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  1. I understand. I just save the loadout in the craft inventory. Maybe add more inventory slots to command modules to get around the space issue.
  2. If you have the steam version just verify the game files. It will download the missing files. I believe the mods should be safe but just back them up or if you do not want to take the time to copy just cut and paste to desktop.
  3. I do not allow myself to us more segments than the real life rockets have. Its more fun that way.
  4. I get that. The problem is that when this mod is installed bluedogs LH2 stages have about 25% more fuel. Delta-IV does not even have enough trust to take off. Its around 1.1. Bluedogs Delta IV tank has 75k LH2. With this mod its 100k Same goes for the DCSS and centaur. All LH2 stages are totally op and I play on 3.5 rescale. BDB is balanced around 2.5 Its actually more than 25% its almost 40% i believe.
  5. I'm still getting the spam. I will give you my gamedata folder. Things to know are that alot of squads parts are deleted and the are a good few custom patches in the dave folder. If you use the save game I gave you and go into the tracking station the log will spam. You can delete the SkyhawkScienceSystem mod that has a warning on loadup because I just added that last night and forgot to remove it before compressing. Its quite large and I don't mind if you do not want to waste time on it. Ill pm you folder.
  6. I found out about the post here and went to the thread. Read the whole thread and was looking forward to the conclusion only to get a fixed itself. That was the worst ending possible. I was so disappointed. It was really exciting because I was expecting some great hack.
  7. Good think this was thread of the month because I actually was looking for a mod like this and couldn't find anything. Now I just need to figure out how to get it working with an existing savegame with 150 craft flying around. I need to get it working somehow.
  8. I checked it and all frequencies have a number. I had to uninstall it and was playing a while without it because it was not up to date then I installed it after seeing you had a beta update. So keep in mind not all the craft in the save game have the module. Game is unplayable with the log spam. Its consistent and performance is horrible. Save game is here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mIlKx3ZrAbZGSUxuo4HbWp4Y3kCqDF1P/view?usp=sharing It has 150 mods so all you can do is look at it. If you want I can upload my gamedata fold too.
  9. Any Idea what would cause my log to spam this? Its hard to find out what it is because its only specific to a certain save game.
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