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  1. Pleasant surprise to find steam updating, looks like great stuff from the fixes! Can't wait to play it later!
  2. Thanks! Can't wait until I get everything running.
  3. Thanks! Such an issue, if it affects crewed vessels, too, would be disastrous (as I'm still taking my baby steps here). Also, upon thinking about it, what's the vessel in question?
  4. Also, I have some questions about solar storms. How long do they last, how common are they, and will LKO protect me?
  5. Just thought of that. The probes in question are the Iapetus/Hyperion ComSats, as well as the probe in polar orbit of Minmus. Thanks!
  6. Don't know how to get the log, so here's the save and mod list: Better Burn Time Chatterer CRP Corvus Distant Object Enhancement Docking Port Sound Effects Raster Prop Monitor Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb Docking Port Alignment Indicator RCS BuildAid (However, I believe it's an old version that doesn't do 1.1.2 and needs to be updated) RCS Sounds RealPlume SCANsat Also, I haven't played in either or .8, but the save has been opened in .7
  7. The probes in question use either the stock 1x6 or 2x3 panels, without the covers.
  8. Not sure if it's been noted/fixed already( don't have the new update yet), but I kept running into the issue where my probes, despite being equipped with solar panels and in the sunlight, would drain electricity to the point of dying until I switched to them.
  9. Just got it, great mod! But I have a question. Is it that I need to maintain line of sight with Kerbin or KSC to control my probes? I was expecting the latter but I'm observing the former.
  10. Looks gorgeous! Can't wait to try it out once the weekend rolls around! RSS/RO didn't really look to be my thing, but this seems absolutely perfect.
  11. I actually found this through someone else's signature on the Hype Train Thread. What's this subreddit? Is it /r/KerbalSpaceProgram, or do you have your own?
  12. Unsure if I'll be exploring RSS/RO anytime soon, but good on you guys for taking on (and presumable executing, I just found out about your project here ) such a great idea! Good luck in all your future endeavors, and I'll hopefully be watching your next stream
  13. So I can give you guys a payload to launch for my theoretical company? If so, that's always a dream I've had for career!
  14. How fast are we going? Everything out my window is a blur of hype!