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  1. @MrMeeb Are you writing from jail?
  2. I Did a test flight of my new Gemini moon lander on a Titan IV and a fake Centaur stage, @rudi1291 Gotta catch 'Em all
  3. I Did a test flight of my new Gemini moon lander on a Titan IV and a fake Centaur stage.
  4. Atleast they decided to not put the ugly stripes on the srb's
  5. Dude your reshade looks awesome, can you PM me the configs or something?
  6. Airplane plus has an optional tweakscale cfg, look for it in the airplane plus op
  7. The cockpit is indeed from AP+, the wings are a combination of stock and ap+ aswell, the ailerons are from B9 procedural wings, I got a few bits fron mad aerospace and procedural parts and the landing gear is from kerbal foundries, I know about the tail, I kinda messed it up but it was the best I could get because I didn't have the patience to spend a bunch of time building it with b9 wings
  8. Oh I know what your'e talking about, hmm... maybe Kerbol plus?
  9. Built an F15-ish plane
  10. I can't fit the lander into any other rocket (BDB's Saturn Sii stage is too small, the direct 5m parts are all way too small) did you rescale the parts? also the Ares V is wayyy too big than any comparable rocket from RL(Saturn,Energia,SLS) , iirc it's like 9 meters or something ingame, is this mod supposed to be real sized?
  11. Atleast they mentioned that it's from ksp
  12. Which setting do I need to change so the whitecaps would show up?
  13. I'm about to download it and it looks great, but may I ask one question, why is the IVA glowing in white?
  14. Poor timing indeed, I sold my 750ti a few days ago (it was pretty solid for KSP, and it just sat in my computer alongside my 1070 for 10 months), if that would happen just a few days ago I could've just send you the card EDIT: btw, which GPU did you had?