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  1. What other mods do you have installed @DJ Reonic? I've just drooped Real Fuels into my clean install with only Kerbalism and all the food/water/oxygen/shielding and Nitrogen are showing up just fine on my pods? I;m using KSP 1.3.1 with ModualManager 3.0.1 (I know MM changed how it does thing recently) and with the Kerbalism Support fixes i mentioned a page ago. But the RealFuels.cfg in Kerbalism's support is unchanged so it should just work out of the box.
  2. Although I do have knowledge of programming in Unity, and a bit of 3DS Max usage under my belt. I have zero idea of how plugins work for KSP. I might have to fire Unity up and have a look at Kerbalism source code, but I fairly sure its beyond my level so someone else with previous modding skill would be far more suited. Guess I should have a hunt through YouTube to see if there's a few guides...
  3. So, I think I've found a way to make a Radiation scrubber after all, but it involves a fair few changes to the profile cfg file (easy enough to add to any profile if you're using radiation from Kerbalism) The way Kerbalism treats Radiation is the same way it treats Food/Water/Oxygen. Its a resource that builds up over time and can be lowered but eating/drinking/breathing. So applying the same settings to Radiation works the same way, adding a resource input and rate to the Radiation rule, then creating a process that makes that resource, you can trick it in to consuming the resource to lower radiation levels when you enable the created process. This may seem a bit complicated but I'll break down how to edit the profile to add this so you can all see how it works (hopefully) In your Kerbalism profile, find the Rule about Radiation, and add an input, output( if you want) and rate. So.. Rule { name = radiation degeneration = 1.0 // just use the modifier ... Becomes something like.. Rule { name = radiation input = Decontamination output = WasteWater rate = 100000.0 degeneration = 1.0 // just use the modifier ... And Add a Process for the radiation removal.. Process { name = radiation extraction modifier = _RadiationExtraction input = ElectricCharge@0.5 input = Water@1.0 output = Decontamination@0.25 dump = false } In the section about Life Support, after the "@PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[>0]..." line, add a MODULE for the new process.. MODULE { name = ProcessController resource = _RadiationExtraction title = Radiation Extraction capacity = 1 running = false } And below that, in the "MODULE > name = Configure" part add a SETUP for this process.. SETUP { name = Radiation Extraction desc = Uses masive amounts of <b>Water</b> to scrub <b>Radiation</b> from Kerbals. tech = experimentalScience mass = 0.1 cost = 2000 MODULE { type = ProcessController id_field = resource id_value = _RadiationExtraction } RESOURCE { name = Decontamination amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 1.0 isTweakable = false isVisible = false } } And finally, at the bottom of the profile, where the "Pseudo-resources used by processes" are listed, add the two new resources.. RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = Decontamination density = 0.0 isTweakable = false isVisible = false } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = _RadiationExtraction density = 0.0 isVisible = false } Now, providing I haven't missed anything, and you've got the tech unlocked (Experimental Science, same as the Active Shield) You can choose this option when configuring any command pod that has crew space. When its active, it'll use a lot of water, and slowly remove any radiation from a Kerbal in the pod (~1000 water for 50% radiation). Note that it only works for ONE Kerbal, if you have more on the ship/base, they need to be either taken out on EVA, or you'll need to create a separate ship/base for just one Kerbal, lots of water and the Decontaminator. Once one Kerbal is clean, you can just swap them about to clean the rest, just like having a Radiation Scrubber room. You can always add more pods with Radiation Extractors in them for multiple Kerbals (at a higher water cost) or maybe tweak the settings to get it to work better, but I went this way as I was balancing it for a single Kerbal. Setting it so it cleans 12 at once is all good, but that would then clean a single Kerbal in seconds, which just doesn't feel right to me.
  4. To stop Kerbalism throwing lots of errors during loading, you simply need to go into every file in the GameData\Kerbalism\Support folder, and replace every instance of ":FOR[Kerbalism]" with ":NEEDS[Kerbalism]" If you have Notepad++ installed (I highly recommend it if you don't) you can open every file at once, hit CTRL+H, fill in Find what and Replace what, and click Replace All in All Opened Documents I only have about 3 mods installed that are listed in the support folder, but as its worked for those, it should work for the others. Odd that part doesn't show for you. I had to double check my patch and it is indeed missing from there, but I can see the Geiger Counter listed under science in my game anyhow. One question I have that I cant seem to figure out is, does anyone know how I can create a part that will Remove Radiation from a Kerbal, without sending them back to the KSC. I've got a small colony going on Duna, and although the ship was shielded, they still have nearly 20% radiation. I've tried editing the Active Shielding part and set it's emitter to -100 (its -0.008 default) but that just slows the rad gain to a crawl rather than reversing it. I just cant seem to see what property I need to adjust so I can create a Rad Scrubber.
  5. Glad to see my profile is helping a few people. I thought the default one was very realistic, but somewhat slow. So speeding it up for game play purposes, but keeping it from just being too easy was what I went for with this. If anyone's interested, you can see how I figured out all the numbers (using the actual real world weights of the liquids) here:
  6. Hello I've got a question about the rates of things. I've made my own profile and am in the process of tweaking the settings to make liquid fuel a bit quicker as it takes an age to fill and orange tank on the default settings. But I not 100% sure I understand how often something happens. For instance, the Sabatier process uses 0.5 electric charge. But how often. Is it once per tick, per second, per Kerbal scraficed to the kraken? Googling around isn't really giving me a solid answer.
  7. The Atmospheric Filter can draw Oxygen, CO2 or Nitrogen from anywhere with an Atmosphere. You need to right click it in the VAB/SPH and choose what you want it to do before launch. You can disable alerts by going into the Kerbalism settings while in flight, click the craft you want to stop getting alerts from, click the CFG button near the bottom and choose what you want to be alerted about. Not sure about the Gravity scans, I've only done them in orbit and they work fine there.
  8. As someone who's been running a Kerbalism YouTube series for a while now. I cant wait to see how this turns out for you. Failures are the big reason I'm worried about sending a crewed vessel anywhere out of Kerbins SOI. Using the higher quality parts should really help, but I'd be very worried about them getting half way to Duna and having a scrubber fail and the brave Kerbals dying of CO2 poisoning before you could do anything for them. Anyway, good luck with this, will be watching with keen eyes how it all turns out.
  9. Hello IgorZ, Firstly I ant to say thanks for keeping KAS alive, its a fantastic mod and definitely on my "Cant play without" list. I have, however, found a small issue. The LV-1 "Ant" Liquid Fuel Engine, isn't recognized as a radial mount part. Whenever I try to attach it using the wrench it gives me the Cannot use this node error, but in the VAB the engine can be attached any which way you want. Not a big issue, just caught me off guard when I sent a rescue mission with some and found I couldn't attach them.
  10. From what I understand so far, if a Kerbal is in a pod, they effectively don't have their space suit on. Also @ShotgunNinja Thank you, Ive been waiting a very long time for Kerbalism to be updated, and as I've got the day off work I'm going to be testing everything I can.