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  1. Life support mods add to much to the game to be left out of stock KSP2. IMO any player that has the skill to land on the mun has the skill to take life support into account.
  2. You already have but I agree.
  3. You did not pay for 1.9.0 so stop acting so entitled. Take it or leave it. I am leaving it. 1.8.1 will do just fine until a better version comes along. If not then so be it.
  4. Doesn't matter what you call it. It will still have bugs.
  5. I am not denying the problem. I simply do not get the big deal. 1.9.1 will fix those problems and new bugs will be introduced. I would still rather 1.9.1 than no patch at all. KSP has always been like that. I do not get why people expect things to start changing now.
  6. just roll back to 1.8.1. It has its bugs too but I would rather the updates come with bugs than no updates at all. Atleast they fix them unlike alot of other games out there. Their player base will not turn against them because we can choose when to update. You can roll back to 1.0.0 if you want to. Sure, they could make it officially a beta for a week or 2 but in the end it doesn't change much. Players will either play 1.8.1 or 1.9 beta Its as simple as that.
  7. I deleted all the miniavc.dlls so that should do it. I couldn't be bothered finding out what one it is.
  8. My KSP log is going insane. I know basically nothing about reading logs. Can anyone identify what is going on here? It doesn't always CTD but the log is insane anyway. https://drive.google.com/open?id=197lfoj7qLEtT1X1kjY38x7eHWsxRWHmh
  9. I have done 30-40 landings atleast with the shuttle so far and never needed the steering. I do not think you should waste time on it since its works perfectly as it is. Sorry for long response but I like to get a good feeling of things before I give feedback. Landing can be a bit to hard however. I have changed a few things in cfgs to make it a bit easier. I believe is the best overall way to have very high stability and good landing even with payload inside the payload bay. I know its a shuttle and it flys like a brick. Maybe I went to far but personally I like returning things with shuttles too. My cfg. I gave the Forward fusalage a buff in lift to 2.1 and increased the dry mass of aft to 3.0 tons. For testing I enter eve and have no problem keeping a 30 degree angle of attack. Original cfgs
  10. I use both this mod and kerbal launch failure and it would be a cool to have a fast emergency construction option with a higher chance of failure.
  11. The ISS is just as political as the apollo missions except that it lacked competition. That is why it failed and apollo succeeded. The shuttle achieved nothing more than launching the biggest waste of money into LEO. The few things we have learned from it could have been done with other far cheaper space stations. The Saturn was capable of launching smaller stations to orbit in one launch. They would have done the job.
  12. sorry I missed this reply but it started working by itself. No idea why. Otherwise I would have given log.
  13. My cpu is fine but I think my 970 is a bottleneck now. I am waiting for next gen I think. Not sure