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  1. I am so happy to see continued development on RO and RF. Combined with RSS this is the only way to play KSP for me. Each version bump deserves a generous donation, it is like getting a new game.
  2. SkyKaptn

    [1.2.2-1.7.0] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.12

    I have not tested myself, but I saw @RocketPCGaming using it in the 1.6 preview stream.
  3. Is RO still being developed? I am unsure of whether to start fresh in 1.3.1 or just wait it out some more.
  4. SkyKaptn

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    Issue posted in github
  5. SkyKaptn

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    Thanks for answering. This drove me nearly mad, thinking I was alone with this.
  6. SkyKaptn

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    I have to bump my previous question from two posts up. Are the non-occluded orbit lines when zooming out a known issue? I am wrecking my brain trying to figure this one out.
  7. I would like to second this. There is quite a huge player base stuck in 1.3.1 missing out on the new features. -1.3.1 is most likely THE final version for a lot of heavily modded savegames (in a very long foreseeable future to come)
  8. SkyKaptn

    What's kerbal money called?

    Krowns no doubt
  9. SkyKaptn

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    I am having a strange thing going on with the ship's orbit lines. When I zoom out from the map the orbit line suddenly shows behind the planet. It does not get occluded anymore at a certain zoom rate. Also, if I focus on the planet itself the orbit line always shows behind the planet, no matter what zoom rate. All mods and dependencies are 1.3.1 (it also happens on a "vanilla" RSS)
  10. SkyKaptn

    How much do you use drop tanks?

    This is a bit on the side, but regarding SSTOs I sometimes du a pylon attached build where I jettison all chemical engines and tanks once in orbit. This still is a legit SSTO, if one jettison after orbit is achieved. Makes one heck of a TWR boost for the rest of the planned mission(s). Just do a SPH/VAB check to ensure that the dry weight CoL/CoM balance is OK for eventual atmo re-entry.
  11. SkyKaptn

    2.0 indirectly announced?

    OK, if you say so. Since the banner has a picture of a Kerbal + the title of it reads "Looking for devs with experience from KSP", it could be easily interpreted as something KSP related is brewing.
  12. SkyKaptn

    2.0 indirectly announced?

    I was taking a look at the forum banner that announced that Squad is looking for game developers with skills in among other things like: -Experience in either Unity Engine, Unreal Engine or CryEngine Seems legit that something is bound to happen EDIT: Link to full advertisement
  13. SkyKaptn

    The 1.3.1 Club

    This. My choice as well. The downtime for just waiting for 1.4.x to catch up, if ever, is not an option. But we are in a catch22 situation here as you say with mods that will only work in 1.4.x
  14. SkyKaptn

    Thank you, devs!!!! :D

    Time has come for a KSP 2.0. The game is aging badly for ppl with thousands upon thousands of hours into it. Visually it stinks like a game from the late '90s, unless using VFX mods that get broken over and over again from updates. Game code is a spaghetti mess with numerous bugs that are re-introduced each update. Performance is crap if you have a major construction. I sincerely believe that it is high time to start from scratch. And also give people a stock choice in a future 2.0 between RSS and "regular size" so we are not dependent on slow mod updates. Regular size Kerbin offers no challenge for experienced players.
  15. SkyKaptn

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    How does one obtain a copy of 1.3.1? And, not trying to be that guy, I just wondered if 1.4.x is on the roadmap?