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  1. SR

    King of the Hill

    I retreat to a red giant 100ly away and build a Nicoll Dyson Beam and sterilise the entire planet and blow the atmosphere. I then build a large hill. My hill.
  2. Granted you are now the best in the world at IPL (developed in 1954) I wish I was better at java
  3. Its a great mod. The ship is launch able. (the engine can provide enough thrust to launch easily).
  4. I'm Having a problem with ckan. when I use it it fails to recognize ksp. However when I click add new and navigate to the place ksp is in the files I cant add it to the list? I might be missing a button.
  5. What happened to the sails you were working on back on page 1 of this thread? Sails would be a great thing to have in the game.
  6. Surely if they were self guided they would not require any communications, so you would not be able to communicate with them.
  7. My chemistry teacher told me a story once. There was a school that was shutting down which had some leftover chemicals. So one lesson a chemistry teacher chucked some Alkali metals into the school pond. Everything went well. A couple of weeks later a biology teacher said "I don't know what's happened to the newts in the school pond. Its a real problem because the sixth form were doing their A level study on them."
  8. Really? I've tried it and I get Yuri Gagarin as the first person in space.
  9. a balloon might be more successful. A balloon on Mars can lift approximately 1g/m3. The Martian atmosphere also has a higher molecular mass than Earths atmosphere.
  10. There is no reason to return a satellite to Earth. The value of a 10 year old satellite on Earth is 0. The value of the same satellite in space is quite high. It would probably be best to hack into the satellite from Earth.
  11. Maybe they will prove once and for all EM drives are possible.
  12. It might be more effective to use a CO2 NTR or a CO/O2 chemical engine powered hopper. They could both use simple ISRU systems. A balloon on mars could lift aproximately10g/m3. A Martian balloon would be able to carry more mass than the same balloon at 10000ft on earth due to low gravity and high molecular mass of the atmosphere. A plane would probably be a bad idea because of the lack of runways. However a hybrid aircraft might work. However a colony might be able too use planes because they would be able to build runways and thicken the atmosphere.
  13. In 5 billion years the sun will expand and destroy the Earth, Venus and Mercury. It will also increase the temperature of Mars massively.