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  1. Today I forgot to take rover with me before igniting main engines, damaged nuclear reactor cores during warp, found out that living space can't be fully connected and docking ports I used have malfunctioning hatch and learned that both MJ and KER have no clue how to correctly calculate TwR for my beast thus screwing up burn times, forgot to bring additional scientists, forgot to refill up KIS container and found out that have I built in Kraken drive in my starship, as there is no way of controlling it I can't integrate engine modules with main fuselage (construction docking ports versus slightly clipped small octo grid...). Not bad for prototype first voyage.
  2. How evil of you to make me less proud of my creation ';..;'
  3. Launched cargo without tug, it reminded my all reasons why I kept sending new tug with each delivery... ... left cyclotron at 0m/s relative while low-g lander slowly and carefully docked itself, phantom forces accelerated it away, luckily my tugs are more than capable of chasing runaway cargo... ...of course this event took sizable bite out of their monoprop, but bow section of hive have 4x1200 supply of juice for worker drones Multi-year life support? ☑ Swarm of drones? ☑ Over 6k delta-V with full cargo? ☑ TWR > 0.2? ☑ Part Count < 200? ☑ (excluding drones and cargo hidden in Hangar) Reusable science lander? ☑ Rover? ☐ Station-Science modules? ☐ (3/4) Station-Science Experiments? ☐ bunch of orbital science stuff? ☐
  4. Mounted some stuff to this big thing and designed some landers, rovers and sats to fit in cargo bay. Gotta start reusing those tugs instead of sending new ones...
  5. From Collaboration Space Station, but beer can idea is much older (I think I saw usage of rescalled antennae as straw).
  6. Zapped laser at asteroid.. FOR SCIENCE! ...found air augmented rocket engine (?!?) while building second generation of pseudo shuttle which apparently needs to be kickstarted to few machs first, had to convince MJ that burning on ascent is exactly what I wanted this time... and then removed 160 parts from my space station, sending tug drone with each module makes docking easier but takes tool on FPS :]
  7. Huge mass => need high delta V. Thrust will mostly affect time. With one huge engine cluster you are prone to toppling, and if you are going on low thrust big engine is just waste of mass. Consider something like this: Grab, decouple, grab decouple... And you have four engines on four side of that rock. Then you dock fifth piece to serve as "control from here". The wider the design, the easier it is to balance thrust. You can easily scale it to bigger tanks with Vector engines. I got bunch of contracts for class C rocks, so stay tuned for my contraptions
  8. Withe center of mass that high, now wonder it topples over, try towing instead of pushing (think of cargo trains). Once you got your cargo, check Thrust Offset (on neutral steering) in KER/MJ, then play with engines thrust limit to minimize it. Thud high thrust vectoring (8 degrees! In stock, only Vector have more) can cover up for small imbalance. With your current design I would try locking gimbal on Mamooth, setting low gimbal on Vector, and then try some thrust offset balance.
  9. Took pics of dots among stars with second batch of All Seeing Eyes: Found three stellar bodies utterly by accident while taking pics of sun. What I though to be graphic bug turned into two planets and one moon on low, warm, orbit. Cash and science from ASE probes was dumped into pair of fission powered Ion Survey Drones. In afterthought, solar panels could be useful on low solar orbit mission...
  10. Installed few more mods... Oh well, I still have two ram slots left ;p
  11. There was a time when I heavily abused pipes in place of proper docking, I am trying to correct that behavior. And I had bad case of MIRV Kraken targeting my pipe-heavy installations in the past... ';..;'
  12. There is one more trick in that box, if you carry around junior docking port you can just slap it where you need and dock runabout right there, right now. No need for big, problematic, claw. i took screenshot when I was using spare junior to refill monoprop.
  13. While deorbiting first science pod I noticed small issue with design which resulted in harsh lithobraking. So Bill got KIS/KAS scooter and proceeded to quickly add some chutes to second pod.