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  1. Today I encountered sudden death issue when rescuing Kerbals other had encountered already, so I looked around for reasons. Quick save file investigation shows that poor guys simply got stranded in some mod part which initialized life support resource to 0. Offending parts are from Tokamak and Hangars, both can't have crew assigned in VAB. I guess they should not even occur in rescue mission in first place, so it is not really problem with TAC. I will try Rescue Pod Validator, it should prevent this problem from occurring. In meantime, I have two Kerbals to cheat away from death... Edit: Aaand damn, I got stock Mk1 plane cockpit with empty life support as rescuee. Mhmhmh.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    In last few days I started and closed KSP a hundred or two times. I think I kept crash rate below 30%. I may have understood why "co-routines" (I miss threads :() are required in mods, or maybe I only think I understand.
  3. Is Autostrut an in-game cheat?

    Because most sane station builders use KJR.
  4. Space Station Name

    My space station is named... whatever name KSP decided to give it after docking/undocking... Sometimes its debris, sometimes its probe... ugh. so I got lazy and just rename it to KSS from time to time.
  5. What happened to the demo?

    I get 302 Moved Temporarily redirect to home page on all three of direct downloads.
  6. What happened to the demo?

    A year and two days ago I requested demo, message had bunch of download links, torrents for Windows and Linux still works. (Win downloaded in few minutes, Penguin struggles at two seeds) Edit: I managed to download demo for all three systems, so for time being at least one seed will have them all.
  7. Kessler's syndrome

    I had to send new solar module to my station after spent stage from few launches ago decided to take over my station from behind. MJ is too good with matching orbits This fun roleplaying experience sent me on war path against Kessler syndrome. Left overs from orbital constructions and MJ controlled encounters are pretty much only thing with any hit chance, so problem was not the problem, but my approach to problem. So I made standardized lifting rocket for 10/20/40 tons to LKO (0/2/4 boosters), now I tend to arrive in target orbit with nothing more than Poodle and almost empty quarter-jumbo tank which can be deorbited with separatrons (or decoupler mod with retroengines included), docking can be done with RCS or some tug. Of course such approach changes Kerbal way of creating rocket to payload to more "human" way of matching cargo to rocket, which can be fun in itself (now my station resupply drones double up as rescue/return pods just because I had spare capacity).
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    It appears I made a bug in a mod I am trying to create On a bright side, game did not crash, save did not break.
  9. Discovering that your 40 ton cargo on docking course was was only controlled by probe core in stage you just decoupled kinda suck. Had to rebuild half of my station.
  10. My sanity requires it. If I would want to perform same repetitive actions dozen or two times per day I would better be paid for it, because it sounds like work.
  11. Follow instructions from step 8 and 9. It wont be "store install" but KSP is drf-free so you can unpin it from Steam.
  12. I build big space stations and big spaceships. 20 launch, encounter, dock... in a row can simply get boring I leave preparing maneuver nodes to eggheads in flightcontrol and executing them to computers, just like in real space programs :>
  13. You may have forgotten to match orbital planes and match orbital velocities When in doubt, fly with MechJeb
  14. Spaceplane with MkII parts. Drag from lifting body screws up everything.
  15. Mods to spice things up!

    @danielboroEwww, those two would make me angry ';..;'