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  1. I did some testing a few hours ago, and I experienced no crashes or other mishaps. I am running ASET props ver 1.4 and ASET avionics ver 2.0 (and the very recent RPM release that was taken out of beta a day ago)
  2. Thanks for testing. I have been away from KSP for a little while.
  3. Oh. This is what two 64 hrs work week can do to one's brain. Sorry to all offended by previous post
  4. Ven's stock revamp. Edit: double gigantors as Ven re-drew them
  5. You were right. In the first pic I have loaded 51200 material kits in a container and docked. After inflating ring #2 I had 44800 left. On the other hand, this mechanics is not stated in the wiki. There should be some info of this when right-clicking a semi-constructed part I belive.
  6. So how come I had a few thousand left of the first 30.000 from my first inflated ring?
  7. So I installed the entire MKS package to get the inflatable habitation ring. I put two on of these rings on a long station module. After putting the thing in space I got the message that I needed material kits too(not cool). Then I flew up a container loaded with these material kits, about 30.000, and docked the container. The ring could now be inflated from EVA. I then flew up an identical container with another 30.000 material kits for the second ring (overkill, but hey redundancy). When I docked this second container to another free docking port all the material kits were just gone, just like that. The resource tab said material kits 0/250.000 I have no production or converting going on on the station. This accounts for one of the most infuriating episodes of KSP ever.
  8. @RoverDude I am building a *near* stock space station, but I would like to have a few select parts from MKS on it, i.e the *ring habitat" and a few more. Installing MKS and all its complex mechanics is a bit overkill for this particular purpose. Any plans to release a standalone parts pack that does not change the game like MKS does? Or,if not, I guess I could copy some parts and spaces to a homebrew folder?
  9. Not entirely related to SVE, but I wonder if KSP is much more optimized in 1.3. With all the recommended modules for SVE and an arsenal of mods including scatterer (sans water), my physics are green all the time even with 350 parts. I actually hear my GPU and CPU fans revving up now, meaning it takes better advantage of hardware I would guess. Earlier my PC was almost idle with yellow physics, a situation that was somewhat ret***ed.
  10. Is there some kind of auto update in scatterer? Last time I started KSP I had ver 0.0300 and now it says 0.0310..
  11. Thank you for this Galileo
  12. Yes, I reported this earlier. I narrowed it down to scatterer. However, I have not tried this in 0.0300. My findings were done with 1.2.2 and scatterer 0.0256 (I believe...newest stable anyway) being the only mod installed. The gradual slowdown started to appear after just 15-20 minutes. After a circumnavigation things were a slideshow on a 120fps capable rig. This being said, I know others who were not affected. -Running DX9, 16GB RAM, GTX1080, i7. My CPU and GPU usage were pretty much just idle at 25% ish and nothing noticeable in logs.
  13. confirmed. Quickfix for restless souls until scatterer is compatible with 1.3
  14. When I turned off the ocean shaders in scatterer's main menu I had none of the floating tiles. (on stock planet with SVE for 1.3 and SVT for 1.2.2 anyways. Scatterer ver 0.0300 running DX9)