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  1. I'll make sure to send it later as I'm busy at the moment. Also, there's an issue with the flight crew... there are four of them.
  2. So, here's the scenario: I'm flying a passenger jet and just coming in to land... thinking that it'd be a good idea to quicksave in case of a failed landing. After a dangerous approach and hitting the ground too hard, I quickloaded only to find that both wings detach from the airframe as soon as it is fully loaded in, and the jet comes crashing down just short of the runway. I tried pausing the game before this happens, timewarping to try and avoid it, even quicksaving and making sure that I didn't hold down any of the control keys. Nothing worked, so I started wondering if there's an effective way to counter this unfortunate occurrence. Any ideas on this? I'd be more than happy to provide evidence should anyone request it.
  3. Oh, I see... I shall have a look at that later on.
  4. Amazing designs! What's the mod for that Mk1 cockpit remodel?
  5. I thought so, although it seemed weird to have two parts be the same, but also different. Almost as if Squad had overlooked it.
  6. (I didn't know where else to post this.) While I was playing around with subassemblies for one of my cargo aircraft, I noticed something weird about some of them. After narrowing down the issue, I found that subassemblies containing Rockomax X200 series fuel tanks displayed them with their old model and texture. Now, the subassemblies in question were created before patch 1.4. As you can see, the new texture is in the foreground with the alternate versions in the centre. Notice that there are three different variants of the X200 fuel tanks present here, respectively with their old textures/models. When I right-clicked on the old ones, they didn't show the texture options at the bottom of the menu either. Bear with me, the bug report system is too complicated for my simple mind even with the guides.
  7. Various test flights have determined that if you ever want to fly around Kerbin in one go (without intermediate stops!), you need one of these: 1,550 Liquid Fuel Two J-404 Panther jets Flap/spoiler hybrid surfaces (these ^) Flying range (under right conditions): At least 1.3 times the circumference of Kerbin, according to a simple calculation I did with my remaining amount of fuel after my record-setting flight. (just after landing) Action groups: 1: (Engine) Switch mode 2: Toggle Engine 3: Extend/retract flaps/spoilers 4: Retract air brakes (preferably after stopping) DOWNLOAD Note; For best flying performance and stability, consider installing the Pilot Assistant mod (for KSP 1.3) Any questions? Hit me up!
  8. This, my friend, is awesome (& some more positive adjectives).
  9. Flight testing of my new SST concept. First prototype carried a full load of passengers, ran out of fuel and got stranded in the middle of nowhere... passengers and crew airlifted back to KSC Second prototype completed a 3-4-hour+ flight to the South Pole with a handful of intermediate fuel stops
  10. One day I decided to build a seaplane. Water Cruiser 52 parts Mass: 15,8 t Dimensions: H: 5,8 m W: 14,3 m L: 17,4 m Action groups: 1 Toggle engines 2 Reverse thrust 3 Deploy/retract flaps Designed for landing at sea (Landing gear for dry land included) Extremely stable (4 SAS modules) Will most likely pitch up slightly without any control input Flying slowly (~60-70 m/s) is enough to land safely, works without the flaps as well To take off from the water, gather some speed and lower the flaps... the plane will take off by itself DOWNLOAD (Dropbox) Feedback is appreciated!
  11. "A familiar sight." An artwork I drew on my new graphic tablet.
  12. That's nice. Now, previous question, what did "maniability" mean again?
  13. Ah, I see. What was it doing on the runway then? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. So you've dropped the Whiplash and added a claw? Did you seriously go to space in that thing Also, what is "maniability"?
  15. Is it really? Thanks! (btw: *I've ever flown) (You're welcome)
  16. To be honest, I think that there are more plane parts than rocket parts in the game.
  17. @i like turtles This is not Kerbal Fighter plane Program.
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