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  1. Curiosity7907

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    RO Compatibility?
  2. Curiosity7907

    What is your favorite planet in KSP?

    It would be cool if it's atmosphere was a little more thick so you need to use both rockets and parachutes to land safely,Just like in real life
  3. And Maybe Compatibility with other mods which add bodies with no Atmosphere?
  4. Would RSS Compatibility be added?
  5. Curiosity7907

    Underwater Base

    Do have to send pictures?
  6. Curiosity7907

    Underwater Base

    So do I have to leave a download link of the save file or send pictures or something else? Can I use Kw rocketry,Procedrual parts and SXT?
  7. Curiosity7907

    What is your favorite planet in KSP?

    It is Jool or Eve, Eve,because it has oceans and it is purple and it's ground sky colour matches. Jool:because it is a gas giant I like gas giants,because they have oceans and clouds.Also Jool has a lot of interesting moons,Laythe is a waterworld ideal for colonization ,Tylo I have not visited, Vall is a icy moon like europa,,except green,Bop has the kraken,Pol is very colourful and is and has mountains and it's terrain scatters are different. I have not visited all planets yet so it might change.
  8. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

    Some life support mods do have stuff like oxygen scrubbers,greenhouses,which recycle.Doing a rendezvous inside the atmosphere,while the target is hovering,should not to hard,you can try that in Kerbin,but remember that,the supplies will get recycled.
  9. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

  10. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

    Would be using a clouds mod?
  11. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

    this looks good, I think that there is a need for more habitat modules and nuclear thermal jet engines are cool ideas.Are the electric charge produced by nuclear reactor?can you use tac life support or snacks or kerbalsim that will add realism
  12. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

    It can be possible without scatterer,but actually scatterer is for realism.
  13. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

    When will the pictures come?
  14. Curiosity7907

    Eve/Venus Cloud cities

    Ok,can you use scatterer?