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  1. I read a multiauthor crossover Tom CLancy Ryan-verse and Battletech, literally having the two universes finding themselves co-existing suddenly. Quality and style varied, but what was good was REALLY good. Sadly, it seems to have fizzled out, but it went on aways too.
  2. Ha! I knew, just knew even before I peeked what song you'd pick. Some variation on 'I love the whole world' works too.
  3. I know a lot of people didn't like it, and it was rather US centric to put it mildly (compare it to the opening for the Planates anime which references several nations' space achievements) but, yeah, I liked the chosen theme for Enterprise. I love real space travel, and you captured the wonder and glory of that reality. Yes, it's also tedious and dangerous, but the launch, riding the thunder and the flame, riding from the blue into black, to see the jewel set in midnight, to set foot on a world of, in the words of Aldrin, "magnificent desolation" and then to return to that oasis in t
  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. I was having shivers all the way, and, wow, it was gorgeous. I was almost in tears at a couple points, in fact. Thank you, it was all more than worth the wait.
  5. Hey, no worries. Don't stress it, and I hope you have a great holiday yourself.
  6. Hi! I love this story and registered just to comment. I just have a potential correction. "Duna appeared as a blurred reddish-orange disc which exhibited phases like those of the Mün." I don't think it would do that. While Mars, erm, Duna, does show different phases, it's not like the Moon does and does not go through the full cycle. The inner planets, in this case Eve and Moho, do, because they're closer to the their star than Kerbin.
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