (flights)* 450.000.000) = $ 2011to1965/1000 = 18.940.000$ not included in my calculations above. 18.940.000/135 = 140300 per flight needs to be added. 63000 + 140.300 = 203.300 $ per Launch (EntryCost 4.066.000$) that number on the other side is to high i think, mainly the per launch cost because i can build a proc parts shuttle for around 50.000 and allready have the Entrycost paid. What advise would you give me? Launch cost of 63.000 and the higher EntryCost, because Shuttles are expensive...1:64 cost ratio and not 1:20
  14. That was it, forgot about that Testflight was a node an didnt add an @ before the testflight. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[@CONFIG[LR91-AJ-5]],!MODULE[TestFlightInterop]]:AFTER[zTestFlight] { @TESTFLIGHT { %ignitionDynPresFailMultiplier = 1 } }