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  1. Treat the insulation like a fairing and dump it in the upper atmosphere/edge of space. It's pretty heavy so you don't want to keep it any longer than you have to. The way boiloff works is, heat from the outside is absorbed by the part's skin, the heat from the skin is absorbed by the part's internals, and the internal heat is transferred to the fuel causing it to boil. The jettisonable insulation slows down the skin to internal transfer, so it would seem to make sense to get rid of it as soon as possible when it's still hot from climbing through the thick part of the atmosphere. That way you jettison the heat rather than absorb it to the tank. All of the other Centaurs have two layers of insulation, internal and external, and no weight penalty, so they are better equipped for long coasts.
  2. There's a bug report on Github that sounds like what you're describing. I'm still on 1.8.1 myself.
  3. Do you have an example of an engine in BDB that's been fired with Methalox that we can base it on?
  4. It's under BDB in the save game's difficulty options. I don't know of a mod but that doesn't mean there isn't one. This is an MM config I used a while back for testing. The first part uses the stock resource converter, the second uses a custom converter module I made to attempt to address some issues with the stock module. It's been over a year since I've looked at this stuff so no promises. I'd do a quick Mun and back trip or something to test it, and I recommend not exceeding 100x timewarp. Both parts contain a buffer for the Hydrogen gas.
  5. If there's someplace for it to go, LqdHydrogen boiloff will be converted to the Hydrogen resource and stored rather than dumped. With a resource converter you can liquify the Hydrogen (gas) back to LqdHydrogen and return it to the tank. We don't provide a part that does that, but there may be one out there or you can roll your own. It should be very heavy and consume a great deal of EC. Be warned there are issues with resource converters and high time warp so it may be a long trip. You can mitigate boiloff with sunshields or orienting so the sun is not directly on the tanks. Radiators may help to some degree, but they are really to avoid overheating, not refrigeration at 20K. Or as was suggested you can turn off boiloff.
  6. @biohazard15 I addressed Transtage and the Lifesupport patches. Try it now. I think Transtage heat still needs to be toned down a bit still but it should be ok.
  7. Since you would "control from here" on the docking, port, I'm questioning if any of these SM's should hold crew, since four our purposes they're just crew tubes, not cabins. Maybe if we had a rear facing IVA that worked with these parts. Yeah. That's an all-in-one part so... trouble. Does it need immediate attention or is this just visual? Like, overheat how: glowing red; showing a temp gauge; parts exploding? I see a few problems in your screenshot. If that's a craft file, you need to rebuild from scratch.
  8. We felt it would be physically too small to be useful at correct scale so it's supersized. Think of it as a Scout-XL with a Castor 4 second stage, and larger first stage.
  9. Just report issues. I'd rather not see overheat indicators, but here and there is ok, it just shouldn't be the norm. Things exploding when they shouldn't be is what I'm really looking for. That and the "what didn't I think of" unintended consequence. I also updated exhaust damage for all engines, I think I neglected to mention that in the commit. You have to turn on thermal debug in context menus to see what's happening with temperatures.
  10. Boiloff will be 12x slower next time I do an update. I'm targeting about 5.5% per 12 hour day for Centaur V, but conditions vary, so that's just a ballpark number. I've also got a new thermal simulation using the part's temperature rather than approximating based on incoming radiation that's about 99% done.
  11. Make sure the file is under GameData someplace. Check the file extension and make sure it's actually .cfg and not .cfg.doc or whatever wordpad uses (folder options uncheck hide extentions for known file type or something along those lines). Use Notepad or get NotePad++ for editing text files.
  12. No! Leave them there. It looks like the RemoteTech files were last updated 17 months ago, so they're going to be a little out of date
  13. There's a cfg to disable that in the extras folder called RemoveEngineSpoolup. Create a folder called Bluedog_DB_Extras in GameData, and copy only the RemoveEngineSpoolup folder from Extras to there. It's located in this folder in the download: \BD_Extras (No Warranty)\GameData\Bluedog_DB_Extras\RemoveEngineSpoolup
  14. This would be my guess: @PART:HAS[~name[kerbalEVA*],@MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment],!MODULE[WBI*]]
  15. The new Castor decoupler is clipping so we're not getting a clean separation. CW is working on it. If you put the Castor 1/2s on the old mini decoupler they come off just fine.
  16. Still? I addressed that recently. You will void your warranty jettisoning at a non-zero angle of attack Range safety. It depends on launch site and azimuth. You don't want to drop them on the beach.
  17. Typically you would use :NEEDS[CommunityResourcePack] or whatever mod defines the resource in question. I'm not aware of any way to test for a condition outside the PART other than NEEDS.
  18. Read this post, and install the ZeroMiniAvc mod linked there. You have a lot of copies of MiniAvc.dll running around. In GameData, delete all copies of ModuleManager.x.y.z.dll except for ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll. See if it works after doing those two things. If not, upload another log.
  19. Sorry about that. It was getting old rotating Atlas on every build. Some Centaur and Titan parts are getting rotated as well so don't spend too much time rebuilding craft files right now. Please when you do rebuild them use fresh parts from the pallet, since craft files cache a lot of information and won't pickup a lot of not very obvious changes. It's so it flys in the correct attitude. Boosters arranged vertically, verniers on the side.
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