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  1. On 2/3/2020 at 10:52 AM, Warmachine said:

    I'm building something.... big...

    Project Tourmaline is the code name for this mothership-style interplanetary craft. I play with life support, so when considering things like a training mission to Jool, I need to contend with the fact that my Kerbals will need sufficient facilities to keep them alive for multiple years in space. I'm missing a few technologies I want before actually starting to assemble this thing-namely some of the more advanced nuclear reactors and nuclear engines my mods provide, but this is the general idea.

    The TWR of this thing is more akin to something powered by ion engines, but given that as of writing, with all 8 cargo containers full of fertilizer (a very unrealistic payload for this thing), it clocks in at 315 tons "fully assembled." This will only go up once the reactor is installed, a proper nuclear engine is installed, and the docking arms are completed.

    I still haven't figured out two things: what kind of lander to build, and how to deal with turning this thing and keeping it stable. I figure I just need to hide reaction wheels somewhere (sticking them in random places looks really ugly), but also there's also an argument to just bite the bullet and include LFO verniers.



    Edit: I finished a prototype and took it on a hyperedit test flight. Unity blew up when I tried to view the Jool system though...





  2. On 6/2/2019 at 4:05 AM, merlinux said:

    I havent use IR in years, but I did peek at the thread multiple times recently. And I thought the current itteration of the mod relied on a fork of KJR or I may  haved missed something... In the case that you also have KJR with IR in your modlist, your comparison is very unfair...

    KJR (kerbal joint reinforcement) for those who don't know is an amazing mod which strengthen the joints on parts. The features of the mod were (kind of) implemented to stock with autostruts and rigid attachment a while back.

    But yes @Yeet_TheDinosaur the DLC is totally worth it ;)

    no i dont use KJR


    actually i tried KJR yesterday, but it didn't work correctly, then i deleted KJR

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