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  1. If i had to guess, it almost looks like you have something clipped funny, and the game is creating an aero effect that is super flat, instead of following the shape of the vehicle like they normally do
  2. I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro that I used on KSP v1.1 and 1.2. Now that I am trying to use in on 1.3, however, I cannot map the axes to work. I've attempted to restart the game, with the joystick plugged, unplugged, and in both 32 and 64bit versions of KSP. The game will recognize the joystick approximately 3/5 times, and when it does recognize it, it will remap every control to Joy.03, regardless of what I bind it to. I have confirmed that the Joystick functions, as it works in a variety of other games, including X-Plane 11
  3. I have everything in my file directory, and checked both download locations... in game, however, I only have the ability to make the impetus drive. I'm playing in sandbox, so i should have all parts accessible.
  4. I just installed the mod, and only seem to have the 3 Karborundum tanks and the IB-1 in my parts menu ingame. I downloaded from Space Dock
  5. Also, check your drag. You may have more drag on the nose than the tail, which would cause the nose to reenter more slowly than the tail, resulting in the whole vehicle flipping around to reenter backwards.
  6. LordKael

    What to add to a mun dominiation?

    If you're looking to truly DOMINATE the Mun (or any celestial body), I would recommend getting some sort of Colonization mod so that you can start all your missions from there. I'm in the middle of getting a Mun/Minmus/LKO system set up so that I don't have any launches from KSC. Stations, ground bases, space docks, tugs, mining equipment, comm nets... the list goes on and on. And thats all just support infrastructure for my motherships to get to other planets.
  7. LordKael

    efficient fuel at 250k

    Oberth effect is the idea that making a burn closer to the gravity source (planet/star) will net more dV than making an identical burn further away from the gravity source. The simplified version is that burning at periapsis is the most efficient.
  8. LordKael

    How to accidentally build airplane.

    Keep in mind that this is actually exactly what happened... His AoA was 45 degrees, and the TWR was phenomenal. A 100+m/s take off speed for a craft that probably weighs 5-9 tons, max, is absurdly fast.
  9. The other way this could be achieved by implementing a standardized (or series of) set of milestone "deadlines" as a modified version of World's First. If you do it by X date, you're actually the first, and get a larger bonus than if you do it after the deadline. I can't imagine this would be terribly difficult to make a mod for. Just requires a prebuilt, modular station with sufficient options that a randomly generated combo of the parts won't ever have a problem.
  10. LordKael

    F Class asteroids!

    Keep in mind that with modded parts, nothing is impossible. For example, there are plenty of engines that are crazy powerful, but have a double digit ISP. Those seem ideal for this situation.
  11. LordKael


    Are you attaching it with symmetry on? Please provide additional details, such as root parts of both assemblies, at what point in the flight the rover begins duplicating itself, and if either copy of the rover is clipping into the shuttle or each other?
  12. LordKael

    KSP Weekly: Farewell John Glenn...

    You both are welcome
  13. LordKael

    KSP Weekly: Farewell John Glenn...

    Well, as of last week, I've landed and returned from every body in the stock game, and I try to avoid too intense of a mod load out. I, personally, am in a great place for GP2 and a new suite of moons. That may have contributed rather heavily to my interpretation, but I really don't see any major objective flaws in my argument, particularly since they're being so secretive.... High level of secrecy means it's a big thing, at least to me.
  14. LordKael

    KSP Weekly: Farewell John Glenn...

    Do you see any flaw in my theory?
  15. LordKael

    KSP Weekly: Farewell John Glenn...

    "New things and old" seems to imply that a feature that once was in the game and was removed, or a feature spoken of and never implemented. New things is probably something along the lines of a terrain overhaul, I'm thinking we may get GP2. These lines seem to speak directly to the nature of the surprise, and imply that either not everybody will be able to see it, or that not everybody who sees it will find it interesting. In my opinion, this supports the idea of a new planet that is difficult to get to, such as a large-ish exoplanet (think Planet X from our real life Solar System). My theory is also based on last week's dev-notes, in which was said that "new horizons" were in store. While this could have been in reference to the huge overturn of SQUAD staff, I think it was a not-too-subtle hint that we're getting a new planet.