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  1. @Mephisto81 thanks for your post. And sorry for my late reply. That SSTO looks really cool and is quite an achievement! But in my opinion the amount of clipping on this craft is a little to high to be considered legit. Especially fuel tank and engine clipping brings a lot advantage. I'm very sorry, but I hope you don't mind that decision?
  2. Thanks! and congrats for building a reusable Eve craft! But that's wrong. Out of the actual 14 listed crafts, only 2 use clipping. I do not add crafts with exploits or unreasonable clipping to this list. And if I make the exception to add a craft with clipping to the list, it needs a really good reason. These 2 exceptions were: @OHaras craft, which you already said by yourself you would go with that. @EvermoreAlpacas second craft, because it uses stock props. Well it also uses clipped engines, which I generally don't consider legit, but for the achievement of building the first working sealevel SSTO, I made this exception. My personal crafts do not use any clipping at all. Neither my old SSTO rockets, nor my suborbital catch, and the new cargo bay props are not clipped. Cargo bay props are rotors and blades completely fitted into a Cargo bay. They only work and created drag when the cargo bay is open, and they don't work and don't create drag when the bay is closed. You can see it right here https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&t=9m1s&v=hdxJ5dGu4o8 That's why it wasn't added to the list. The list is only what's in the first post. What people post by them self doesn't count. I sadly just didn't find the time to answer to this by now.
  3. Wasn't milka the first to use this color? I would guess it's just something like a default color for chocolate
  4. Nukes for duna? Duna is the easiest to reach place in the game in terms of dv. Landing on Duna requires even less dv than landing on Minmus.
  5. Have you tried 2.5x with stock parts? In my opinion the stock parts still have way too much power for 2.5x. At 2.5 you can still build unrealistic small rockets from stock parts to get everywhere, as well as high payload fraction SSTOs.
  6. I made a little comparison of the different sizes for kerbin. Maybe this can help to choose the right size
  7. I made this video, testing different sizes for kerbin. Maybe this helps to find the right size
  8. It's finally done... after two years of testing, planing, optimizing, starting over 3 times, recording and cutting +800GB videos using an USB hard drive Here are all three parts:
  9. @realseek I've added your craft to the first post. please check if everything is ok, and let me know, if you want me to change it in wich version was it done? I've added 1.8.1 for now. I've also finally found the time cut part 3 of my reusable career playthrough, which features my attempt on an electric prop Eve SSTO. I humbly take the second place behind your amazing craft, with a minimalistic attempt:
  10. @realseek It's definitely deserved Thanks for those details! Limiting the power is an interesting idea. Have never really tried that and was running on 100% all the time, while testing different numbers of blades to find the smallest possible solution. I use a single cargo bay for props and have focused on minimizing the weight. It can climb to almost 17km this way and reach orbit with verry little margin. Also the reentry is verry close to the edge of overheating. But it works Wings are straigt forward, and I have to pull up manually. My twr seems a little higher, I have to cut throttle between 30-40kms, but else it wastes to much fuel before I can pull up (as you said too). It will be shown in part three of my reusable career playthrough, which needs some final video editing. I hope to finish it this or next weekend.
  11. Welcome to the club and congratulations! Let me recap... You have build an Eve SSTO which can land from orbit fully fuelled, carries the extra weight of ISRU equipment which isn't even needed, than you takeoff with less than 100% fuel and make it to orbit with hundreds of m/s dV left to spare while the craft even looks good, and all this was done in weeks? That's just crazy! You achieved definitely something which hasn't been done before! I will add this to the list as soon as possible! I know how hard this is, and I'm really impressed. I was working on something like this since BG came out. And all I got so far is an ugly single seater which barely and unreliable makes it from and to orbit with no margin for error. Your mixed engine design seems to be the key, mine just uses one type of engines. What rotors do you use? They seem to have a lot of blades. For mk2 cargo bays I found the middle size rotor with 6 blades to be most efficient. Yours look like 16 or so?
  12. well... it's not what I did just today... more like... the last 2 years
  13. the ant is the enige you want to have on your lander, its light weight makes it more efficinet than all the engines with higher isp
  14. So... it took some time, but here it is... finaly. Less launches, less ugly, more minimalistic I can't imagine playing career mode in any other way than this anymore
  15. It seems this hotkey and the bug only exist in mission builder while building crafts for testing the mission
  16. I'm on 1.8.1 windows with both DLCs and pure stock clean install
  17. There is this new function, if you hit Mumpad 0, the game switches between sph and vab. Sadly there is a bug, wich deletes the actual craft or resets it to the last time you saved the craft. This wasted hours of my time, and happens to me again and again. Can I somehow disable this or set it to another key? I can't find it in the options
  18. Had some time to work on this. I now have an isru Jool 5 ssto spaceplane which does Tylo in one piece without staging or a separate lander. How is vtol defined? Can the plane just land vertical on its tail, or does it have to tilt it's engines 90deg? It has a wild engine mix which would be hard to tilt
  19. That's exactly what I had planned for Jool in my next career playthroug. But you might get more participation if you remove that far rule
  20. Absolutely. I only play at 1x size for challenges and to show that the game is too easy 2-4x size fits KSP Stock parts best. Burntimes, payloads and reentry becomes much more realistic. SSTOs with small payloads to LKO are still possible. Besides this I also think the new boosters are out of balance.
  21. Well that's true. But it's also a more challenging way to play the game My definition of science grinding is doing one type of experiment in more than one biome per planet. E.g. Orbiting Mun and doing the same experiment over different biomes, or waking around KSC to do science. Just one straigt line of science without repeating experiments is my personal limit
  22. Science grind is not needed for this at all. Even at just 100% rewards. It's totally doable by just doing one biome per planet per experiment and 0 KSC science apart from launchpad science at the first launch. It's not verry easy but also not that hard. But that's why this is in challenge forum
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