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  1. I'm having catastrophic failures with the alcubierre drives. I've tried the light and heavy drives, using only stock and kspi parts, and being entirely out of Kerbin orbit to minimize gravity well effects, but my ships always disintegrate as soon as warp drive is initiated. The failure message is always that the control part exceeded it's maximum G force limit. I've tried different control modules, and the result is always the same. This makes no sense to me since the drive is suppose to 'fold space' instead of accelerating the ship. It looks like the game won't stop describing the ships translation as an instantaneous massive jump in acceleration. Is this a known bug that I can fix?
  2. I've played KSP for over 300 hours when it was in alpha and beta mode, then took a long break. I'm getting back into it and decided to include KSPI and KSPI-E into my mods. Unfortunately I decided to do this right as version 1.05 came out. KSPI-E is difficult enough to learn on it's own, but even with the 14 November fix I'm still having some issues. I'll try to list the major ones here and hopefully someone can address them in a helpful way. I hope I'm not the only one having these issues... -No matter how many, or what size, radiators I put on my reactors my waste heat builds up to critical levels after only a few orbits. I'm still only using the first generation fission reactors, but even when I have 4 or more huge radiators on my satellite the waste heat ramps up fast. I've tried mounting the radiators to the reactors, and the generators. The radiators do respond to waste heat, they start glowing, and they change their rate of heat dispersion as they get hotter, but they never reach a point where they get rid of heat faster than it accumulates. I've tried this with pretty much all of the fission reactors and generators with similar results, though different rates of waste heat generation. -Some reactors and generators just won't mount to parts. Only one side will mount to anything, will the other side won't mount. This makes it impossible to build a rocket (or nearly so). -I see in many tutorials that while in the assembly building people use a tool to evaluate if they will be able to dissipate waste heat effectively or not. I do not see this at all. Am I just clueless as to where it is, or is this feature gone now? All of these tutorials were using the alpha and beta games. -My game crashes every time I try to revert a flight, or go back to the space center. 9/10 times this won't lose data, but sometimes whatever flight I was conducting is just gone with a loss of all the resources I used to create it. This only started happening after I loaded the 14 November fixed KSPI-E. Is this happening to anyone else. -My KSPI parts are showing up as duplicated in the assembly building. There's always the part I researched and bought in the research tree, and an identical one that is shown as available, but needs to be purchased for 0 money. If I do purchase it it looks like an exact duplicate of the part I already have, and then shows up again later as being unpurchased. I've been ignoring these parts, but they are certainly symptomatic of something going wrong. Tonight I think I'm going to wipe all of the KSP files from my computer and reinstall everything from scratch to see if this fixes most of these issues. I had KSPI loaded up and then overwrote those files with the KSPI-E ones. Should I not bother doing that? Is it not necessary and causing some of these issues? My other big mod is Station Science. I have a maybe one other small mod still loaded that I'm not sure I even use (can't remember which one it is right now). Does KSPI-E have known mod compatibility issues? Also, this is just me not knowing how to really use KSPI-E yet, when you shut down a reactor how do you turn it back on? Does this require a kerbil EVA?