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  1. It's a fun little rocket. I stuck one on top of a Vanguard-Ablestar and flung it upwards. Lit off the Explorer at apoapsis and it ended up in something like a 300x1500 km orbit. It even inadvertently spin stabilized itself when KOS lost roll control on the way up. I never realized how tiny those first satellites were.
  2. Rechecking I get about 2100 DV in 7 seconds, which sounds more reasonable. It's 47 G's at the end of the burn. I'm probably screwing something up in the imperial/metric conversions. Didn't somebody crash into Mars that way? Here's the Real fuels file as it is. Hopefully it works outside of my little sandbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dvilkix4twu7pu/BDB_RF_12-31-15.zip?dl=0 You'll want Real fuels plus the Stockalike configs. The only file it requires from the Stockalike configs is Fuel_Conversions.cfg because it will auto-magically convert the tanks I didn't do by hand.
  3. Just to be clear, I don't have a Realism Overhaul config. I didn't resize anything. I use 64K so I've got Real Fuels configs made for 64% scale models (which these are for the most part). Masses and thrusts are dropped to maintain real world fuel ratios and TWRs, and the mass reductions are significant in some cases. The LR-87 drops from 2 tons to 187 Kg. It should work ok in any size Kerbin between stock and 6.4x. Anything bigger than 6.4 and you won't make orbit. It's very much a work in progress, but I've got Explorer, Able, Ablestar, Vanguard, Thor, various Mercury pod tweaks, Redstone, Atlas, and Agena A/B/D. Some, like Agena, are well hashed out with all the variations. Others, notably Atlas, are pretty basic. Explorer I've got very little confidence in. I'm getting 5000 DV in 10 seconds out of it when I plug in the numbers. It's so small! I know I've missed Centaur. Not sure what else. I had built an HGR+Procedural parts Titan GLV and was working on an Atlas-Agena when I stumbled into this project so the Titan II config homework is done. Won't be any big deal to dive into those.
  4. Yep. I do Real Fuels and stock effects don't work with that, so I'm forever adding plumes and I'm very bad at it. These are appreciated.
  5. The bottom node on the Prometheus-II-875 Stack Decoupler is a hair too low. I can see sky between it and an attached tank. I don't mean the blast openings (nice btw). I think there's too much fuel in the tanks. For example the Prometheus-II-1287 Liquid Fuel Tank is 4.1 by 1.875 meters. It holds 1287 units of LiquidFuel and 1573 Oxidizer (2860 units total). The volume of that cylinder is 11.32 cubic meters, or 11,320 liters. At 5 liters per fuel unit, there should be max 2264 units of fuel. At 85% utilization it would be 1924, or 865.8 LiquidFuel and 1058.2 Oxidizer. I have a couple days off, I can go through and check the other tanks if there's agreement with my math. The plumes look good. I can never get them lined up that well.
  6. Very nice guys. Any chance of getting the blast openings on the shroud for the second stage engine? I know the Titan II had them. Not sure about the others. For extra bonus points make it work just like this ;-) Hot Staging
  7. Missing a NEEDS[TweakScale] in a few places in tweakscale_compatibility.cfg. It's throwing module manager errors. I don't have tweakscale. The Hermes M-SAM Science Antenna Unit could use an RT config. The LES is working great!
  8. With Hermes LES, if i activate it via staging it decouples itself and flys off. Is that the intent? The thrust vector could use a little offset to the side so it gets out of the way. If I use it for it's intended purpose the capsule goes straight up and falls back down on the pad. In a vanilla 1.0.5 install the parachute works fine, but in my 1.0.4, 64K, real fuels, real chute, and many other things setup it deploys but doesn't provide any drag. I'm thinking that's it needs a real chute config. Haven't had a chance to tinker with that yet. The Hermes retro pack is unique. Looks like an srb, but runs on solid fuel + oxidizer, is throttleable, and can be restarted. Loving this mod. These are some really beautiful rockets.
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