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  1. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues where craft spontaneously explode upon doing things like touching the ground or loading a quicksave. This here is an experimental ascent vehicle built for the Whirligig world of Derbin, and has experienced this issue in a variety of forms. Here it is with a Big-S delta wing spontaneously detaching moments after loading a quicksave. Normally the entire craft spontaneously ceases to exist, but in this case I managed to somewhat mitigate that outcome by pausing immediately after quickloading and unpausing after a few seconds. Turns out that every single time I quickload this particular instance, the Big-S inevitably falls off after a few seconds. Also to note, this craft used to completely destroy itself half the time I teleported it to Derbin's surface. The flight logs indicated that the wheels had collided into the fuel tanks (to be fair, they were clipped into each other, but the catastrophic collapse only happened about half the time.) Paradoxically, I managed to (so far, anyways) completely prevent this from happening by moving the rear landing gear outboard, which apparently prevents the landing gear from "colliding" with any other part of the craft. I am no physics expert in this game, but I thought the collisions were taking place due to a part falling off and then colliding with another part. In contrast to this hypothesis, just moving the gear outwards, which should have made a structural failure more likely since it was now attached to an outboard wing, completely solved the issue. Spontaneous disassemblies also happen when staging, though I suspect that one is probably from the staged parts grazing against the accelerating craft.
  2. Naturally, after I figured out how to efficiently escape Mesbin's SOI, I immediately booked a mission to Derbin and attempted to make an all-in-one return vehicle. I personally reasoned that if I could escape from Derbin, I could also use this vehicle for Valyr, or other high-gravity planets like Galaxy Unbound's Aquel or Herculeon. This is the 5th version but still suffers from "Explodes or flips over while staging" disease.
  3. Wow, that's cool! Also, did this modpack get an update since July 29th? I didn't know about the Scatterer compatibility but rest assured I will try it out. The installed version I've got is 0.13.0, which seems to be the latest version on CKAN and as listed here.
  4. This engine definitely has a lot of interesting potential, and I can't wait to see it in-game! I understand the concern that it might overshadow the regular Mammoth but I think the developers have probably already considered how this engine fits into the engine meta without making any existing ones obsolete. We know in-lore that the Mammoth was made to be "a truly enormous engine of the highest efficiency." Early single-nozzle mammoths were giant bombs, so engineers moved to instead cluster together four small but advanced engines to better handle the chamber pressures. Interestingly the lore suggests the Rhino also suffered from "being a bomb syndrome" and so was retooled to be a vacuum engine, so the development of the Mammoth and Rhino likely comes from a common ancestor. Judging by the giant pipe on the side, this engine is an open-cycle gas generator type rather than the high-tech closed cycle used by the KS-25. Thus, it seems that rather than go for an engine that was the zenith of thrust and efficiency, engineers sacrificed the latter for raw power, vested in a single nozzle. Also to note is that just like the Rhino, this engine having one single bell rather than four spaced out SLS-style means that it could probably also be stack-attached as an upper stage engine or clustered itself into some kind of Mammoth-Mammoth abomination. Based on all of these observations, I would personally conclude that the Mammoth II is probably going to be a cheaper, "Half-measure" type engine with decent performance at both ASL and Vacuum air pressure, but beaten in both respectively by the Mammoth and Rhino. The gas generator could also mean this engine is cheaper than the Mammoth, since it's less high tech. fulfilling the mixed performance role of the Swivel and Skipper in smaller engine sizes. Of course anything or everything I say could be or become wildly incorrect due to changes down the line before KSP2's (probably not that soon) release date, or just poor prediction.
  5. I somehow never heard of Life on Lapat but it definitely looks cool! Inspiring story from KSP, from the forums, and from the art world! Definitely not that common!
  6. It's been a while (2 months) since I played KSP, and I see that this mod's gotten much more mature! Were there always parts available? (I recall they were here in an old build but not up to date the last time I downloaded this.) I'll definitely need to check if this gives FTL communication ability so I don't have to strap 200 relay dishes together. Once again, I definitely need to check this pack out. on that note, I appreciate the clarified modpack descriptions and overall improved organization. Keep up the good work StarCrusher!
  7. Per Kerman was taking part in the annual KSC Economic review when he realized that, as indicated on the oh-so-informational bar graph, they had made exactly zero money that year due to their numerous rocket crashes. This shocking event causes him to drop to the floor and have a heart attack. Fortunately, paramedics resuscitate Per Kerman just in time, so he survives. What he did not survive, however, was a loose wall bolt slipping and causing the whiteboard with the bar graph on it to land on top of him. John Kerman- A high-gravity planet
  8. I just started trying out this mod a couple days ago to get back into KSP and wow it's pretty hardcore! The planet designs are excellent and I really like the effort to add proper science info. One thing I'm currently struggling with is that I am currently expending upwards of 4,000 meters per second once in low Mesbin orbit (990km) just to get a transfer to nearby moons like Graymun. Is this optimal?
  9. if I may ask, which version of Kopernicus are you using? Also I've noticed that CKAN does not have the new 1.11 version yet, it's still on 1.7.3.
  10. I use the latest 1.12. Be sure to carefully follow all the instructions (there's multiple pages) and run the game a couple times after installing. Even then I still do get occasional bugs and my brand new gaming laptop still struggles with rendering the map screen at first, before the farther away planets disappear.
  11. All I want is a reliable way of finding interplanetary phase angles. Kerbal Engineer does that (sorry if people've already brought that up a dozen times)
  12. Very nice, is it on KerbalX? Also fyi, apparently 1 shock cone intake (which also has better performance than the adjustable ramps) can provide air for 4 RAPIERs.
  13. Does anyone have any tips for finding the various easter eggs? Do they show up on anonmaly scanners for Kerbnet?
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