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  1. No like literally the whole screen, and when I open the pause menu the flickers get really bright and long
  2. For some reason when I launch the game it works perfectly and after a few times I revert the craft to launch the game starts flickering, it's a shame though because it looks beautiful while it works...
  3. How do I add the motion blur option to the config?
  4. A slightly modified version of Astronomers visual pack, KSPRC's ground textures, Planetshine, Real plume and Reshade
  5. I think I've found a fix for the texture issue try to change the "rescale factor" in the cfg files from 0.1 to 1, it should fix it
  6. Which docking port should I use with the LOK docking mechanism? btw the new Salyut/Mir parts look awesome!
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