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  1. when I have vessels with fuel cells the mod doesn't seem to calculate the electricity remaining and I need to switch between vessels all the time to update. It works fine with solar panels and atomic reactors as far as I have tested. Could it be that my fuel cells are Lh2 and O2 instead of liq and oxidixer or are FC not supported.
  2. Minmus Lander Design Problems

    I cant see the screenshot so I cant anwser 1 and 3 2. A nuclear engine seems like overkill to me but this is ksp Just try it and if it fails try again. That is what rockets are about Always keep your designs as simple as possible and for minmus a tiny lander can get to loads of biomes with normal chemical rockets You can store as many surface samples as you like in crewed parts as far as I know.
  3. Ive been using this mod for so long now and love it. Love the SRBs with my shuttle and sls builds, love the orion capsules although I use procedural tanks for the tank/CSM. Why dont you update it to 1.3(I know it works on 1.3 anyway) and add to spacedock? I bet there are tons of players that would love these great parts and dont know about this great mod. I guess it might be better this way if you dont have much time Not to many people complaing
  4. I am new to this mod and I was wondering if it is normal for it to take 10 scans to get minmus to 100%. It seems far to long. On hard that is something like 5 years. Is there a way to shorten that and decrease the amount of scans it takes? Edit: with TarsierSpaceTech im able to speed the process up by taking photos so that will do the job for me :)) These 2 mods work nice together
  5. I upgraded to 1.3 now after all that and I would like to offer feedback. When I have complex builds where parts are rotated to have my trust offset I can be annoying to drag and dump a part because of getting the part on exactly the same is hard for my shuttle builds . Having a way to dump a part by having it in the UI(right click part) would be a great option if possible.
  6. Nice work and ive been testing this mod with scrapyard and KCT and it works nice but I think i would be nice if only engineers would be the only ones able to repair or maybe the more complex parts like engines atleast. 1 question. I have a shuttle with 3 engines that have been recovered 3 times each. One engine has a failure rate of 3% and 1 has only 1%. What determines this? is it random?
  7. Just the way I missed the build server build 55 works great thanks man!! :))
  8. That must be what you fixed on 1.3.. As i said before im running on the latest 1.2.2 version. 1.3 is a pain in the ass since i have 140 mods to update and its alot of work for a patch that changes nothing much :(
  9. Ok I found one issue and I am very surprised by how I fixed it. I have a patch for a fuel cell in the mk3 cockpit @PART[mk3Cockpit_Shuttle] { @CrewCapacity = 8 @INTERNAL { @name = MK3_Cockpit_Int2 } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = Fuel Cell StartActionName = Start Fuel Cell StopActionName = Stop Fuel Cell ToggleActionName = Toggle Fuel Cell FillAmount = 0.95 AutoShutdown = false GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Hydrogen Ratio = 0.001 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Oxygen Ratio = 0.001 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 1.5 DumpExcess = false } } @MODULE[ModuleScienceContainer] { canBeTransferredToInVessel = True canTransferInVessel = True showStatus = True } @MODULE[ModuleCommand] { @minimumCrew = 2 } RESOURCE { name = Hydrogen amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } RESOURCE { name = Oxygen amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } } I swapped the Hydrogen back to liquid fuel and the Oxygen back to oxidizer and it works? There are still other pods that I need to look into.
  10. The problem is that they aren't being reused. Keep in mind im still on 1.2.2 so i dont want to waste your time. I was just wondering if a mod could be stopping my cockpits/capsules from being reused. The save game is showing the the parts(command pods) are being used but they are not going into inventory after recovery. [LOG 20:06:27.263] [ScrapYard] Found part on vessel with same ID as inventory part, but not matching. Resetting. mk3Cockpit.Shuttle:11fbdf90-fba4-4ac3-9183-666fead3c58f I can confirm it is in the save game PartInventory { ScrapYard.InventoryPart { _name = mk3Cockpit.Shuttle _dryCost = 9879.99512 _id = 88b3cb66-9b47-4f18-bbd8-47177f2f1751 _timesRecovered = 1 _inventoried = True } ScrapYard.InventoryPart { _name = mk3Cockpit.Shuttle _dryCost = 9879.99512 _id = 971033e8-f89d-4a70-8523-34f760fe14e7 _timesRecovered = 1 _inventoried = True } ScrapYard.InventoryPart { _name = mk3Cockpit.Shuttle _dryCost = 9879.99512 _id = f7b35f14-8054-481e-8c41-20f9e68c2160 _timesRecovered = 1 _inventoried = True } ScrapYard.InventoryPart { _name = mk3Cockpit.Shuttle _dryCost = 9879.99512 _id = 11fbdf90-fba4-4ac3-9183-666fead3c58f _timesRecovered = 1 _inventoried = True } } PartTracker { TrackedItem { buildsTotal = 5 buildsNew = 5 buildsInventoried = 0 usesTotal = 5 usesNew = 5 usesInventoried = 0 ScrapYard.InventoryPart { _name = mk3Cockpit.Shuttle _dryCost = 9879.99414 _id = 88b3cb66-9b47-4f18-bbd8-47177f2f1751 _timesRecovered = 0 _inventoried = False } } Any idea what would cause that? This happens to all the manned command pods ive tested.
  11. do all part go to inventory after recovery or can there be exceptions to certain parts with certain modules? I have a very heavily modded game and all the command pods and cockpits are never reused.
  12. I have this issue where when I transfer crew between parts the life support window warns me that other vessels are running low on supplies. It shows me there are more crew on those vessels than there are. Once reload or switch vessel its all fine and there was no wrong consumption on the vessel. I have 140 mods installed and dont want any effort been put into this minor issue but it would be nice to know if it is just my install or if this issue is common. Nice mod btw and thanks game version is 1.2.2
  13. Nvm I found a solution to the issue but it requires a galactic core mod but the calculations over those distances make it very unstable and the projected encounter is no better. You know exactly what I mean and Im using the workaround that you mentioned already but it is a pain in the ass. the screenshots were made to show how the projected trajectory gets shorter the higher the eccentricity. They were not precisely planed yet Im bad at explaining excrements so sorry
  14. I have 2 screenshots here one shows the the conic patch approximation for bodies on an escape trajectory from sun has a distance limit depending on the change of velocity. In the first one here you can see my burn is 800m/s and the conic patch line is ok for the distance but I dont want to get there in 35 years because I have 17000m/s of delta v https://prnt.sc/g9vc5m In the second one I have a burn of 4500 but as you can see the conic patch line is get shorter and shorter. I know from expirence I can get an encounter like this but its a pain in the ass. http://prntscr.com/g9vd4s Any mods or solutions out there? I was thinking maybe RSS might have to deal with problems like this considering the distances of the planets but I haven't played that in a while and cant tell. Game version is 1.2.2 EDIT: not sure if this is even the right place for this
  15. im getting back to ksp after a bit of a break and I love you mods btw. Is NFLV only 1.3.0 or is there any 1.2.2 version? Sorry for the stupid question but im not sure when patch hit and mod was released.