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  1. Great! Will those new shaders also have atmosphere improvements? Like clouds or so?
  2. @jmark1213 cograts! you are now leading both classical walker leaderboards Like that smooth stop at the and
  3. I have read soothing about rebalancing in the change log. Had no time to test by now.
  4. @SuperHappySquid I don't know why I didn't feel this earlier, but somehow I would now like to see a super fast running squid
  5. @jmark1213 wow, you have broken the walk-barrier of 20m/s! And it looks so smooth by doing so. Do you actively steer the tail and neck? Added to the leaderboards! Now next up t-rex?
  6. thanks! What? Isn't that intuitive self explaining? Maybe I should add that to page one
  7. @SuperHappySquid I'm just speechless. Those two are more than I have expected. Such smooth and fast running. And I love those flips The first one somehow reminds me of Armored Core and the second one of the Metal Gear Rex Added to the leaderboards. Lookig forward to see you breaking 20m/s! Have splitted the Classical Walkers into biped and and more than 2 legs Walkers.
  8. Well, Maybe you are Right, that's not really what I had in mind. I guess I need to rethink this Wow thats absolutely brilliant would love to see a video of this!
  9. @Klapaucius that is absolutely brilliant you are again topping yourself @Teilnehmer a crazy fast time! but it's 0:18 if i get this right? 0:10 was one marking to early. Still the fastest time by far! Those grip pads will come handy, im curious how good they will work
  10. I guess it was related to this fix in 1.7.2, even it appeared a Little later in the game. My crashing vessel had a rotor an wheels * Fix NRE when starting a mission with Making History and Breaking Ground installed and vessel contains rotor and wheels.
  11. I also did, but somehow there was no response since two weeks What's wrong?
  12. That thing got style @Jett_Quasar would be cool to see your entry here. Or maybe I should allow walker entry's which don't participate in the race?
  13. That thing is really fast! And I abosultely love its style running like crazy, and then this exhausting, just hilarious I would say it is definitely more than just a simple rotation. But its main power indeed comes from steady rotations. Actually it seems steady rotation is superior to rhtymic motion, so for now I would list it in the rotation powered category. I can feel with you, I lost thousands of hours to this game an esspecially challenges But this was definitly woth it. Congrats to the new fastest overall time and thanks for your entry! EDIT: Indestrucitble buildings are ok (since your walker would work on the gras), but please don't use indestructable parts.
  14. that's sad, it's a really cool entry now do that on Eve
  15. Thanks for all your new entrys, really cool to see so much participation and so many creative ways Looking forwad to see even more! Updates the leaderboards, added an own category for crafts using unlocked wheels @doggonemess that looks interesting, will have to try that later added to the wheeled contraptions leaderboards @jmark1213 even more impressive! updated the leaderboard. Maybe small wheels angeled 90° can provide more grip? @Klapaucius really love all your contraptions I can't even decide which one should get the special hilarious award What whas the problem at the end? Added to special contraptions. @Teilnehmer that's pretty smoth and fast! good work! added to the wheeled contraptions leaderboard
  16. Sorry all for my late reply. Have updated the leaderboards an added links to the posts @Klapaucius that thing just made me laugh so hard again, as well as your new forrest video and craft page maybe we need an extra award for these. Would you say it's a walker or more one for the special category? Im looking closely but can't tell @Gergorik that's not suited for people with arachnophobia your time is already pretty good! have added this to the leadeboard with the hint for clipping. @Mathrilord definitely a different aproach and verry funny to watch added your skater to the Special leaderboard. i've read 0:48 from the video, is that correct? @jmark1213 wow, thats what i would call a walker! And even that fast! Congrats on this, verry impressive!
  17. I also have a crashing craft where two rotors are copied
  18. Looks promising Is there a limit at 30 parts? I did not get to such a high hinge count by now
  19. Sounds similar. I also can use the mouse but it has no effect. Which version are you on? Mods or dlc?
  20. While this is neither a serious nor a top entry… heres some of my progress so far crayz! you need a good insurance for that thing I guess can you stack enough to reach space?
  21. @klond thats a really funny thing! would love to see that in action @Klapaucius seeing this made my day therotical it is powered by rotation, on the other hand it has several joints per leg. I guess we could make an exception due to its speed and great style The no rotation rule stays for entrys which are aiming for the highest speed @Frozen_Heart I would say this qualifies too. Looks interesting Might create a separate category for Rotation powered entrys, if the stand out too much. @neistridlar crazy! when will you breake 10 seconds? I don't want to annoy you with more rule changens, but i think the big variation in walker speeds makes a fixed distance a pain for some. What if we don't specify a distance but a time instead? For example walk the longest distance in 1 Minute. We would then use alt-F12 "Flight Info" to measure the distance by Looking at the longtitude. Time starts when the ingame clock starts and ends when it's at 1 Minute. (yes this would cover acceleration too) What do you all think? Also a verry good time! Have added it to the leaderboard can we see this thing in action somewhere? Must be funny to watch