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  1. Do basic fins count as wings, and do heat shields without ablative material count as heat shields against my score?
  2. I keep seeing things about seeing in cockpits, is this a thing, How?
  3. I woke up today and saw the prerelease... (heavybreathing) im installing it as i type!
  4. I made a huge mistake setting it to email me whenever there is a new post, I now have 700 new emails. Plz send help
  5. Every time I launch anything from the SPH it instantly greys out all buttons and I need to restart! I have these mods: KIS KAS JSI DMagicscienceAnimate SurfaceExperementPackage
  6. Sir, im going to need to direct you to your correct train, this is a ticket for the DayZ hype train. You can hang out around the station as your train leaves alpha platform and travels to beta station in about 30 years
  7. Yeah, what you have to do is if you aren't in early career/science, only use them for lower stages. (unless you use only solid fuel to laythe and back, thats cool too)
  8. This goes to show how bad I am at basic construction, I can barely make an ssto, also FIRST!
  9. Man oh man, this looks hard, but yeah, as RA3236 said, is that allowed?
  10. Hi RoverDude, quick question, I love this mod, but I have noticed a few things that are odd. I found that putting on the raidal monoprop engines will, when I throttle them, it goes into an uncontrollable spin, even with sas on, I have checked, its not a COM problem, or torque offsetting, it odd. Any advice?
  11. Was thinking of adding some witty star wars quote about doubling our edforts to make this forum fully operational, but ill just say "ahh that new forum smell."
  12. I am a long time lurker who decided to make an account. Feels great. Quick question, how exactly would I post a picture, like a challenge proof submission?