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  1. My biggest problem with thermal power is the fact that if you leave a receiver on and accidentally let waste heat build up, there is really no good way to get rid of it in a (real world time) hurry. due to the way waste heat scales up during timewarp, using timewarp does not seem to increase how fast you get rid of heat in real world time at all, so it takes minutes of just leaving KSP to run on its own to get heat levels down. Having a receiver reception scale based on desired throttle would be awesome.
  2. Yea, that or just yaknow, the fact your still getting obscene amounts of power outta a light 2.5m format. And since the engine only throttles to 5%, your not using a ton of antimatter. Even at 5% its still the highest power to weight ratio engine.
  3. For whatever reason, dev has decided that antimatter reactors can only throttle up to 5% for use as energy generation. Likely to prevent them from being crazy OP and instead just 'kinda OP'
  4. Started a brand new career (KSPI, cheated in science+money and researched all techs required to built antimatter production science lab facility, still 0.0023% efficiency when sandbox mode has 1% Researching 'Ultra high energy physics' boosts that to 0.0115% Researched entire rest of tech tree to no effect. Really bummed at career mode only getting 1/100th the antimatter production it should have..
  5. I found this while exploring my save file SCENARIO { name = PartUpgradeManager scene = 6, 5, 7 UPGRADES { Unlocks { MoltenSaltReactorUpgradeA = True ThermalEnergyConverterUpgradeA = True MoltenSaltReactorUpgradeB = True LantrUpgradeA = True NuclearRamjetUpgradeA = True KspiNuclearJetUpgradeA = True ThermalEnergyConverterUpgradeB = True InertialConfinementFusionUpgradeA = True MagneticConfinementFusionUpgradeA = True VistaUpgradeA = True VistaUpgradeC = True RectennaVisibleLightUpgrade = True RectennaInfraredUpgrade = True ComputerCoreResearch = True ScienceLabUpgradeA = True InertialConfinementFusionUpgradeB = True MagneticConfinementFusionUpgradeB = True TriAlphaFusionUpgradeA = True MagneticConfinementFusionUpgradeC = True TriAlphaFusionUpgradeB = True DirectEnergyConverterUpgradeA = True PhasedArrayHighPowerElectricalSystems = True DiodeLaserArrayScientificOutposts = True FreeElectronLaserScientificOutposts = True ScienceLabUpgradeC = True DiodeLaserArrayAppliedHighEnergyPhysics = True FreeElectronLaserAppliedHighEnergyPhysics = True } Might the issue with my antimatter production efficiency be due to missing ScienceLabUpgradeB? I also appear to be missing VistaUpgradeB <edit> adding ScienceLabUpgradeB did nothing. Cheated some science and bought a ton of extra science and got it up to 0.0115% efficiency.. Why is it so much lower then what it should be? (1%?)
  6. I noticed you rebalanced nuclear reactor scale recently, my larger reactors make wayyy more power and my 0.65m salt reactors now only make a couple kW. Just mentioning cause I didn't see it in the changelog.
  7. Yea, Sadly it seems like its side angle that causes it, ie the angle they don't track things on. about 30+ degrees off center and they often self block.
  8. Science lab shows 0.0023% efficiency after 0.5% efficiency antimatter tech has been researched. (freshly launched lab after researching tech) Might be due to upgrading from earlier KSPI? Any tips on how to fix in my save?
  9. I have also noticed the circular solar receivers like to block themselves at various angles to the sun that look like they should work fine. I think the 'raycast' check point needs to be moved or something.
  10. Sure, but its not very consistent with your other engines that produce 5~20KN per MW since the last update. These produce 0.3KN~ per MW. I guess with some supercapacitors (havent really been using those yet since thus far solar panels and nuclear generators had so many MJ there was no point, seems things have less MJ in the current update and supercapacitors have much more use now) No, while I have NF electrics installed for the batteries/capacitors, I removed its nuclear engines and the KSPI patch that downscales everything to NF electrics levels, because I like the KSPI engines much better and didn't want other engines muddling things up.
  11. Timberwind exhaust no longer has alpha blending..? renders as huge quads
  12. Ah ok. Good balance then I like that. Also noticed the turbojet has no stack node under it, so I guess harder to stage a turbojet powered craft then a ramjet powered craft.
  13. 'OBEK-500 Blanket Photovoltaic array' is twice as heavy, twice as costly, half the receive area, produces 20% less EC then 'Blanket Photovoltaic Solar Power receiver' unlocked at same tech node. 'Blanket Photovoltaic Solar Power receiver' also appears in 'Advanced beam power' and 'Advanced photovoltaic materials' (though might be due to me updating my game after buying it there and you moving it)
  14. Is there some reason Arcjet and resistorjet RCS require 70MW+ in operation on methane for 24KN of thrust? And won't work on liquids only gases? That seems a little excessive for 24KN of manuvering thrust when the same amount of power could give me a few 1000KN of thrust on basically any other engine.. Sure you didn't misplace a decimal? The only kinda ship that would have that power to mass would be a warp ship. Basically not worth using if I needed 100MW+ of power to use a couple of them continuously and have to keep a large supply of gases since if I ran out during docking.. that'd be bad. Especially considering nothing that produces power/etc on your ship is going to be efficient it seems like it would be simple to find some waste heat to gasify any cyrogenic liquids as needed. Also very weird that the inline arcjets come with liquid tanks but can't even use the liquid in those tanks. (Screenshot taken with inf fuel+inf electricity on, since otherwise my electricity would run out nearly instantly as that ship 'only' has a 3.75m trialpha reactor)
  15. Why would one use the thermal ramjet over the thermal turbojet? They both seem to perform the same functions, but the thermal turbojet gets 2x the thrust from the same input power (in atmospheric mode, tested up to 300m/s or so..), same ISP (given a thermal receivers 3300k core temp), and the thermal turbojet works from a standstill where the thermal ramjet needs high speed. Does the thermal ramjet produce more thrust above a certain speed then the thermal turbojet?