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  1. If you've got the Saturn Multibody files from extras that's not the most recent update from a few days ago get rid of it.
  2. bluedog_Atlas_Decoupler25m It's at the bottom of the file Gamedata\Bluedog_DB\Parts\Atlas\bluedog_Atlas_Decoupler1875m.cfg.
  3. I haven't changed a thing. Last change was a bug fix for some Ksp update you submitted over a year ago.
  4. Dioscuri-I is a Castor 4. The Scout is modeled at a larger scale than everything else so it's second stage got Castor 4 specs instead of Castor 2. Fenris-B "Dioscuri" is a Castor 2.
  5. PEBKAC Launch Escape System @Kurld built the LES for us. I think he might have a BPC-less variant in his mod.
  6. They do. On Saturn 1B launches I try to hold it to >50,000. I've jettisoned as soon as 40,000 with heavier payloads. With the Saturn V about 15-20 seconds after S-II ignition, you should be pretty high by then. S-II ignite -> S-II interstage jettison -> LES jettison.
  7. Before a Saturn V became available, apparently an early plan was to launch the wet lab on a Saturn 1B, a second launch with the ATM attached to a LEM ascent module, then launch the crew who would rendezvous with the ATM and assemble the station. Album link
  8. There are some RealFuels files in the Extras folder that should fix your issues. Nobody on the team here uses RealFuels so it would probably be best if someone from that community took over maintaining those. The reason you're having trouble with the cryo tanks is RF stockalike doesn't know what to do with our non-stock Lh2/Ox tanks. Build your CSM and attach the fairing base to it. Then open the fairing base and build the LEM bottom up inside. It's only 4 parts and goes together pretty easy. There should be daylight between the top of the LEM and the CSM engine bell.
  9. This definitely needs fixing. Early on I was using packet interval to adjust bandwidth, and that's wrong. 0.3 - 1.5 seconds sounds good, just be sure to retain the bandwidth. Some of them are slowed to permit longer ranges at lower power levels, and the ec/mit will be high on those. Early tech longer range stuff should be heavier than comparable later tech stock stuff. If you change an antennas range/power I'll ask why. I *believe* they are all appropriate for their missions. You overlooked $ cost which is probably all over the place :-)
  10. It's working fine here. You're not getting the hydrogen oxygen fuel cell? Try from a fresh build, it might not update from a save.
  11. I haven't had time to look into it, but it needs the following added to the PF config file (you should be able to figure out where). @PART[bluedog_Skylab_Airlock]:BEFORE[Jso_Bdb_PF]:NEEDS[ProceduralFairings] { @extraNodeShift = -1.0 // insert correct vertical shift here. }
  12. That's just how MFT works. You tell it what to put in the tanks. Setting them up in the config is a bit of a PIA but can be done. You really need to setup a clean install with just the minimum and see what happens. For all you know it does work properly and one of your other 100+ mods is clobbering the life support. Most depressing book I ever read.
  13. I could be wrong, but isn't that a stock bug? I think go to Space Center and return clears it.
  14. https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/323 Try the latest. That's supposedly fixed.
  15. You either a) Still have a RealPlume folder in GameData, b) Did not remove the RealPlume-Stock folder when you uninstalled, or c) Have some other mod that uses FOR[RealPlume] instead of NEEDS[RealPlume,SmokeScreen] in it's patches. The existence of an empty RealPlume folder, or the use of FOR[RealPlume] in a patch will trick mods into thinking RealPlume is installed. If you like B9 then Nertea's CryoEngines mod would be your best bet. It's fairly lightweight and adds fuel switching to all tanks. It includes the necessary code to avoid colliding with other mods that also use fuel switching.
  16. I don't use it so I don't know what if any special handling it needs, and no one has ever complained. Sigma based rescales don't need anything, we can read the system size from it.
  17. You've got two options. You can remove the SMURFFExclude flag and set the systemScale variable to 1 to allow SMURFF to run and disable BDB's stuff. @PART[bluedog*,Bluedog*]:BEFORE[SMURFF] { !SMURFFExclude = remove } @BDBRESCALECONFIG:AFTER[zzzBluedog_DB_0] { @systemScale = 1 } Or if you just want to change how engines are handled and leave the rest as is you can set the engine multiplier directly, possibly with a value pulled from the SMURFF script. @BDBRESCALECONFIG:AFTER[zzzBluedog_DB_1] { @engineFactor = 0.5 // Adjusted engine mass will be mass * engineFactor }
  18. Type "S4" in the search box and you'll see the parts that go together in that stage (all of the Saturn stages should be searchable this way: S1, S1C, S2, S4B, ect). There are two tanks. The S-IV is in Heavy Rocketry. It's engines are in Precision Propulsion with the Centaur parts. The bigger S-IVB stage with the J2 engines is in Heavier Rocketry. CTT does not change the placement of any Saturn parts. Look in GameData\Bluedog_DB\Compatability\CommunityTechTree\CTT.cfg.
  19. Down boy. We would need someone who uses FAR to provide a working patch. If I'm reading the FAR docs correctly all the lifting surfaces will need an adjustment.
  20. Turn on advanced tweakables in settings. Right click on the parts that wobble and pick autostrut to heaviest part. For Saturn just do it to the LES and the fuel tanks above the first stage and you should be ok. The big heavy solids will need it as well on Titan rockets.
  21. Can't really troubleshoot a setup with that many mods installed. Try a clean install with just BDB, the latest Procedural Fairings and Firespitter, and the PF configs. The Firespitter core included in that download is for 1.1.3 I think. Perhaps I should update that. I haven't had an opportunity to play with procedural fairings with 1.3 so I have no clue if those configs still work.
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