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  1. I'm using remote tech in KSP 1.9 w Kerbalism, and remote tech has worked perfectly until suddenly I've lost connection on all spacecraft, omni antennas have stopped creating connections etc. Heres a video showing the bug; I'm wondering if there is a limit to the total vessels that remote tech can support, if so I'll delete some cause I have huge amounts of them. EDIT:IM a certified dumbass. Its a kerbalism feature, solar storm!!!
  2. Oh yea. Sorry my tone was a bit aggressive but thats just cause I really want moar probe bits. Anyway I agree PbC tech tree would be good, but maybe it should be made so you don't have to grind science at home, or create ugly rockets to support the stayputnik.
  3. PbC doesn't add any new parts does it? We can't make interesting probes like Luna 9 or have an opportunity bouncy landing - NEED MORE PROBE FREEDOM!
  4. Suprisingly I've not seen anyone talking about probes at all in the new KSP 2, so maybe I'm in the minority as a big probe user, but I was hoping for a few new additions, espicially for the new progression mode. Firstly, we should get airbags and petals, which tended to be the main method for landing the vast majority of probes, including Spirit/Opportunity and Luna 9. I just really like the look of them and they simplify smaller landers allot, and we should get better smart parts. Right now the only part that is really 'smart' is the parachute, as you can deploy that at high altitude and set that to automatically deploy at a certain pressure, but we need more. Maybe a way to auto fire sepatrons when 30 metres above the ground, auto deploy a heat shield, or anything like that. Doesnt have to be too complex, but it would make operating probes and landing them a little more interesting.
  5. I had never played Kerbalism before and I found that I actually did my own science missions as I discovered things about the mod - for an example I sent a small station into LKO to see what it takes to keep 2 kerbals alive for 30 days in space, and while I got no actual science out of that, I did learn allot about kerbalism. Now I am gonna send some kerbals into the Van Allen belts for a couple days to see how they do. Thats is the kind of science that should get you new parts in KSP 2.0.
  6. I'm hoping for significantly better probe parts and possibly clever parts (just like how you can set to deploy a parachute at a certain pressure, so you can press the deploy button before you even enter the atmosphere, allowing for unguided recovery). Wishing for probes like this, that deploy using airbags and petals.
  7. Even searching both by maker and name didn't come up - they definately weren't there. Yea I should've read that but I was just Ckaning everything. Anyway its cool now, got a inflatable centrifuge around the mun now.
  8. Not that bad, but yesterday I launched an unkerballed capsule towards Minmus and I set the fuel cells to use the wrong type of fuel ( in Kerbalism you can set between LF/O2 and Mono/O2) and I turned my entire minmus capsule and hopper into a giant chunk of debris.
  9. Fault found: Kerbalism and community catogary kit make centrifuges dissapear from the build menu. I'll look for a cleanup option but I don't think catagory kit is neccesary, so I can remove it.
  10. Ok, I went through, re-installed every mod, and what'do you know its Kerbalism that makes them dissapear (kerbalism is the main reason why i want them lol) I've installed kerbalism and station parts on a clean 1.70 and there centrifuges show up. So I honestly don't know, but I'll do more searching - but it seems I'm pretty close to solving it and its obviously mod conflict rather than a fault with station parts so I'll update once I get it all fixed.
  11. Yea I will try that. Unfortantly I don't have a completely clean version of KSP 1.70, the one I said was clean is just my main game but with gamedata stripped apart from squad and now station parts. Tantares isn't the issue (atleast for this bug) because I installed it after I first realised I had the centrifuge problem, and I've only had minor bugs with that. I'll see but I do have a reasonably devolped carrer save that I'd like to try keep and there are a couple (I think only debris and a spaceprobe that I forgot to set the fuel cell to the right fuel type) with Tantares parts which if uninstalled IDK what will happen. Thanks allot for the help though.
  12. Thanks. I'm getting a clean install now, but it was KSP 1.70 and I think I was running a later version of redux parts - so I'll see. EDIT: For whatever reason I can't find a clean copy of KSP 1.70 anywhere, but my saved game that I've got this problem is 1.70. I'm not sure if theres a difference between this and 1.73. IDK EDIT2: I've cleaned up a copy of 1.70 and it seemed to work fine, I got all the centrifuges. I'll see what my main game which I had the problem with does with a re-installed station parts. EDIT3: Doesn't seem to have worked. My log is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HL2jWQYtRjFrEbvHrxmZmE_kxybtihUg . My gamedata folder is https://imgur.com/a/nIcP734, and whenever I load up the VAB or SPH, I can see all the station redux parts except the centrifuges. Most likely conflict is kerbalism.
  13. Hey, I'm running allot of mods, and for some reason I can't find the centrifuges in the VAB menu, even if I search them up. I'm pretty sure I'm not missing them, and I have them teched. I'm not sure if its mod confliction, or some dumb mistake on my part because it doesn't seem to have been a problem for anyone else?
  14. Hey, does this mod work with remote tech? I wasn't really sure how comms would merge, just want to make sure my career doesnt start broken.
  15. Vacuum should be the best way of preserving it though - no bacteria to screw it up but I'm not 100% sure rocket fuel is nice in your tea though.
  16. Does Kerbal Engineer count as a part mod? EDIT : I guess you said imformational mods are allowed so I'm gonna take it that I can?
  17. Sorry, its a bit late now, I wont be with my computer for the next 5 days or so - you should pass it on to someone else.
  18. I tried both, and they both had KSS-2 not matching up with the photo he posted.
  19. You could also easily add terrain scatter that you can get science from - in fact I kinda want to see a mod where something like this is done. I kinda just want to make planetary surfaces more interesting.
  20. One major complaint I have about most planets/moons is that they are bland - Duna is just red flats and red slopes and that's about it. I think interesting locations should be added on each planet, but they should be bigger than anomalies, possibly being their own biome. Eeloo should have holes in the ice and geysers that can lift up spacecraft. The Mun should have more than one canyon, and the deep craters should have ice in them. Volcanoes could be added on places like Moho, Eve and maybe Laythe. Duna could have things like Mount Olympus and lava beds. Imagine this on the Mun (without the moss obviously).
  21. What about a turn based system sort of like Civ but not exactly? eg: You have player 1, 2, 3 and 4 and you've all agreed you want to build go to Jool and some people want to land on Bop, others Laythe etc. Everyone builds ships in real time at Kerbin and sends them to orbit. People can warp up to 50X (could be configured in server settings) speed during this phase, so it can allow you to set up burns in Kerbin orbit and maybe go to the Mun. Then when everyone has got their ship into a safe orbit/on rails place they can hit a button that completes their turn. After this, everyone syncs up to the person furthest in the future automatically. Then everyone picks a point that they want to orbit to (you can place a marker on your orbit, or set a time to warp to) and the game warps to the earliest point that people set to warp to. The host can choose to warp at any time to a certain point but only if everyone agrees to the warp. It has it's limitations and cannot have more than about 6 people, but it might work.
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