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  1. Well, if I replace the Knight engine with a Spark 47S it decouples cleanly and flys on. Granted that takes some mass away at the engine. I'll try it with a mass adjusted config when I get home from work and see what happens.
  2. The first stage separation appears a bit violent. There are two ModuleJettison's in Knight_Engine_A. A shroud and a support structure. Maybe there's a part collision going on causing a tumble.
  3. Procedural Fairings for BDB parts is up. Download here. All BDB fairing bases converted to PF bases. 1 new side shape. The two light and dark textures from Cobalt's stock fairings are converted, and two variations of a new texture by me are included. Fairing sides use Firespitter for texture switching. Select one of the Bluedog sides and use the Next/Previous Texture buttons to switch. Not compatible with the procedural fairings from previous dev releases. Delete the GameData\Bluedog_DB\Parts\PF folder if you have one. edit: Updated to include the original logo fairing I think made by @MeCripp Procedural parts textures here.
  4. It's fine. I just like that really long 1.25 meter tank. One of those tools I never use but like to have :-) While it's up, the curve/diagonal line on the tank always struck me as wrong looking. It should be two lines going 180 degrees around, not 4 lines going 90 degrees. It looks too much like the lines on the Thor tapered tank. EDIT: And I'm suddenly envisioning that little checkered tank pulling upper stage duty, so yeah, good move.
  5. You asked.... 1. The Brun-800. see #3. 2. Tank ends on structural adapters. 3. A fuzzy/out of focus look on the Brun-120, Brun-60, and to a lesser degree the SSR-200. It's probably smaller parts / higher zoom levels since the bigger stuff looks the same zoomed in too far, but Agena notably has a nice crisp look about it. 4. The pre Delta Thor series I can't really put my finger on why, but it could use some love. Might just be the above effect to a much lesser degree. EDIT: I see you're playing with the Thors now. For some reason splitting that tank make me sad. Graphically I think Mercury-Redstone is the hands down best looking rocket in the early rockets series. Good! That SSR stuff always baffled me. Maybe use the SSR-XX prefix on all the parts on the structural tab to put them in some sort of sane order? I prefix "BDB" to all your parts to group them together, and even then I'm always hunting for what I need on that tab.
  6. We'll see. I was just using the dds files for alignment and color matching. It's my Monday, off to work :-(
  7. Procedural Parts textures are ready for testing. Only three at the moment, an Able and two Muos. Download link. I'm not sure which ones I might do next. Maybe Centaur. I'm still getting the hang of Gimp.
  8. That I like a lot. Possibly dumb question: what's the middle sized Agena tank modeled after? I can only ever find two lengths for the Agenas (+- trivial amounts).
  9. A little color on the Diamant. I like - I feel like I'm in a B/W newsreel sometimes. Looks like the long Agena tank is shortened a bit, good. The two circles on the Agena core looks odd, or is that two stacked? I don't care what other people say, Agena rocks at 0.9375. Playing around in Paint.net. It's kind of hard to tell from the screenshots but there's a light and medium shade fairing. I threw the checker pattern in on a lark and I really like it. Worm logo used without permission.
  10. Might be possible. Take a look inside one of the cfgs in RealPlume/000_Generic_Plumes. There's a lot of variables to play with. I would assume density is atmospheric density. Changing the subject... My artistic skills are somewhat limited. I'm trying to make some procedural parts that will blend with BDB parts. Any chance I could get some square png files, a light, medium, and dark done in the BDB style? Something fairly even that can be tiled and won't distort too badly wrapped around a cone. Potentially they could be used on procedural fairings as well.
  11. If you do that it will get overwritten next time you update bdb. Just make a new file in gamedata called RealPlume_NoSmoke.cfg and stick it in there. You want to slash the smoke from all the BDB liquid engines by default? I do agree that some of them are way too smokey, I think it's the Kerolox ones. We could probably tone it down to more of a light contrail effect. I suspect there would be complaints if you take it out completely. Or maybe not, dunno.
  12. Umm, that works? I would think it would blow up on the @EFFECTS,bluedog_Delta2_RS27 line. That's not valid. The config I gave you in the other thread will single handedly remove the smoke from all liquid engines without modification. I thought that's what you wanted. If you want to be selective use this: @PART[bluedog_Delta2_RS27]:HAS[@PLUME[*]]:FOR[zzzRealPlume]:NEEDS[RealPlume] { @EFFECTS,* { @Kerolox-Lower { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } } } For a different part change Kerolox-Lower to the appropriate effect (Hypergolic-Lower, Hypergolic-Upper, ect). I don't know what you're talking about.
  13. Smoke-be-gone. Stick this in a cfg somewhere. No warranty. @PART[*]:HAS[@PLUME[*]]:FOR[zzzRealPlume]:NEEDS[RealPlume] { @EFFECTS,* { @Alcolox-Lower-A6 { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Ammonialox { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Hydynelox-A7 { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Hypergolic-Lower { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Hypergolic-Upper { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Kerolox-Lower { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Kerolox-Lower-F1 { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Kerolox-Upper { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Turbofan-Spool { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } @Turbojet-Spool { !MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST[smoke] {} } } }
  14. I think it looks awful, it's way misaligned and overdone. My thought was to try Hypergolic-OMS-Grey Red or White. And a lot smaller plume.
  15. @CobaltWolf could we get the PhysicsSignificance = 1 line removed from the Agena Secondary Engine? I can't think of a reason for it to be there. That's the reason nobody could get RealPlumes working on that engine. @VenomousRequiem, it works:
  16. There's no trace of RealPlume-Stock in the log. You've got the dependencies but not the configs. In the first post of this thread, scroll down past the list of supported mods. There's a link that says Download Here in big letters. Install that. You should end up with a RealPlume-Stock folder inside Gamedata.
  17. The Agena Seconday Engine. Remove the PhysicsSignificance line and the plume works.
  18. I'm sure someone can come up with 6 other variants I've missed, but I've been using: SSR-860 Adapter Fuel Tank, SSR-880 Liquid Fuel Tank, SSR-460 Liquid Fuel Tank (fuel removed), SSR-215 "Odin" Liquid Engine for the basic DM-21 Thor-Thor. SSR-2700 Liquid Fuel Tank, SSR-215 "Odin" Liquid Engine for the Long Tank Thor/Thorad. SSR-2700 Liquid Fuel Tank, SSR-460 Liquid Fuel Tank, Daleth-SSR-27a "Fenris" Liquid Engine for the Extended Length Thor/Delta 2000-5000. Daleth-2-1500 Liquid Fuel Tank, Daleth-2-2200 Liquid Fuel Tank, Daleth-SSR-27a "Fenris" Liquid Engine for the Extra Extended Length Thor/Delta II 6000-7000.
  19. Gasps! That mystery is solved. Just tried it on the SPS. It works.
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