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  1. Career game? It's unlocked in Specialized Construction. In the part list it's in the Payload category, or you can type S4B in the search bar.
  2. @blowfish has kindly added node repositioning to B9PartSwitch so I added that to the Atlas RD-180 engine. You should no longer have to remove it and reattach when switching meshes. Please advise if you notice any issues. The latest version of B9PartSwitch is required. I had to change how the nodes are setup so this is probably save breaking.
  3. Nothing major. I believe the worst offender was some of the Titan solids had their part names changed. A lot of minor stuff. ModuleEngines changed to ModuleEnginesFX. Some modules reorganized in part files. Craft files should be rebuilt, but I would expect a Spacecraft in flight to be ok. Backup your save and give it a try.
  4. Hard to say. I thought it would be last month so, maybe Christmas. A Minotaur GCA (maybe) and Atlass 5xx fairing remain on the Todo list. There's some effects work going on but that's not save breaking so it shouldn't hold things up. The bug list is mostly dealt with. Edit: Working on some SCANsat integration. Lunar Orbiter photographing the Mun.
  5. Atlas II use a single Bossart-IIA-HAC Roll Control Vernier attached to the Centaur interstage fairing. Atlas III and V are not stage and a half so they don't need a roll control thruster. They both use the Muo-5E-2207 "Czar" Liquid Engine (aka RD-180). It switches between bare, 1.875, and 2.5. They all use the Muo-V-4XX 2.5m Fairing Base Adapter. You may not have these parts if you haven't been keeping up with dev. I think it's in CKAN. We haven't had an official release since Feb. We're close to a new one.
  6. You might be flirting with the memory wall (is that still a thing in 64 bit?). There's a buttload of uncompressed textures that need to be cleaned up.
  7. Did you maybe do something stupid when you updated, like put Gamedata inside Gamedata, or Bluedog_DB inside Bluedog_DB. Something that would leave you with two copies of BDB. Really need a full log to do more than guess.
  8. ModuleManager.ConfigCache too. Or just a snippet showing one of those parts would suffice. The patches in Compatability/WildBlueIndustries trigger those resources.
  9. Nothing to fix. The missing effects are a symptom. The problem lies elsewhere. I assume anyway. Without a log I'm guessing.
  10. Tweaking the centers of mass, lift, and pressure will orient it. Slowing down the chute deployment speed might help with the jerk around. The Duna chutes are very draggy on Kerbin. This: CoLOffset = 0.0, 1.75, 0.0 CoMOffset = 0.0, 1.75, 0.0 CoPOffset = 0.0, 0.0, -0.8 Gets this nose up attitude: That was it. Higher up and with the door open it works better. I'm seeing the chutes semi deployed until 1000 meters, then they vanish, I guess that the drogue chute cutting? Then the mains deploy.
  11. Assuming SmokeScreen is installed but RealPlume is not: a. Search your ksp.log for "FOR[RealPlume]" and try to identify the mod related to that line. That's the source of your problem. The fix is to change every instance of FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen] to read NEEDS[RealPlume,SmokeScreen] (in the configs, not the log). b. Post a link you your ksp.log and we can help you with that. c. Delete the GameData/Bluedog_DB/Compatability/RealPlume folder and make the problem go away. You'll have to do this every time you update. If the above doesn't help we need a log.
  12. Huh. I swore I tried that. It works, sort of, the chutes do the deploy animation, then vanish, then deploy again and it works. This is on Kerbin. Just a quick test with a couple of RT-5's to shoot it up in the air, then pop chutes. I'll try a pure stock setup later, maybe I've got a mod screwing with it. Other than the epic fail I'm having with the chutes the nose first reentry is cool. Maybe when you get the cockpit rotation sorted out it be tweaked to let it ride a little nose up. It seems weird with the windows in the reentry flames. Though I'm cringing at the though of the front mounted chutes jerking it back around.
  13. Is the parachute working for anybody? It isn't working for me unless I comment out the ModuleAnimateGeneric for the door in the docking port/parachute part.
  14. It does. The rather prominent Will NOT work with KSP 1.4. in the first post of the thread and the warning MiniAVC throws because of the KSP_VERSION_MAX 1.3.1 in the version file of the 2.5x latest release zip may be causing some to hesitate.
  15. The Rescale! page sums it up pretty well. For our purposes, 6.4x is the farthest you can go and expect things to work. It will also require the full size Saturn rescale. It's been a while since we've had feedback on 6.4x so there may be issues. Anyone who has advanced past the flight straight up and turn right method of reaching orbit will find 2.5 or 3.2 enjoyable. THE SIZES 2.5x - The optimal size for users who want a bigger system but still want to use stock parts. 3.2x - About the same as 2.5x but a step up in difficulty. 6.4x - A much larger rescale that may require you to rescale the stock parts via SMURFF or RO. Or don't. It's your life. Isn't Kerbalism a life support mod, making them mutually exclusive?
  16. This is from the FAQ on the wiki. It should go in the first post. The Apollo stack is a real chore to balance so it hedges a little OP. You have to start from the Mun escape burn and work your way back. Mun escape, LEM ascent, LEM landing, CSM-LEM Mun capture, S-IVB TLI, S-IVB Kerbin circ, S-II, and finally S-IC. That's 8 stages plus correction burns along the way. If I recall correctly some weight got trimmed from the capsule and LES to accommodate the Saturn 1, so it's probably a bit more OP than I remember (one change up top throws the whole stack off). On my own install I use a little patch to add an adjustable lead ballast to the S-IC and S-II tanks so I can tune the DV of those stages. It can get too light if you just pull fuel so I take out some fuel and add some lead. @PART[bluedog_Saturn_S2_Tankage] { RESOURCE { name = Lead amount = 0 maxAmount = 882 } } @PART[bluedog_Saturn_S1C_Tankage] { RESOURCE { name = Lead amount = 0 maxAmount = 3528 } }
  17. It's starts behind the thruster and runs through it. On completely enclosed thrusters like the ones built in to the Command pod it would probably be fine. I haven't had a chance to tinker with it on the typical exposed type like on the service module.
  18. So we can see them in game where they're much more impressive than in screenshots, Apollo is using "Soyuz", Gemini "Hot Flash", and everything else "Whiff". "Beam" gave me some positioning trouble I wasn't prepared to deal with last night. This is some very nice work by @JadeOfMaar. These are just slapped on, no effort was made to scale anything.
  19. Nice. With the asymmetric boosters it's a little easier to keep straight if you rotate the CCB tank so the side with the most boosters is on top when in flight.
  20. Good point. In that case we would need a new decoupler with a raised top node to catch the hidden node in the engine mount. We need one anyway for using Centaur in any non standard way. Like putting one under a Saturn fairing. We use the straight interstage for that now but it's ugly in that role.
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