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  1. Why? Gta and read dead online? Let's be honest for a second. If millions of idiots give you billions for basically nothing then you would be stupid not to just play along. Everyone complains about publishers but someone is buying their stuff. I think rockstar has more saying than take two anyway. The release when they want and what they want. That been said they are one anyway.
  2. I honestly cannot remember the balance but it was very basic and unfinished. If kerbalism has had a recent update then I am not sure that my patch would even work anymore. I do not know what was changed. I do not have time until Dec or Jan to look into it either because when I get the addiction of KSP its hard to get rid of it. I am intentionally not playing it at all right now.
  3. well about that. I had intentions to make a community science def and a patch that fixes Kerbalism but instead of explaining to you why I will post you a screenshot of my house. I had no intention of starting this year but corona made time for it. And yes I still live in it All windows are being replaced, heating and its being insulated to the new standards. That been said I do have some good rocket science news. If decide to go with Gas heating they will eventually be swapping gas with hydrogen. That would be a great solution to heat the house if its really far enough in 10 years. Since I am doing most of it myself because its my profession I will probably not have time until KSP3. Right now I read the forums but have not loaded KSP since march 30. I grew up in this house so its worth the time and the money to do it up. Ill post a screenshot when its finished and I hope it looks fine considering it will probably cost me 100 grand That being said I plan of getting a high end PC into that buget but shh.
  4. Well I'm renovating the house right now and glad nothing can distract me for the next year Currently I do not even play any games incase I get the addiction.
  5. He is not saying its nonexisting but just saying that its very weak. He did mention it on smarter every day. I just tweeted him hoping for more details I was under the impression it would be relatively effective but if the computers can deal with it then it should not really matter for the lower atmosphere right? BTW love your centaur upperstage avatar
  6. I think you misunderstand. Right now we have several mods that add magnetometer scans for example to the game. Instead of using the same in sciencedefiniton they use separate ones. These are 3 examples from bluedog, Dmagic and Probesplus. As you can see all 3 have seperate IDs but they are all trying to do the same thing. I am aware they are patched use dmagics sciencedefs for the most part but it seems nonsensical not to have a separate community science def cfg too. I could make the science def but that is useless until the influenced modders like @CobaltWolf and @DMagic agree to use it. Not to mention that I myself have no idea about the rights because afterall it is their work adding all the science results. It would not even need a separate folder. Just ask the guys that manage the community resources to add a common config that would not even require any maintenance. The reason this has come to my attention is because I was doing a patch for kerbalism and realized how many patches are required. It makes it really difficult to have an overview. There is no need to have a massive science def pack with 100 different experiments but there are certain experiments that are quite common. Basically ask the big modders that have their own scienceDefs to combine them into one. The one of a kind expirements do not need to be in this proposed cfg. EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = ca_mag title = Magnetometer Data baseValue = 5 scienceCap = 5 dataScale = 1 requireAtmosphere = False situationMask = 48 biomeMask = 1 EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = magScan title = Magnetometer Scan baseValue = 5 scienceCap = 5 dataScale = 1 requireAtmosphere = False situationMask = 51 biomeMask = 1 RESULTS { EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = bd_magScan //compatibility - gets switched to DMagic if DMagic is installed. title = Magnetometer Scan baseValue = 5 scienceCap = 5 dataScale = 1 requireAtmosphere = False situationMask = 51 biomeMask = 1 RESULTS
  7. Just incase you care about it I looked everywhere to find info on it but it actually might be best not to even bother with roll on the rs68.
  8. Kerbalism is going to be more patch friendly with next update so I wont bother finishing the science patch now. Would be a waste of time. That being said right now it is a disaster patching all the science taking Dmagic and BDB into account. A common science def folder across all mods would make it far easier.
  9. Why do we not have a community sciencedefs folder yet? It would be handy for mods to all use their defs from one folder instead of making compatibility patches.
  10. I am using 2x5 rescale but I can abuse the system by creating a fake manuever node. I just need to know where a planet is at cetain time anyway.
  11. Is there a way to enable ullage simulation for engine igniter without RO? That being if mechjebs autopilot supports it. I believe it does.
  12. Its 1.8.1 of KSP I have tested both version 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 of cyroengines with KSP 1.8.1 and both seem to have the same issue of roll being to weak(basically none). For me I got effective roll with the trf mutlpliers at 0.9, 0.05, 0.05. The original values basically did nothing. My test craft. no torque other than engine. BTW rescale 2x5 and kopernicus are only mods installed.
  13. Are the transform multipliers intentionally so low on the etna or is this a typo? The turbo exhaust doesn't really produce any effective roll. The engine imo can sometimes be very difficult to control and imo it would be good to increase the overall gimbel to 6 and buff the trf multipliers. transformMultipliers { trf0 = 0.998 trf1 = 0.001 This seems oddly low trf2 = 0.001 } } MODULE { name = ModuleGimbal gimbalTransformName = B_EtnaGimbal gimbalResponseSpeed = 2 gimbalRange = 2.5 }