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  1. Why should I pay for a product and then do their job by reporting bugs? BTW. You don't need to report bugs. The game is basically unplayable and the devs are fully aware of them. I supported them by buying it and honestly. I probably shouldn't have. There is probably big issues behind the scenes. They'll probably start sacking people.
  2. You need a widescreen monitor to judge. https://rog.asus.com/monitors/32-to-34-inches/rog-swift-pg349q-model/ I use that. Even if you could scale the UI... The navbal in KSP2 is a waste of pixels. I am really surprised so many people like it. I do not. I like simple UIs.
  3. Bugs aside. The UI is a disaster. Below are 3 images. Stock KSP1, modded KSP1 and Stock KSP2. If you look at how much of the display is taken up by information the KSP2 is simply wasting it. The whole point of a UI is to give you as much information as possible, as clearly as possible and not take up the entire hud. On first glance it seems like KSP2 is showing us way more information. In reality the only thing its showing me that KSP1 stock UI doesn't is my AP and PE. Why the hell is 30% of the screen taken up? and I cannot even see how much hydrogen is in the tank anyway. There is no other reason to click on a tank other to know how much is in it. There is no reason for it to be in the parts manger. Sorry this is simply bad UI design and other than looking fancy it doesn't actually tell me anything more. The Irony is that you give us the weight of fuel in the current stage. That is not even relevant. Useless information. Not always but thats why you should toggle information like that. Navbal doesnt work for me if its not in the center. The navbal is all I look at launching. Look at how massive it is, yet its useless. The Trust bar doesn't need to be that size. The Vertical speed indicator is massive yet you still don't know the exact speed. It is better than KSP1s because in KSP1 it was useless. The atmosphere bar is simply useless. Was in KSP1 to be fair aswell. It would be way better if we simply had a pressure number. As if an unexpirenced player knew what the hell that bar is showing and what that actually means. Whats the 3 different colors of blue tell me anyway? The light one is 1atm the black one is 0 atm but whats that mean on eve or duna? Nothing...... The orbital speed and altitude can be numbers. There is no reason to have the big fat bar along with them. Its a waste of space and looks crap. That navbal needs a redesign. Ideally just delete it and paste in KSP1 for now. Smaller and tells me what I need. The Little ship in the middle to show me where my ship is pointing is a total waste of space and doesn't help anyone. Again its useless because new players do not actually know what those vectors mean. They know what they mean when they use that maneuver tool so having a toy ship is unnecessary. Ill admit that I forgot to add an engine so staging is not in this image but I think you get the point. Its clean. In the Modded KSP2 I have wayyy more information on screen and can still see things. I have everything I need on screen in way more detail. Sure it doesn't look all fancy but it gets the job done and I dont feel overwhelmed even though its showing me far more information. (The craft in this image is not really a craft. Its just for scale) Even if I sound negative I see alot of potential in KSP2. Its fluid and fast in ways ksp1 is not. I like how snappy the UI is and the sounds of the clicks in the VAB. If done correctly KSP2 can be a far far better game than KSP1. I still say if I dont like something. Im critical haha
  4. I wouldn't upgrade your gpu yet. Wait until the performance is better and you'll be able to make an informed decision on what kind of card you need.
  5. I decided to go to dres before any other object.
  6. Yeah I couldn't stage with spacebar at first and needed to restart. Its a pain in the ass because you don't know if its a bug or if you're doing something wrong
  7. I don't want to be part of the free giveaway. There are many other people here that need it more.. Im hoping the game will end up in a stable shape. Surprisingly I'm actually more optimistic now after the demo. Letting YouTubers talk about bugs and letting them make honest reviews is something I respect alot. Even the high requirements were very brave on your part. Warning players in this way was very honest of you and definitely hurt sales. It was the right thing to do and I'll buy it this week solely because of that honesty. Ill be doing benchmarks and uploading results here for players to look at
  8. The tutorial is designed for a very young audience. Its light hearted by intention. I actually think thats one of the very few good things. Its important to make it sound light hearted because it is a difficult game. You don't want to overwhelm anyone. Grown ups will always go to YouTube for deeper tutorials.
  9. There is a delta i believe. This guy said it took a while to get into space. https://youtu.be/TFC4ul2uCCg
  10. Thats actually not true at all. When it comes to games sequels are more often than not better. Red dead 2 Mass effect 2 Arkham city Halo 2 Call of duty 2 Many many more Certain parts of originals can be better but when it comes to games sequels are better in most cases. Sequels often have a larger budget and are built on existing mechanics. Not like movies.
  11. 3080 and 12900k. I wouldn't really be bothered by specs right now. By the looks of things ksp 2 won't be in a playable state for a while. Im actually really surprised they allowed the YouTubers to release that footage ahead of release. Its honest and not giving players the wrong impression. Id keep my hands of it if you don't have the specs to brute force it. Honestly I doubt the minimum Specs will perform well either.
  12. Whats bare minimum? 480p 5fps with 5 parts? Its bad giving players the impression they can play the game. People should not be getting their hopes up that anything less than a 2060 will give them a good experience. Even at full release. That could be in 2 years anyway. By that time the 2060 is 4 generations old anyway and most games will have it as a minimum. We will know more next week and we can upload benchmarks. Before that I wouldnt assume anything.
  13. The way players were asking if their laptops with pentium 4 cpus or whatever could run it. Its 2023 PC game. Im not optimistic about optimization but all that aside some of the specs people have been asking about lately can barley play a 1080p video. Not to mention there are plenty of players here that dont have the specs to run KSP1 at max settings with large craft and that game is 10 years old.
  14. After 10 years thats an amazing consistent playerbase. Especially considering its a single player game. Most games loose 90% of their playerbase in the first month or so. The spikes are most likely players returning for major updates. The other spikes are no doubt updates aswell.
  15. The PhotonCorp realplume patch has a typo or whatever in it. There is no sound because the soundclip doenst exist. I changed SWE/Sounds/srb-loop-2 to SWE/Sounds/srb-loop-3 and it works.
  16. A second screenshot with max settings would be simpler than the explanation imo but whatever.
  17. to be totally honest I would rather have an expanded kerbal system than interstellar travel and new systems. Vanilla KSP without OPM and MPE is just meh.
  18. Youre right. Its the velocity vector that is pulled down by gravity. That is 0 degrees angle of attack. Obviously ideal in atmospheric flight. If youre in a vacuum and set your spacecraft to prograde it will also do a gravity turn.
  19. Such a relief knowing this mod or the successor is coming to Ksp 2. Honestly without this and bluedog i wouldn't play the new game. I really hope the new game is worth the effort and not some mess
  20. Hypotheses, not theory and there is no evidence. Only 1/3 of the star systems are multiple star systems and the other 2/3 are single stars. Most stars are in multiple star systems. That is not the same as most systems are multiple star systems :)) Edit: Thats not even true what I said. Most stars are probably single stars. Impossible to know because we cannot see alot of the red dwarfs.
  21. What will you be looking into first in Ksp 2. Planet modding again?
  22. I agree with everything you say but fundamentally I am a pessimist and you're an optimist haha. No worries though, I am aware that what I am saying is based on assumptions and not evidence so I will not be saying I told anyone so. Believe it or not I actually think the game is going to be good in the end. The gameplay looks great and the visuals are amazing. There is no point in this discussion anyway. We will know soon enough.
  23. The agena secondary propulsion pack is still requires kerosene and oxygen with the Pafftek hyperbolics patch.
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