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    Galactic Neighborhood

    Who wants to play in the KSP with mods GN + EVE + Scatterer cases like this: 1. Put mods in Directory KSP -GalacticNeighborhood -Kopernicus -EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements -EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-Configs -scatterer 2 Delete "shadows.cfg" in dir: \GameData\BoulderCo 3 Open file: \GameData\scatterer\config\planetsList.cfg -Find then rename "mainSunCelestialBody = Sun" to "mainSunCelestialBody = StockSun" all line in document. 4 Go \GameData\scatterer\config\Sunflares -Rename file and folder (Sun - StockSun) 5 Open "StockSun.cfg" -Need rename "sun" to "StockSun" in line 3 and 6 6 Start game 7 In menu, push OFF then ON in GIU Scatterer "Alternate SQRT in shader" 8 Playing! P.S. Sorry my English See imgur https://imgur.com/a/JxKwJ
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    [1.0.4] BoxSat vA.02f - Updated 09/16/2015

    It work is fine. Don't worry.