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  1. I'm not to bothered by the stock system having no tilt but I really don't get the argument that it somehow makes things alot harder. I would argue that its easier to understand axial tilt than it is to get to minmus. Its very easy to visualise compared to transfers.
  2. not going to bother. I am going to do it like I do with all games. Play it for 4000 hours and then find out ive missed some shortcut or trick that would have made my life 100 times easier.
  3. Is it possible to reduce the amount of thrust you need for fuel to settle? I like playing with weaker RCS thrusters.
  4. when you put it that way it makes more sense I suppose. Ive no idea about sound in games but it actually is interesting. I always wondered how AAA games like battlefield could sound so good and games like call of duty sound horrible.
  5. its not sonys but assuming for a second it was. Can you make a copyright claim on something like ambient sounds? Its just crickets. Would that not being the same as me putting a microphone in a zoo and then claiming a copyright on all the animal videos online?
  6. is life support a confirmed thing?
  7. signal delay was alway a bit of a pain in the butt with remote tech. It just way to much work to set something up with signal delay and in the end you always forget something in the pre programing. I have not used remote tech in years but I do remember it was basically impossible to land on a planet with signal delay with the guidance system. All you could do were basic actions and basic burns. Maybe you can now but when I used it you could not set up the computer to land the space craft. Maybe I was using it wrong but I doubt it. I guess with all the proper mods you could get it working but its to much of a hassle for me. Im the guidance system. KSP was always about playing the game. When you add a guidence system you basically change the fundamental point of the game. Its not like anyone flys a rocket by hand into space. Now im wondering. Has anyone ever flown a rocket into space even as a test? I think they shuttle was landed by hand once but even that was slightly automated. Not sure. Dont know enough.
  8. I would say the best would be 3-5. Enough to give you choice but not to many. I want to visit a star system with more than one interesting planet. I dont want to have to visit 10 systems to see 1 nice planet and 3 mediocre planets. A dense game is a good game. I really hope there are binary star systems. I would have prefered they added more planets to the stock system too. OPM adds so much to the stock system. The stock kerbal system is meh imo. I wonder if its possible to get from 1 star system to another with chemical rockets and time. I wonder if stars rotate around some core or if they are just stationary relative to each other. Im happy to hear the distances are real. I was afraid it was going to like a hub system. That would have ruined it. I am really curious on how the game performs. It all sounds nice but if it doesnt play well then im not playing it.
  9. I love additional content. If anything there's far to little in most games. What I wrote it the first post is not really clear. I honestly hope ksp 2 will have way more dlc as long as the base game is functional.
  10. sorry. I cannot remember anything about kerbalism and dont have any 1.8.1 files left.
  11. By influence I mean the in game economy or balance and not eye candy. Online games do need to make money for upkeep and I understand that. I have no issues with DLC or even DLC in multiplayer games. There still needs to be balance however. There are plenty of games that ask for a fair price but I think its obvious what I mean by scam. I mentioned Red Dead and GTA because of Take Two and if you are not aware the games are pay to win or whatever you want to call them. I don't know anything about TF2 so I cannot comment on DLC. If the DLC has no effect on competitive gameplay then I have no problem whatsoever. Is TF2 the game that is really difficult for new players to get into it because higher level players are so powerful? Thankfully I am not addicted to any game atm but I take competitive gaming really serious. Ive spent alot of money on eye candy. Its nice to look at. I will even admit that im a hippocrite and have spend atleast 200 euros on gta in the past. I wanted something and did not want to grind. I am guilty and have played my part in why GTA has turned into the mess it is. I am not making that mistake ever again.
  12. In what way would it be implemented in KSP hypothetically speaking? Any game that can be influenced with real world currency in any way or form is a pass for me. Its all a scam. If you want my money make and good game and charge me 100 euros upfront for all I care. A bit besides the point but still relevant but Take Two is already seeing backlash with Red Dead. It could be a really good game except they prefer to scam their own player base. The fact that people are afraid of being scammed by other players and think its ok to be scammed by a billion dollar company is just beyond my comprehension. Only reason GTA is still alive is because they had an existing playerbase before it. Would have been dead for ages if they started ripping people off from the start.
  13. I understand. I just save the loadout in the craft inventory. Maybe add more inventory slots to command modules to get around the space issue.
  14. If you have the steam version just verify the game files. It will download the missing files. I believe the mods should be safe but just back them up or if you do not want to take the time to copy just cut and paste to desktop.
  15. I do not allow myself to us more segments than the real life rockets have. Its more fun that way.
  16. I get that. The problem is that when this mod is installed bluedogs LH2 stages have about 25% more fuel. Delta-IV does not even have enough trust to take off. Its around 1.1. Bluedogs Delta IV tank has 75k LH2. With this mod its 100k Same goes for the DCSS and centaur. All LH2 stages are totally op and I play on 3.5 rescale. BDB is balanced around 2.5 Its actually more than 25% its almost 40% i believe.
  17. I'm still getting the spam. I will give you my gamedata folder. Things to know are that alot of squads parts are deleted and the are a good few custom patches in the dave folder. If you use the save game I gave you and go into the tracking station the log will spam. You can delete the SkyhawkScienceSystem mod that has a warning on loadup because I just added that last night and forgot to remove it before compressing. Its quite large and I don't mind if you do not want to waste time on it. Ill pm you folder.
  18. I found out about the post here and went to the thread. Read the whole thread and was looking forward to the conclusion only to get a fixed itself. That was the worst ending possible. I was so disappointed. It was really exciting because I was expecting some great hack.
  19. Good think this was thread of the month because I actually was looking for a mod like this and couldn't find anything. Now I just need to figure out how to get it working with an existing savegame with 150 craft flying around. I need to get it working somehow.
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