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  1. I've been playing the same KSP save for a while and while I was building a station, I noticed the crew I ferried to the station weren't in the bottom right corner. I can't toggle the view with the "c" key to IVA, and the crew portrait is completely missing on every craft. I clicked the hatch and selected the crew to EVA, where they are registered, and when Jeb rolled out, he was fine. However, when he tried to get back in, the hatch registered that he was in but created a duplicate texture of Jeb still on the ladder. I tried to EVA Jeb again, but it said there was something obstructing the hatch. I tried switching to the Phantom Jeb, but the vessel switcher claimed there was nothing there. So, I can't view the IVA or EVA because it locks the hatches. Can someone help me fix this issue?
  2. Thanks, guys! I'll try tomorrow and maybe come to this thread.
  3. When I build a rocket, no matter what configuration (regular, asparagus, fairing, ignorant to aerodynamics), the rocket can get up to the stage where I used to preform my gravity turns (5,000-7,000 meters). As soon as I tilt my rockets even the slightest bit, they flip over. I've tried not even putting a payload on rockets and they all still flip upside down and refuse to point up again. I've tried no payload, limiting the gimbal, limiting the thrust and fuel amounts, etc. The rockets definitely aren't top-heavy, so what's the issue here?
  4. Does this base rocket get to orbit in the single stage?
  5. I just started career, and there seems to be a problem for me getting science around the 90 science required research. Any ideas to help me? I've already orbited and gotten most of the biome EVA reports. What can I do to boost my science?
  6. It's the true Kraken. The space Kraken was just a wanna be. Those kooky Japanese! (Is that an I-400?)
  7. Very cool animations! Reviewing your linked post, was all of this stuff planned or speculated for update .20?