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  1. awesome mod, im not sure what im doing wrong because i put the patches and sounds flies in to GameData but it doesn't seem to be working. Help because i'd like to us this mod.
  2. hey awesome mod... but i can't seem to get it to work. i did what the instructions said, i dropped the game data file in the ksp_win and i still get the same stock sounds for the jets...
  3. lol you know what... thats probably it. i thought the skybox had everything included in the download. xD thanks for the help, i'm going to go and do that thing now xD
  4. hey the skybox looks amazing... in the pictures. but i can't seem to get it working in game. i downloaded the Poodmund's Calm Nebula Skybox i put the included files into the game data folder, and i still get the same default skybox. please help because i would love to use that skybox.
  5. hey love the mod, the cars look awesome. it would be great to see the delorean time machine from back to the future, and or a lamborghini countach in the mod next.
  6. hey love the mod it looks amazing, but i can't seem to close or open the underground and above ground hangers. the underground one open most of the way and then stopped and the normal hangers don't seem to be opening at all. i don't know maybe i'm missing some thing like what Far Right Stripe to Open/Close the Doors i have to click on. anyways can anyone help me because i would really like to use the hangers to store my top secret aircraft.
  7. yep I got a YouTube channel as well and what this guy is saying it true. Kerbcam is the best mod for doing cinematics in KSP, its easy to use (more so then camera tools mod anyways) and it lets you A LOT of things. it would be really great if the Dev's of the mod updated it to the current version of the game.