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  1. From the readme: Just copy Bluedog_DB_extras to GameData and delete what you don't want. There should be comments in the configs where it's not obvious what they do. These files are mostly user contributed and may or may not work or be up to date with the latest release.
  2. They do. Some other mod must be changing them. I can't tell from the screenshot what that might be.
  3. Try MODULE, not %MODULE. You can look in GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache and see what's actually ending up in the parts. Your error log might have clues.
  4. My fault. It's :Final not :Last bluedog*Tank is common but not guaranteed to hit everything. bluedog*,Bluedog* looks all our parts, HAS[@MODULE[ModuleBdbBoiloff]] restricts it to just the parts that need the module replaced. @PART[*] would also work since the HAS[@MODULE[ModuleBdbBoiloff]] is sufficient to restrict it to the appropriate parts. @PART[bluedog*,Bluedog*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleBdbBoiloff]]:NEEDS[CryoTanks]:Final
  5. No. To use CryoFuels boiloff plugin do it like this: To correct some of what @CobaltWolf said, the current plugin on GitHub currently supports: Reduced boiloff rates in the shade. Either planetary shade or by another part of the vessel. Part shade is determined by the game's existing thermal code and can be hit or miss but basically works. Try it. Boiloff is scaled based on distance from the Sun. Rates will be much lower at Duna and Jool, and higher at Eve. This works the same way energy input to solar panels does. If there is a place for it to go in the same stage gaseous hydrogen will be stored rather than vented and lost. You can use it for other purposes or use a resource converter to re-liquefy it back into fuel. I have a prototype resource converter for that but it has issues at high time warp. In time for Ares there will be some form of EC based boiloff prevention. I prefer a single purpose probably heavy and EC expensive part that is added to the vessel and eliminates boiloff rather than having it installed in every tank. How that all pans out is yet to be determined.
  6. I don't think we ever had that. You might be thinking back to when Agena was 1.25 meter. Or somebody tweakscaled DMagics parts.
  7. Yup, submit a patch on GitHub if something's not working right. Since neither @CobaltWolf or myself use USI it's up to you guys to keep this stuff working. It shouldn't be necessary to add batteries for this to function so you can add EC to the part if it needs it for the dark side.
  8. The 2.5m and straight adapter, and I assume the truss, are the same thing with similar shaped meshes. Maybe a single part with a mesh switch is in order. They're really Centaur parts, not Atlas. Kind off hard to mount a dual engine Centaur on anything without them. I frequently use the straight adapter in the truss role so that variant would be welcome.
  9. Apologies, not meant that way. I need a proof reader sometimes.
  10. This I'm opposed to because I don't think it's necessary. The stoichiometric fuel/oxidizer ratio for Oxygen/Hydrogen is 8:1. I believe the most efficient ratio for a rocket engine is 4:1, but that's very volume inefficient so real engines compromise and run in the 5:1 to 6:1 range. The current 15-1 ratio we all use is about 4.7:1 by mass, and at a 10-1 ratio it would be about 7:1 by mass. So it's not really closer to reality, just different. But this is not RO and none of that is relevant This image shows the current problem with the mixed tanks well. Since 15-1 works out to 3-1 by volume you can use 4 identical tanks, with 3 holding pure LH2 and the other holding Oxidizer. The left half of the image is the vessel using pure tanks, and the right half is mixed tanks. They should be identical but the mixed fuel setup has both a heavier dry weight and less total fuel. If you do not agree they should be identical in both total fuel and dry mass we have different ideas of "balance". While switching to a 10-1 ratio would improve fuel mass, simply correcting the above issue would by itself have a significant impact on vessels using mixed tanks. Ratio Tons Fuel per 1000 units of volume 15-1 Current 1.213 15-1 Corrected 1.516 10-1 Proposed 1.903 Note that the dry mass is also too heavy on the current tanks so the difference is more dramatic than just the fuel mass the table shows. There is also the proposal to compress the hydrogen to 150% to allow smaller tanks on pure LH2 vessels. Doing that to the pure tanks means you should do it to the mixed tanks as well. Only the LH2 portion is compressed from 5:1 to 7.5:1, the Oxidizer portion remains 1:1 per unit of volume. That gives you this: Ratio Tons Fuel per 1000 units of volume 15-1 150% LH2 2.021 10-1 150% LH2 2.447 So by correcting the volume issue, compressing the hydrogen, and changing the mixture to 10-1, and you are doubling the mass of fuel in mixed tanks compared to current. I think that might be more than some people are bargaining for. (It's actually slightly more fuel than the old double density tanks held: 2.425 tons per 1000). A less gamey approach to compressing to 150% would be compressing to not more than 120% and calling it slush hydrogen. That's at least a thing. I don't really have a strong opinion there and you can do what you want with compression without effecting other mods. Changing to 10-1 means other mods have to follow suit or we have incompatible engines and tanks.
  11. Try removing ModularFlightIntegrator and reinstalling it with the one that comes with Kopernicus. Failing that, try with no other mods but BDB and Kopernicus and their dependencies.
  12. Try without the Extras stuff. Those files tend to lag behind on updates and something might be broken there.
  13. You know the drill. Let's see GameData and maybe a log. Are you using anything from Extras? From 1.4.1 (no expansion):
  14. Only the F21 Helical Antenna (Telstar), the 3 variants of the Apollo High Gain, and HLR-ASTX "Obelix" Probe Core can act as relays.
  15. If you can be more specific we can look into it. Your's is the first issue we've had reported for 1.4.x.
  16. I believe a 5 point mount for the first stage is in the works. The base on the Titan single engines are switchable. Look on the right click menu.
  17. Did you try it?. If you're using SigmaDimensions we read the rescale value and make the adjustments for anything up to a 6.4x rescale. The Saturn rescale in extras is recommended for 6.4x since our undersized model doesn't hold enough fuel for the job.
  18. A few parts (Saturn and Delta II) have been setup for it since the last release. If there's interest they'll be more.
  19. Make sure all your mods support the version of KSP you are using. The last version of BDB to support 1.3.0 is this one. Clean out your old versions of module manager - it's throwing errors. He posted a log in the tech support forum
  20. It does but the fuel amount gets adjusted manually. Glancing through it... Looks like just the S-IF tank is missing. It needs to be updated to catch the space lab parts. The AJ260 is a new wrinkle that may or may not need a tweak. And the SLA blow off panels and related mounts. We can't just rescale those.
  21. Welcome back Depends on your definition of "normal" I guess. The 3.75m and 5.625m parts are what you get by default. No action is required. There is a config in Extras that will rescale it up to 4.25m and 6.375m (64% scale). I don't think the rescale config handles some of the newer parts so it probably needs a looking at.
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