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  1. Without kopernicus I would have been done with KSP years ago and I honestly suspect alot of other players. There is only so much you can do with the stock solar system but Kopernicus makes it infinite.
  2. I really hope KSP2 allows you to mod planets in a far simpler way. Kopernicus seems to be the most annoying mod to work on there is.
  3. I don't understand the apollo update fully. We do have the majority of new parts in the current release or not? Sorry my memory is awful. I can't remember what parts looked like years back
  4. This is the simplest(best) explanation I've ever seen. I've always wanted to know the maths on when thrust is more important than deltav. Example would be twr of 2. 0 on the mun with 3000m/s or twr of 10 with 2500m/s. I am sure the 3000m/s one from my gut feeling but my example was extreme. I often wonder at what point should I use a larger heavier engine.
  5. The simple adjustable fairing is not covering the payload and is causing drag. I fixed it by moving the modulecargobay to be below modulesimpleajustable fairing. It was this MODULE { name = ModuleCargoBay DeployModuleIndex = 1 closedPosition = 0 lookupRadius = 3.25 } MODULE { name = ModuleSimpleAdjustableFairing segmentLength = 5.1796 numSlices = 2 deploySpeed = 25 shieldingCenter = 0, 3.4505, 0 shieldingBaseRadius = 4.5465 edi
  6. I compared the config to the other SAF parts in BDB and simply made the change of putting the module ModuleSimpleAdjustableFairing before ModuleB9PartSwitch(Texture) and its working now. No Idea why but maybe it might save you a couple of secs. the working config is below. I have no idea what I am doing but it seems to work.
  7. The Titan IIIE simple adjustable fairing is not shielding the payload. I noticed it because the rocket loved to flip over since the payload is causing tons of drag. I've tested all the other 2m+ SAF adapters on the same payload and they are working properly. Last image shows the payload has drag.
  8. I love them. I really hope wing design has a major impact on aerodynamic performance. I would also love better UIs on how drag and lift etc is displayed.
  9. I have been but there should be a shroud on the interstage fairing that covers the pipes or cables from the atlas/centaur 2 upwards. I think you are right about the long interstange. I know its something really minor but BDB goes into the tiniest details and I always wonder if I am missing a part.
  10. The more I play BDB the more details I notice on real rockets. Its great for learning. I am in the middle of building the older atlas rockets and looking at images I noticed the interstage covers on the centaurs do not match. Am I using the wrong interstange for the Centaur II upwards because I know it fits the D1. Edit: I was also wondering why the older atlas rockets are called bossart and the new one muo. Why that design choice?
  11. Yes the lore is more important. The Apollo 11 crew will go down in the history books next to julius caesar and alexander the great. In 3000 years if we exist people will read about Apollo 11. Nobody will read about KSP.
  12. I do not think we need memorials in a game. People that know who Michael Collins was do not need to be reminded about him and people that do not will not get the easter egg in a game. agree 100% I hate flying over the Degrasse sea. Every time I am there I roll my eyes.
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