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  1. I used to enjoy the seven dwarfs for seven planets and then name the star something funny like 'Snow Red', but when I saw your proposal, I instantly jumped out of it due to naming the star 'White' and potentially causing confusion, and according to my philosophy, any confusion can go destructive. Also, Eiar and Irene are awesome names.
  2. Hypercosmic

    What is the user above you known for?

    Known for having an alien bird as their pfp.
  3. Hypercosmic

    What is the user above you known for?

    Known for... !
  4. Hypercosmic

    Misspell the Username!

  5. Hypercosmic

    Misspell the Username!

  6. Hypercosmic

    Rail gun engine the future of space travel?

    That was me, hot-headed. Good thing I had radiators. Ignoring the fact that he's trying to make a reactionless drive, this railgun propulsion talk thing reminds me of those 'sandblaster' railguns from the Children of a Dead Earth community. Those things that fire a 1 gram (or smaller) projectile at tens of kilometers per second.
  7. Hypercosmic

    Rail gun engine the future of space travel?

    Looks like that mad dog made another thread for this railgun bull[censored]... EDIT: To magnemoe: Recoilless? I wonder... To sevenperforce and Vanamonde: I guess I was just too liquided... oh good two more reports
  8. Hypercosmic

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    2075. There's nothing but a new space backpack filled with a tank of air, a tank of water and a tank of liquid food in this room. You picked it up. The backpack seems to be functioning, so you decided to carry it. You quickly headed to the next floor.
  9. Hypercosmic

    Make a fake KSP mod.

    Devastating Storms Mod Add unrealistically strong storms in unexpected locations. On Kerbin, occasionally there will be surface storms. The high altitude layer is permanently clad in storms. Duna has huge dust storms powerful enough to topple tall landers. For Eve, there is a permanent global chaotic storm. Even on the surface, the wind is strong enough to blow your stock heavy lander away. On Laythe, electric storms from interactions with Jool's magnetic field blow across the surface, destroying any craft struck by one of the zillions of powerful lightnings. Trying to aerobrake at Jool results in you being flung out even faster, somehow. Even the Kerbol's sun storms are powerful enough to propel your craft out with delta-v greater than 100 m/s per day, out away from the Sun.
  10. Hypercosmic

    Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    "We've decided that we'll switch back to imperial units. love Mars Climate Orbiter."
  11. Hypercosmic

    The Kerbal Mindset (provide quotes)

    "Let's not fight! Let us all help each other build rockets and go beyond the skies!" - Emperor of the Kong dynasty to the northern tribes, 1100 CE.
  12. Hypercosmic

    Add a Saturn Analog

    Those NovaSilisko celestial objects should be added, I guess. Faz as a crystal-covered second moon of Eve, Harvest, a trojan dwarf planet in Kerbin L4/5, Gas Planet 2, a blue gas giant with rings and its own set of moons, and other cool planets beyond.
  13. Hypercosmic

    Add a Saturn Analog

    A ringed planet sounds good, but I won't support adding it into the game. The stock planets are good already. Keep those extra planets in their mods. About OPM: Please, no. They are like a copy of real solar system, scaled down, retextured, recolored and renamed. The Kerbol system deserves more freedom for its celestial bodies.
  14. Hypercosmic

    January 31st Lunar Eclipse Thread

    Saw it, it's very cool.
  15. Hypercosmic