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  1. Maybe is a stupid question, but I'm stuck with this. For the "tour bus around KSC" mission how do I make the passengers jump into the bus I made? I have it parked next to them and nothing... I went on EVA and can't see any options or any way to control the passengers. Great mod by the way...
  2. Hello Guys! I've started playing KSP again some coupple days ago and I have ran into a problem when I tried to work with Probes. I have an Image that is self explainatory: . But just in case, I can't send any command to my probes, I put a deployed omni antenna, have electricity, I'm in the lounchpad, the letters in the top left are green, the antennae say "Status: connected". So I don't understand what is wrong, it may be caused by some mod, since I have a lot installed -they are listed below-. The problem solves when I desactivate RemoteTech, and doesn't occur with CommNet. HELP ME PLEASE!!! The game version is: 1.2.1 Mods installed (as appear in gamedata folder): [x]-science 000_FilterExtensions 000_FilterExtensions Configs 000_Toolbar 000_USITools 0PinlineFairings AllYAll B9PartSwitch CactEye CameraFocusChanger Chatterer CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack CommunityTeachTree ContractConfigurator ContractPacks CryoTanks CTTP CxAerospace DeadlyReentry DMagicOrbitalScience DMagicScienceAnimate DMagicUtilities DockingPortAlignmentIndicator ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads Firespitter FuelTanksPlus Impact InterstellarFuelSwitch KAS-1.0 KerbalAtomics KerbalEngineer KerbalFlightIndicators KerbalJointReinforcement KIS Kopernicus ksp-precisenode-1.2.4 KWRocketry LETech MagicSmokeIndustries ModularFlightIntegrator NavyFish NearFutureConstruction NearFutureSolar NearFutureElectrical NearFutureProps NearFuturePropulsion NearFutureSpacecraft OPM PartCommanderContinued PlantaryBaseInc PreciseManeuver ProceduralFairings ProceduralParts RealChute RemoteTech REPOSoftTech SCANsat SETIcontracts SETIgreenhouse spacetux SpaceY-Expanded SpaceY-Lifters StageRecovery SurfaceExperimentPackage TarsierSpaceTech ThunderAerospace Trajectories TriggerTech UmbraSpaceIndustries UniversalStorage WaypointManager ModuleManager.2.7.5