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  1. No like literally the whole screen, and when I open the pause menu the flickers get really bright and long
  2. For some reason when I launch the game it works perfectly and after a few times I revert the craft to launch the game starts flickering, it's a shame though because it looks beautiful while it works...
  3. How do I add the motion blur option to the config?
  4. A slightly modified version of Astronomers visual pack, KSPRC's ground textures, Planetshine, Real plume and Reshade
  5. I think I've found a fix for the texture issue try to change the "rescale factor" in the cfg files from 0.1 to 1, it should fix it
  6. Which docking port should I use with the LOK docking mechanism? btw the new Salyut/Mir parts look awesome!
  7. I Did a test flight of my new Gemini moon lander on a Titan IV and a fake Centaur stage, @rudi1291 Gotta catch 'Em all
  8. Atleast they decided to not put the ugly stripes on the srb's
  9. Dude your reshade looks awesome, can you PM me the configs or something?
  10. Airplane plus has an optional tweakscale cfg, look for it in the airplane plus op
  11. The cockpit is indeed from AP+, the wings are a combination of stock and ap+ aswell, the ailerons are from B9 procedural wings, I got a few bits fron mad aerospace and procedural parts and the landing gear is from kerbal foundries, I know about the tail, I kinda messed it up but it was the best I could get because I didn't have the patience to spend a bunch of time building it with b9 wings
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