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  1. So I have been messing around with 1.2.2 and its working for me?
  2. any of you working on this for 1.2 are heroes. I wish I could help but as my studies have never included coding and such... I suck. Just here for some moral support.
  3. It was legit man. I'm sure there will be many more to come!
  4. Dude awesome post! I live down here near the space center and was able to watch a booster come back to the Cape at night. It was surreal.
  5. SIT89, thanks so much for your work! This is honestly my favorite mod for KSP.
  6. No luck for me on 1.05 either I feel naked without it. Big part of my career program relies on an Air Launch to Orbit Program :cool: for funsies