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  1. jackalope50

    [1.4.1+] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    Yes Sir, Jeb is a happy Kosmonaut ! Thanks Mate! https://www.dropbox.com/s/daahla7359yrjun/Kerbal Space Program 1 23 2018 8 26 14 Am-1.mp4?dl=0
  2. jackalope50

    [1.4.1+] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    That kinda makes sense in my little mind, I will give it another try tomorrow. Thanks for all your time, mate.
  3. jackalope50

    [1.4.1+] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    Oh, well thanks for taking some time to look at that. I had already given up on NASA clock after uninstalling all my mods and reloading them one-by-one trying to find a solution. I just wanted to report the behavior in case somebody else reported the same, and then viola! Gravity Turn is a must have IMHO.
  4. jackalope50

    [1.4.1+] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    Windows 10, KSP 1.3.1 Includes a video https://www.dropbox.com/s/l65ujeakm9tw4gk/KSP_NASA_clock_Gravity_Turn.zip?dl=0
  5. jackalope50

    [1.4.1+] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    Greetings, No joy here getting the clock to work correctly with Gravity Turn 1.7.6. NASA clock counts down to 0 then triggers something in GT because the LAUNCH button goes away, but the ABORT button at the bottom of the GT window never appears, and GT doesn't take control of the rocket. The 'Launch Map' shows no trajectory and the test rocket goes cartwheel about 7km up. Must be something conflicting with on of the two mods, however, I know it isn't Mechjeb because it removed it. Cool idea, though! The grand-kids love the clock! BTW thanks @linuxgurugamer for all the things you do for KSP, the degree of your involvement is simply amazing!
  6. The "disable circularization" feature would be a welcome feature to what is the most useful mod I use! Nevertheless, thanks for updating and maintaining "Gravity Turn". I haven't used Mechjeb in months and possibly will never go back
  7. Thank You @Kurld !!!
  8. I love this mod, and I hope somebody can update it to work in 1.3
  9. jackalope50

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    USI-LS brought my sandbox KSS to a new dimension, but, my USI Life Support Tank is running low on supplies. Is there any way I can use KIS to refill the tank?
  10. jackalope50

    [1.2.1] RLA_Continued 14.0

    Thanks Mate! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  11. jackalope50

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I installed 0.5.9 and experienced this: With four "TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancers" (launch clamps) I must endure FOUR "clunks" (consecutively) on launch; not just the usually obnoxious ONE clunk, but FOUR! With six clamps, six clunks?! It took awhile to narrow it down to USI-LS because I thought it to be the least probable of all my installed mods to cause such a situation!! Anyway, this occurs with either a CKAN install or a .zip download from Github(?).
  12. jackalope50

    [1.1] Kerbodyne Plus

    I just loaded 1.0751 and none of the three new parts you mentioned in release notes appear. Washed, reloaded, repeat, Github and CKAN, not there.
  13. jackalope50

    [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Impressive! I watched "The Right Stuff" last night on TV which compelled me to try this add-on and I'm glad that I did. The sample .craft files along with Google and Wikipedia are a history lesson worth taking if you are a neophyte rocket scientist like myself. Good work!!!
  14. Apologies for having to resort to asking; I have google-researched myself out looking for the answer to, how do you upgrade the Supernova engine in sandbox? What I have gathered is, I need a five star engineer with "rocket parts" onboard to upgrade. Does this involve the use of KAS or KIS? What "rocket parts" exactly? Seriously, I need to be walked through this one... sorry.
  15. I just tried a couple of re-entries with this and I'm wondering why the headshield runs out of ablator so quickly compared to the stock heatshields? My Kerbals are refried!