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  1. I made this little STOL Paraglider thing. It was meant to be a supercruise capable aircraft, but unfortunately it still wasn't FAST enough. So I strapped a whiplash to it and this happened.
  2. Looks neat. As soon as I get it I'll make a flying Gustav Cannon
  3. Noticed that the old Mk1 cockpit design has some slits on the sides; maybe add an internal intake as well to run a small jet? Good idea. I think it would be good to add a heat tile version, but instead as a customization option. (Like how you can color the new rover wheels and fuel tanks.)
  4. This thing doesn't need any control surfaces, and can fly up to 30,000 meters!
  5. Good, now we just need this to be a stock feature without requiring glitchiness to use. Paragliders will become commonplace, and don't even get me started on when MULTIPLE KERBALS GET ON THE SAME CRAFT.
  6. Looking to get back into this mod but can't find enough firepower. Maybe add the Big Bertha or the Gustav cannon?
  7. Okay, got a new profile picture after 50000 attempts to get the right res.

  8. DOBELONG'S FLYING EXPERIMENTS AND ETC.TM So after wandering the endless wastelands of the KSP forums, I've decided to make my first (official ) entrance into the thread base. And unfortunately, it is not in the fanfiction thread. Instead, I will be uploading various craft that I have built, and maybe place them up for download. This thread in particular is meant for aircraft that don't exactly conform to standard construction boundaries. Most of these use the goliath engine simply because of its high thrust and insanity value, and each aircraft has its unique quirks. One thing's for sure though; these planes certainly aren't boring! Packer X3 This is a fairly conforming design, but still manages to carry a fairly big payload size, thanks to its aerodynamic shell. I recommend it as a "starter aircraft," as it isn't too insane and is pretty good at its job. Download: Wow, you've reached the end. This thread is pretty small for now, but more downloads will be coming soon!
  9. I decided to build a craft with no symmetry, build guides, stack attachment nodes, or duplicates of a single part. Furthermore, I decided to place it on KERBALX! So, you know, in case anyone else wanted it. Trust me, you will not regret this fine purchase.
  10. I decided to build a series of durable rovers that can withstand a knock from those outrageous hills. Out of the 3 models made, some were more useful than others. From X1 to X3 left to right: The X1 is speedy and turns fast, the X3 has an ore processor and 2 powerful engines, and the X2 is meant to run only on ElectricCharge. Thus, due to the relatively poor handling of the rovemax wheels, the X2 is slower than either of the two and has to stop for constant charges. (TLDR, it's useless)
  11. That bumpy runway looks awfully bumpy, but who needs that when you can land vertically on a mountain face?
  12. I already had a packer mk3 cargo aircraft.... So I glued two together and tried to make a seaplane A flipped plane and several explosions changed my mind
  13. Made this really tiny jet; not very useful, but really compact.
  14. Cool, but The hulk would use four engines, so make it more kerbal On another note, I have created a new airdrop rover series, right to left. DobDrop 01, 02, and giant unpilotable monster (03)
  15. Fact: This is one of the best KSP fanfictons ever. I've been gone from this thread for a long time, what did I miss? I might have to read the whole thing from the beginning, but the story is so good I probably wouldn't mind anyway From what I can understand, this is the story arc as set up: 1: Construction of Emiko Station, battle against Thompberry's UFO kraken things 2: Thompberry becomes a brain case, and takes over the KSC 3: Discovery of magic boulders, Thompberry's alliance, discovery of Emiko 4: Kraken possession, Emiko's story, Parka's capture (?) Oh yeah, and Emiko's asteroid is a magic kraken portal set up to invade kerbin. Did I miss anything?