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  1. Interesting find... If there is one, newer generation IR telescopes like WISE should've already detected it by now.
  2. Finally, an Earthlike planet candidate to look forward to, after a bunch of fat balls, sunbather planets, and red dwarf dwellers. If this planet is confirmed with no significant changes, it will be on the same class as Kepler-62f, Kepler-186f, and Kepler-442b, as some of the planets with the best chances of being habitable. For the note, I never really understand articles that include planets like Proxima b or TRAPPIST-1e for planets with the best chances of being Earthlike. Hugging their respective red dwarf stars is pretty much a big no. Not because they get tidal locked, but the extreme radiation (TRAPPIST-1e) and flares (Proxima b) should pretty much ensure that these worlds are either ocean worlds, if their density is low, or airless desert worlds, if their density is high.
  3. Nope, I wasn't talking about your calcs, but you're pretty good with numbers. I guess I need to look into these kinds of stuff more...
  4. ...so 15:4 for 47b and 47d, and 8:5 for 47d and 47c? The former is within 1%, and the latter is within 1.2%, apparently. Not bad.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kepler-47 b: 49.51 days d: 187.35 days c: 303.158 days ...they're close, but probably not close enough.
  6. "Stef pls add nukes" - Shortlist of Spaceflight Simulator longrunning jokes
  7. If we're adding more planets, I want to see those which are not Solar System rip-offs, down to the name initials.
  8. 5121: This floor consists of a single, completely empty room, which has a single balcony. The balcony platform allows you to look far. The sky's color is blue-green, which gives a rather strange feeling. More familiar white clouds roll beneath you, but the surface, if there is even any, is invisible. Strangely, the air is breathable, despite what your common sense says. You wondered if this building's floors are even actually connected physically. Observation from this room suggests otherwise, with the entire building above you appearing to be a tall, slender pillar with no visible feature. No windows, no balconies, no variation in size, not even difference in colors. It's like you're in some sort of limbo, but after everything you've experienced, you don't really mind this floor's peculiarity. Just as you turned back towards the staircase, you caught a glimpse of a person running down the stairway. You swore you saw your own face in that split second the figure rushed past. Nevertheless, you decided to ignore them and continue upwards.
  9. Receives a thank-you-for-recycling card. Inserts the Earth.
  10. Vote for Gonggong the Chaos Dragon! It would be great to have more non European/Hawaiian names for important objects. The name also goes along well with Eris, a planet with similar orbit named after the goddess of chaos. I wonder if 2002 MS4 will be named soon, too...
  11. This puny super-Earth/mini-Neptune planet is nothing. We have already found a full fledge gas giant in a red dwarf system.