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  1. when something that is really annoying gets fixed.
  2. I have 130 mods and the game almost never crashes. When it does its compatiblity problems and not memory related. I just upgraded from 16 to 32 and it had 0 impact. I think for you it's specific mods causing issues and not the amount.
  3. Whatever the minimum requirements are there is no point upgrading now if you only care about KSP2. In 1 year from now the market will be different. I do not think you should bother if you're not changing gpu. I upgraded from a 4770k 970 to a 10700k and 3080. I tested the 10700k with the 970 out of curiosity and the performance boost wasn't really worth it because I was bottlenecking the 970 with all the mods. With the 3080 I can take advantage of all the performance of the 10700k. Maybe the performance difference from a 3570k makes it worthwhile but you need to wait for rocket Lake at
  4. Ok cheers apparently I need to look into this in more detail.
  5. What do you mean? Monopropellant is a fuel and an oxidizer. I am by no means an expert but you have to store the fuels in seperate tanks and not in a single tank and simply call it mono propellant. Am I wrong?? It even says so in the link you sent. "This can be contrasted with bipropellants that release energy through the chemical reaction between an oxidizer and a fuel. " What I mean in my post is having it like in realism overhaul or so. Like UDMH and NTO for example
  6. Well imo it's a must have. If it were up to me monoproplant should also require an oxidizer. Imo the term monoproplant is a bit misleading. Edit: Not really the term but how its displayed as a single propellant in the tank.
  7. Do we have liquid Hydrogen in the stock game or not?
  8. Thank you. Anyway I mean this mod. Its actually a config. You need kopernicus and sigma dimensions to get it working. I play on 2.5 because mods like bluedog design and redirect are designed for 2.5 kerbal. I like longer launches You should check it out.
  9. I mean rescale 2.5 delta v. I do not know if you know the rescale mod but when you change the size of kerbin you no longer have 3500m/s LKO but in my case 5000~ Your link doesnt work.
  10. What do I need to make a wikifile? I want to make this for 2.5 rescale.
  11. Any idea what would cause the shuttle ODS IVA to do this? The black IVA on the side. I'm running 1.11.
  12. The stock game has enough bugs. Does it matter if I have 1000 bugs with stock or 1010 with bleeding edge :))
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