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  1. I use the latest 1.12. Be sure to carefully follow all the instructions (there's multiple pages) and run the game a couple times after installing. Even then I still do get occasional bugs and my brand new gaming laptop still struggles with rendering the map screen at first, before the farther away planets disappear.
  2. All I want is a reliable way of finding interplanetary phase angles. Kerbal Engineer does that (sorry if people've already brought that up a dozen times)
  3. Very nice, is it on KerbalX? Also fyi, apparently 1 shock cone intake (which also has better performance than the adjustable ramps) can provide air for 4 RAPIERs.
  4. Does anyone have any tips for finding the various easter eggs? Do they show up on anonmaly scanners for Kerbnet?
  5. That sounds pretty hard, but I do admire your effort. On my end, installing the latest Beyond Home with the indicated version of Parallax (CKAN wants to auto update it but I don't let it) and the newest Kopernicus seems to be working fine, though I haven't explored worlds that thoroughly beyond the Rhode system at this point. If we can get a replicable bug or terrain error, we could report that and maybe get a patch if possible.
  6. I can also verify that at least on launch and teleporting to planets, After Kerbin works. Not sure about Before Kerbin though.
  7. A strange glitch often happens when I switch from a vessel in interstellar space (or just really far away from Kerbin) and go back to the space center. The same error constantly pops up on the log, and the buildings become really deformed and jittery to the point where clicking on them becomes difficult. However, it seems that going into a building and exiting it/launching a craft from Kerbin will fix the issue. Has anyone else been able to replicate this?
  8. Knowing Kerbals, they'd name it after a scrambled egg or a stick of butter Anyways, this thread seems really promising! Getting the motivation to do something daily is certainly a trial, and I look forward to your future progress!
  9. Personally, I added all the systems at once, launched the game, closed it, and then launched it again before playing. Perhaps this might help?
  10. Yessss, the warp system works excellently now! Oh boy, does this mod work...
  11. The sheer visuals of this modpack continue to impress! I especially enjoy the massive floating rocks (not sure if they were intentional but they look cool) That being said the game did drop to 12-20 fps when I got down to the surface of Orus. Lag was especially bad during flight, though I'm not sure if that's because of Kopernicus, Scatterer, or some optimization issues. Right now Nova Kiribani does still seem to be the most refined out of all the packs, so if I ever start a fresh install I'll probably download just that to reduce the mod's extreme RAM and graphics usage. ... is what I would say, if everything else also didn't look so fantastic! Not sure I could really resist wanting to download everything again anyways. Especially the future additions you've hinted at! I just hope the lag goes down sometime.
  12. Oh snap, I never thought of that Thanks for the patch!
  13. I deleted the WildBlueIndustries folder from GameData and replaced it with the GitHub download. Unfortunately, the exact same thing appears to be happening. Warp engines will pass the FTL check in editor but say "Needs More Power" in flight. Notably the warp effects still activate for the 2.5m warp ring, but the spacecraft doesn't go anywhere. Not sure if this could be related but the spatial location always says "unknown"
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