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  1. Petras

    KSP 1.0.5

    Hello, it's me again, I just can't seem to get 1.0.5. When I select 1.0.5 in Steam, like here: It just downloads 1.2.2. Steam shows that it is supposed to be 1.0.5, because it shows "Kerbal space program [previous]" in my game list: but when I load it up it's just 1.2.2. Is it just me? Maybe I have to press some other button too? Like, something else instead of "close" in the bottom right to save my choice?
  2. Petras

    KSP 1.0.5

    Thank you for the answers guys. I have indeed found what i was looking for. I knew about that window you guys are pointing me to, but the last time i checked I only saw 1.1.3 and 1.2.9. Guess I was just blind lol. Anyways, thank you for the answers, have a nice day Also, when will my comments just appear? It's frustrating to need to wait to be approved by a moderator
  3. Petras

    KSP 1.0.5

    Hello, thank you for the answer, I have bought the game from Steam, but i cannot find the 1.0.5 version, i can just find the previous version (1.1) which I do not like. Can you give me a hint how to download 1.0.5 from steam please?
  4. TL;DR: How can i get 1.0.5? EDIT: You can select prerelease and previous versions from the betas tab of the game's Steam properties. 1.0.5 should be available along with 1.1.3. Hello First of all I just wanna say this: I absolutely love this game, it's my favorite, it's like minecraft but in space. Most of all I love building planes, but there's this problem: since the wheel rework on 1.1 the wheels have become extra-bouncy and landing is very hard. I have to cancel my vertical velocity to like 0.5 m/s and even then sometimes I just bounce off the runway. It is very
  5. Hey, i have a question that seems to get a lot of slack here. I would like to inquire about an approximate release date. Now, before you get mad, i know where the dev build is and when i check the update branch i can see that work is being done, with the last commit being just hours old most of the time, and it's great. It's just that i have no idea how much work is yet to be done and what needs fixing, but i think ferram should have a pretty good idea about this. This question is not intended to cause any offence, i just think there should be some polite way to ask the devs about such thing
  6. Hello, Ferram, could you give us a rough estimate on when the development will be complete? Like, a few days, weeks, months from now? Thank you
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