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  1. Google Picture War RELOADED

    There are two.
  2. King of the Hill

    Rebuilds the hill and reinforce it with diamondoid. My glorious diamondoid hill.
  3. The Ctrl+V thread!

    A star goes supernova and turns into a black hole? Well,
  4. King of the Hill

    My robots proceed to chase away Xorth and harden the dust hill. My sandstone hill.
  5. Google Picture War RELOADED

  6. Do Not Taunt the Magic Boulder!

    Do not attach your vessel to the magic boulder.
  7. Really Really Really Tall Building

    2059: When you're walking up to this floor, you start to get confused because at floor 2042 you thought that you're at the GEO, but from there, the view outside, the gravity and the altimeter insists that your altitude is still at around eight kilometers. Maybe it was just a hyper-realistic wallpaper after all... Just get over with it, you. Upon arrival, you noticed that this floor's theme is quite surreal. You see yourself among the stars, with glass-like, light-reflecting shapes floating around slowly. Some 'creatures' move in groups and occasionally speeds up and stop and interact with each other. You then realized that the scenery took place around a Mars-like planet in habitable zone around a red dwarf. There is no evidence for any intelligent lifeforms, so you decide to just snap some pictures for reference and head on to the next floor.
  8. Google Picture War RELOADED

    Red dwarf. Where the flares are so strong and you're so close not even the magnetosphere can save you for long.
  9. Google Picture War RELOADED

    Have fun. Your atmosphere will soon get stripped by those superflares and then your water will boil and get blown away.
  10. Really Really Really Tall Building

    2046: You woke up, refill your water bottle, then continue walking, oblivious to what just happened in floor 2045. Before leaving for the next floor, you turned on your altimeter, which says that the current altitude is 8,184 meters.
  11. The Ctrl+V thread!

    The 11 years cycle, I like to compare it to human menstruation...
  12. The Ctrl+V thread!

  13. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    "Just so you know, we're not the one who decided that Pluto is not a planet. Those low-intelligence people, can they understand the difference between astronomy and astronautics!?!"
  14. Really Really Really Tall Building

    2035: There's a bed in this room. Exhausted from all the things that happened, you decided to take a rest in this room.
  15. King of the Hill

    Grabbed the hill. My hill.