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  1. Ive 4000 hours in this game. You should give it a go but I do not play it anymore because I do not agree with certain design choices the developers have made. I am extremely competitive when it comes to mmos. It used to be more skill based and less about inventory farming and p2w mechanics. Anyway you should give it a go if youre bored. I used to be one of the best players in that game. Commanded nations and everything. Has a low playerbase now and it can be toxic. I was one of the more toxic players to be fair but thats what makes content in these games. The more youre hated the more fights y
  2. Im not going to go looking for things Ive read years ago but I can explain it to you. Watch a few trailers from the 80s and 90s and watch a trailer from 2000s onwards. People are unwilling to spend money on movie tickets with nothing more than teaser trailers anymore. There is a good reason so many movie trailers have spoilers. TV shows already have an audience and the fast and furious is also the 6th film in the series. People know what they are getting. Noone cared about protecting star wars plot. That was not the case for empire anymore. Once you have the IP then your good to go. On t
  3. Even in movies its statistically proven that trailers with spoilers sell better than trailers without. People do not like going to the movies to waste money and time. Games on the other hand can do well because you can market gameplay. In the case of sequels your goal is to market new gameplay mechanics. In KSPs case this would be the new planets, engines etc. In that case you cannot market without "spoiling"
  4. KSP 2 already looks good enough for me if it looks like the trailers. I want a working product at launch that delivers on the promises made. By promises I mean modabilty and stability. Obviously design changes can happen. Thats all.
  5. I can only speak for my 7 year old 4770K. I have played a total of 5000 hours of KSP with mods, Total war with mods and Stellaris with mods. All these games are extremely CPU intensive. I have played on 4-4.2ghz overclocks, had water cooling pump fail and my cpu was running 100% most of the time playing these games. I do not clean my case as often as I should and right now 1 fan is not working. I smoke in my gaming room also. These are not good things. My 4770k is still perfectly fine. Benchmarks are the same as they were 7 years ago. The reason for this is that my CPU was always within its de
  6. You do not wear out the performance of your PC by playing KSP. You damage it by not cooling it enough. It would also not be faster if you did not play KSP.
  7. Basic craft will probably work fine on lower end mashines but no matter how optimized the game is I will be able to bring the highest end pc to its knees. If I can use 10000 parts for a craft I will. There is a difference between low end mashines and outdated hardware however. A low end mashine at KSP2s release will run the game perfectly fine I assume. If you're on a budget start saving and build the pc around KSP2 benchmarks.
  8. “You do realize as you grow older that almost nobody knows what they are talking about.” ― John Cleese
  9. I think he was referring to propulsion and not science in general. Its exaggerated to be fair but you are taking it out of context. You are generalizing "us" because of claims individuals made. Most intelligent people in history were 100% aware of how little they knew.
  10. Why? Gta and read dead online? Let's be honest for a second. If millions of idiots give you billions for basically nothing then you would be stupid not to just play along. Everyone complains about publishers but someone is buying their stuff. I think rockstar has more saying than take two anyway. The release when they want and what they want. That been said they are one anyway.
  11. I honestly cannot remember the balance but it was very basic and unfinished. If kerbalism has had a recent update then I am not sure that my patch would even work anymore. I do not know what was changed. I do not have time until Dec or Jan to look into it either because when I get the addiction of KSP its hard to get rid of it. I am intentionally not playing it at all right now.
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