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  1. Continuing from last time... I managed to gather everything together and 3rd Munar mission has begun. In style. All pieces of unwieldy cargo have been delivered in brutal way, then slowly docked. IGNITION! Once in high Munar orbit new space telescope and two scansat/relays have been shed And BigSky descended to low orbit where it left its RocketPack And landed on Mun Contracted outpost have been skycraned and after short hop two rovers have been released. TODO: Find some Mun rocks! Catch some wild Kerbs in Munar orbit Return that horde back to Kerbin Prepare for Minmus mission! BigSky has been added to however new version must follow as serious design errors have been made, it sure needs more space in underbelly and its "OMS" terrier is too weak to be of use in early phases of landing.
  2. Continuing from last time... I installed ScanSat mod to make biome-specific missions easier. And while testing dual-sat delivery system I played around with KS3P: And some more design, deliver and resupply in meantime.
  3. Continuing from last time... More designing, launching, refueling. Then I checked out how my brainfarts look like in 4K. Without smart UI scaling KSP is not very playable at 50''.
  4. Continuing from last time... I mostly designed and tested stuff for 3rd Mun mission, and first Minmus escapade. With focus of this career being on spaceships carrying around stuff I am both limited in design and freed from taking care of transfer stages. While testing armoured rover (Konstruction mod) I decided to finally check that dark speck near launchpad After failing to get any science from that black slab I went out to find a tree While designing payload I kept encountering same issue in each piece so I decided to resolve it all at once, and in style Stay tuned for great unboxing ;] TODO: ASE that will find that pesky Minmus Deliver space station to Minmus Explore Minmus (ughhh) Land bunch of tourists on Mun! Keep hunting for more stranded Kerbs Improve droppods to remove stability issues during burn Scan Baobab tree o_O Obtain Mun rocks!
  5. Continuing from last time... I devised lander with return pod to finally complete Mun Exploration contract, new ASE to find Minmus, docked them to Caryall together with space station and sent it all to Mun. Vanilia deltaV stats gave out, so now I have to fully rely on MJ and KER to properly execute maneuvers... Once in Mun orbit I found some stranded Kerb, as he was in perfect orbit for my station I decided to do all maneuvers at once. ASE retained its docking scaffolding as I decided to mount it as station module rather than separate drone. Afterwards Jeb led landing party, and personally planted contracted flag. Lander managed short hop to another biome, then feed the science to newly assembled Munar Observatory. Turns out telescopes have orbit height requirements, looks like I'll have to send another one out. After routine return, remaining cargo was jettisoned and Jeb happily took Mun lander back to Kerbin for that pesky mission. While tourists were subjected to test They survived. TODO: ASE that will find that pesky Minmus Deliver space station to Minmus Explore Minmus (ughhh) Land bunch of tourists on Mun! Hunt for more stranded Kerbs Improve droppods to remove stability issues during burn Scan Baobab tree o_O
  6. Continuing from last time... I improved and tested support infrastructure for my fleet. Refueled both starship at same time with bigger tanker. Now with RCS refueling capability. Then after capturing rescuing some stranded Kerbs I sent them together with Caryall crew back to Kerbin for level up. They also survived successful test of single-stage multi-pod deorbit maneuver. One pod, worthy three unlucky Kerbs, left. After successful test Aviary Droppod (and optionally crew delivery) module entered mass production. Caryall received its own module as some tourist want to visit Mun, but this time primary cargo is contracted space station. Because "Return to Kerbin" contract requires part, not Kerbal, I now have to send another Mun lander but this time capable of return.... TODO new Mun lander spysat to find that pesky Minmus finish 2nd Mun mission
  7. Aviary predecessor is Caryall: ...which I named after C&C Caryall: ...which, if I remember correctly, was inspired by that ugly Sikorsky skycrane chopper: Its also result of my previous experiments with reusable cargo spaceships where I learned that inline cargo sucks, limpet cargo sucks even more, and internal cargo sucks most. So I finally made cargo "hold" that is inline, internal and limpet at same time! Its convex spine is actually making it very good at load-balancing! By docking cargo in underbelly it becomes inline with CoT, and weight of spine tanks then aligns CoM with CoT. Additionally I can use spinal tanks for trimming CoM around with fuel. That design only has tiny problems when flying empty and fully fueled (which, of course, is rare), as ship itself has obvious misalignment of CoM/CoT. Caryall can easily takes care of that with differential throttle thanks to widely spaced engines, Aviary single engine however had to compensate with vectored thrust (and some reaction wheels dark magic). If you'll look at screenshots with loaded ships you should notice that cargo is designed to balance everything out. Once I laid the desired command section and cargo spine I attach dummy cargo, then I build engine section to deliver required dV. So once its loaded everything is fine. As for Aviary itself, I was reading through Honorverse novels while testflighting, and there was part with Aviary class carrier spaceships in combat right when I needed name. I made KerbalX hangar for my spaceships, because there will be more of them in this save :]
  8. Continuing from last time... I commissioned Aviary frigate to operate in Kerbin sphere. First mission was to send Caryall crew back to Kerbin, and gather few stranded Kerbs. To make it reusable, and keep drop pods simple, I decided to deliver trio of them in bulk as underbelly cargo. As you can see, its pretty much downsized, modernized, version of Caryall which makes docking them together very easy and visually pleasing. TODO: refuel gather more stranded Kerbs drop kerbed pods find Minmus (Research Bodies) haul modules for contracted Munar station using Caryall decide which ship to send for passenger Munar cruise
  9. Continuing from last time... I sent Caryall to Mun, for SCIENCE! And some cash. In meantime I learned that there are some solid rocks scattered on Mun nowadays, gotta figure how to get science from them... I also learned that stacking screenshot from orbit and surface combine very well Spaceship left with ~4300dV, and once all cargo was dropped it returned with ~3000dV and roughly one third of fuel left.
  10. Continuing from last time, I proceeded with refuel: Then I discovered resource transfer requires 2nd tier of research lab, but I still had enough funds to make it happen. And with full tanks I just needed some cargo: Then came yet another RCS ballet: And obligatory beauty shot: Almost 4.5k dV and plenty of space left for cargo. I think manned lander should fit in underbelly.
  11. I played in orbital construction with tech limited to first tier. Docking still sucks, especially with small ports. First two modules were sent in boring, optimal, launches. Last either had to be split it five or equipped with moar boosters. After two hours of fighting against Konstruction docking ports I finished my newest brain fart:
  12. Today I decided to teach pig how to fly. Despite pogowheels doing their worst to obliterate my craft and impossibility of rolling straight on strip I achieved... partial success. Climbing to 20km? Check. Accelerating to 1500m/s? Check. Level flight at 20km to accelerate? Nope. Water landing after failing to achieve orbital speed? Check.
  13. I finished surviving mars, but not all mods are updated to 1.8 so I decided to check out those breaking ground propellers. I also did fun.
  14. In 1.8 changelog there is So something did change. Maybe you need to try bigger projectile?
  15. Once you get out of safe network and visit, for example, infected wordpress site because client set password to "admin" or simply go to "free" porn site without phalanx of adblockers (easiest way to test if your setup is blocking well) you will discover how creative adscums are There is a reason why I use multiple browsers with different setup :] Ahh, nothing like ordering new wife from vietnam because previous ran away. Gotta keep my fetishes secret!