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  1. dave1904

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    Looking forward to it I will keep track of releases and will keep on testing. Does IR have much future after the update? I know its to soon to tell and the wrong thread but it hopefully will save you alot of work.
  2. dave1904

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    Its not really old, its a different version. A version that doesn't support IR and that is why I gave your version a shot. It fixed all the issues I had with IR but now I have decoupling bugs. I am not sure about the licences of KJR but I will link you the version I am using that works very well overall but has IR problems. Hope this helps because I would really like IR to work with KJR. https://github.com/KSP-RO/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement-Continued/releases
  3. dave1904

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    With some more looking into it decouplers just don't seem to decouple as fluid as they used to. Keep in mind I am running 1.5.1 with a excrements ton of mods so I might just revert back to an older version of KJR. That version doesn't like IR but I will have to live with that until the new DLC comes out and I do a total cleanup of mods.
  4. dave1904

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    I am having an issue with the fasa launch tower completely breaking the craft on the launchpad when staging. I downloaded 4.0.7 and tested it again and the same thing happens. Its a space shuttle build I have used for a long time now in many versions of KSP and KJR. I will remove the launch tower for now from the craft since the launch clamps seem to be working and see if I find anymore staging issues. I am thinking of disabling launch clamps in KJR config if thats even possible and test it again. I was never a fan of how even the old versions of KJR dealt with launch clamps. What do you think about disabling lauchclamps atleast for me personally?
  5. im still on 1.5.1 but this mod makes life so easy if I have to do extremely high eccentric burns with vasmir engines to trans keptunian planets since its hard to get encounters working and sometimes impossible. Cheers
  6. dave1904

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    A dangerous statement you made there A complete KSP is a hardcore space sim with kerbals for me. I love Kerbals. If I could get my super real KSP style rocket building space sim but the only thing it lacked was kerbals and the humor I would still play this KSP. I cannot describe what why I like them so much but I bet you understand
  7. dave1904

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    its people like you that are the reason many games cannot be modded these days.
  8. Omg, I just have to make a post about how great this mod is. The detail is great and I always love the funny iva posters etc.
  9. increasing the number of objectScanFreq increases FPS alot. The higher the number the more the FPS. I am going to keep this file because I do not mind the short sound bursts. They were common in the old versions of the mod. Now I know why I just want to find an perfect balance for performance vs immersion. This will take me a few days of gameplay. Increasing meshScanInterval doesn't do much. Not enought to bother me atleast. Cheers man and thanks alot. This mod is a must have and I really hope there is a way to optimize it more. Just ask if you need anything to be tested.
  10. dave1904

    Can't reach higher orbit

    yup best design imo.
  11. dave1904

    Prioritizing Bugs in the Bugtracker

    I get you can be frustrated and all but people that complain about bugs tend to have mods installed and for me stock Ksp is quite stable. I know the video you mean and I have trouble attaching parts sometimes but since I run 100 mods I cannot complain about it since it has never happend to me in stock. Lets be honest. Look at the bugs we had 4 years ago and look at what we have now... I used to go crazy about my pc crashing and fps going to 10 with 40 mods. Now I can run at 30+ with twice the mods, more complex mods and I have not payed a cent for that support. This is all on the exact same pc. I didn't need making history since there are a billion parts mods but I bought it for the amount of support we got. You can say alot of things about KSP but that bugs and issues are not being addressed is not one of them. Keep in mind that out of the 1300 bugs alot of them might not be easy to recreate and impossible to fix. Just cause some youtubers says something doesn't mean you should take his word for it. Don't complain about getting free support to a game that was released 3 years ago because we are not entitled to anything after 1.0.
  12. dave1904

    Can't reach higher orbit

    In my opinion your top stages are to heavy compared to your bottom ones. I tend to build craft with a 1st stage delta v of about 2500-3000(overkill but easy). Just try building a 1 man pod, a heat shield, 1 small tank and a small engine since upper stages dont need alot of trust. Keep in mind engine that a lower engine mass is better than a higher isp for smaller upper stages with small amounts of fuel. Then add a larger bottom stage. This might not get you to higher orbit but it will show you that less complex rockets do the job too. Your first rocket (1 man pod)is designed like that and I assume its far better to launch. Looking at the parts you're using I would assume you have not unlocked better solid rocket motors so your goal should be to get more science and ignore getting 2 people to orbit until you have better parts for more crew. As Xd the great pointed out you really just need to lauch your rocket straight up anyway since you don't need an orbit for your contract. You should have more than enough delta v for that.
  13. My cpu load is less with amr for some odd reason. I'm using windows task manager to test and its around 30-35% stock and 20-25% with AMR. I don't know enough about the matter to explain why I have half the fps and 30% less cpu load.... it would be good for more people to give some data about how exactly their systems are handling the mod.
  14. I have tested a 100% clean install ksp stock. FPS are 130 with all base settings except for vsync disabled. Then I put AMR into Gamefolder and the fps goes to 68. I even disabled my soundcard and used HDMI for sound to be certain nothing was causing issues. I closed all programs to be 100% certain and now I am. The issue is AMR. There is nothing else. I use alcor to and am aware it uses some resourses but at the end of the day people need to make the choice. Is a certain mod worth the performance decrease. As much as I want to use this mod I cannot because 50% less FPS is to much. If so many people are reporting the same issue you need to accept its this mod and not another. My exact specs are in this screenshot.
  15. I have used many versions of audio muffler and it always was hard on performance. What are your framerates on stock and then with audio muffler? You cannot say there is 0% impact. I really have a hard time believing that many of us notice huge frame drops and others nothing. I am willing to bet most people do not notice because they are not running as many other mods and they are using vsync. If I was using 10 mods I would also never have noticed it since I am locked at 60. Then please do the same test I did. Even if you don't notice the slow downs. Unlock you framerates. Set graphics to minimal unless your fps is 100+ anyway. The run game on stock and compare fps to audio muffler alone with no other mod.